The Division: Heartland Rated in South Korea, Possibly Releasing Soon

The Division: Heartland and The Callisto Protocol have been rated in South Korea, hinting at a release soon

Tom Clancy’s The Division blew everybody’s minds when it was announced. It is an online-only third-person shooter, with RPG mechanics. Particularly brilliant were its detailed and mesmerizing visuals, which left people awestruck.

However, the game was subject to much controversy upon release. The game was compared to Destiny, another looter shooter with RPG mechanics similar to The Division. It was criticised for lacking variety in its activities and missions, and for not being any different from already plentiful MMORPGs and similar games.

The Division’s The Dark Zone was panned for sharing characteristics with the post-game content of Destiny. The world was also criticised for being dull and unappealing, but still, The Division carried on and improved.

The Division 2 was the next game in the series. Learning from the previous game, The Division 2 was massively improved and offered a much better experience, including satisfying combat, a much better gameplay and loot loop, and many more improvements.

It is no surprise that fans would be patiently awaiting the release of the next game in The Division series. It was announced in 2020 by Ubisoft that the next game would be The Division: Heartland, and would be developed by Red Storm Entertainment, as the original developer Massive Entertainment was to focus on Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora.

Red Storm Entertainment had assisted on both previous The Division games so it was no newbie to it. The Division: Heartland was announced to be a free-to-play game set in The Division universe. Heartland is a standalone game that does not require previous experience with the series but it will provide an all-new view of The Division universe in a new setting.

The expected date was said to be Q4 2022, but we have received little details regarding the game and it still has no official release date, but we may be seeing the game soon. As spotted by Reddit user u/LongJonsiiver, The Division: Heartland has been rated in South Korea.

Tom Clancy's The Division: Heartland
The rating for The Division: Heartland by the Game Rating and Administration Committee

As can be seen, The Division: Heartland has been rated ‘Youth not allowed’ which is the equivalent of 18+. The rating is no surprise. Recently, there were some leaks of the game as it was accidentally listed on the Ubisoft store. The listing was removed but Twitter user Rebs Gaming was able to nab some screenshots before the listing was deleted.

The store description reads, Tom Clancy‘s The Division Heartland is a free-to-play survival-action multiplayer shooter set in small-town Middle America.” According to the listing, there will be two game modes. The first is Storm Operations, where you’ll fight in 45-player PvEvP matches.

Here you’ll have to fend off a group of rogue agents called Vultures, but that isn’t the only threat, as there’s also a lethal virus to contend with. The second is Excursion Operations which sees you team up to complete PvE missions, gather gear, activate alerts, and prep the battlefield.

The store listing also reveals that you’ll be able to play as one of six agents and have the choice of three different classes, each offering its own unique set of skills and perks.

The store listing and rating both strongly indicate that the game is nearing release. Originally, it was expected to release in Q4 2022 and with it currently being the last quarter, the suspicion is strengthened. However, we will only know till official confirmation is given by Ubisoft.

With Ubisoft Forward being so close, we can expect to hear more about The Division: Heartland soon, and maybe get a proper look at gameplay, what to expect, and a concrete release date.

Additionally, it should also be noted that The Callisto Protocol has also been rated in South Korea.

The Callisto Protocol rating
The rating for The Callisto Protocol by the Game Rating and Administration Committee of South Korea

The “Youth not allowed” rating is no surprise as horror games often feature violence and gore, and judging by the fact that it is by the creator of Dead Space, it was bound to have lots of it, as also seen in its gameplay reveals. We already know that it is set to release on December 2, 2022, so we can only wait.

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