Crazy Taxi Reboot Will Reportedly Have A 100-Player Survival Mode, Insider Says

And Jet Set Radio will be a shooter-centric, open world GAAS

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  • The reboot of Crazy Taxi will reportedly feature a 100-player survival mode.
  • Jet Set Radio is rumored to be a shooter-focused, open-world live-service title.
  • SEGA wants to be competitive in the live service markets.

New rumors on the block claim that SEGA‘s rebooting its Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio IPs with several new features including a 100-player survival mode for the former. Renowned Atlus/SEGA leaker, @MbKKssTBhz5, took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to reveal the information along with several other details while quoting Eurogamer’s article on the former’s remake being AAA in scope.

According to Midori (that’s what ‘みどり’ reads in Romaji), current plans involve modeling the games after AAA live service games. Yet, the tweet doesn’t clarify whether the remake will have GAAS elements. In a reply to the original post, they state, “Both Crazy Taxi and Jet Set are live service games that are also having remakes before reboots release.” which has certain implications but it’s best to stay cautious for now.

Moving on, the GAAS reboot of Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio is primarily inspired by Fortnite & GTA Online as SEGA wants to be competitive in live service markets. This was previously reported in a report by Bloomberg in April of 2022 though little was known about the projects aside from their GAAS foundation.

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Compounding on those details, Midori claims that the Jet Set reboot will feature graffiti and shooting gameplay along with an open-world concept with exploration being the main focus. Additionally, new characters and a new story will be present as well.

Crazy Taxi
Crazy Taxi

Following Bloomberg’s 2022 report, SEGA’s next prominent announcement about rebooting classic IPs came last year, garnering widespread applause despite sparse details. While these rumors should rightfully be taken with a grain of salt, they do come from a credible insider. Given the nature of live service titles & the ability to sell them if done right, it’s difficult to say how these IPs would do if they were to be revived in such a manner.

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