The First Major Patch For Dredge Comes With Much Wanted Map Feature

The update is out now on all platforms and also has many new quality-of-life changes.

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  • Update 1.1.0 is out now for Dredge and adds advanced map functionality to the game. 
  • This patch also includes various bug fixes, adjustments, and other changes.

Developer Black Salt Games has released the first big patch for Dredge and it includes the highly requested map feature. Titled update 1.1.0, this update also contains various bug fixes and makes other adjustments to the indie fishing game. In addition, Black Salt Games has also released patch notes for this update to give fans an in-depth look at the changes.

First up, this patch adds advanced map functionality to Dredge and you can now zoom and scroll through the map. Six new markers are now also part of the map and a total of 50 markers are available in-game. Moving on, this update has removed the timers from timed quests like Hodded Figures and Castaway. If you already exceeded the timer in the Hooded Figures’ quest you will get the book rewards for it.

Dredge patch notes
Dredge patch notes

All basic material spots like Lumber, Scrap, and Cloth will now restock over time in Dredge. Furthermore, shops will retain the unique equipment you sell to them giving you the option to buy it back later. Players will also find it harder to discard important stuff like quest items and equipment as they take longer. In addition, this patch has also updated the description of some quest items to let you know you can discard them now.

Next up, the Research button will now highlight itself to draw attention in certain situations. The icons that prompt your to switch sides will also flash until you use them from now on. On top of that, this Dredge update has removed a destructible wall in Gale Cliffs and increased the visibility of the glowing quest item. After this patch, You’ll observe that the height of the spyglass has increased and it’s easier to focus on fishing spots now.

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Various bug fixes are also included in Dredge update 1.1.0. First up, a rare issue corrupting save files on PC and blocking you from making new ones has been rectified. If players still face this issue, they need to delete their settings file. Moreover, this update has fixed another rare issue of misplacing equipment while you upgraded to a larger hull. A fallback is now present to hold excess items and affected players will retain their dredge cranes.

Next up, the bug blocking players from unlocking the Prey Sughter and Servant of the Shrines achievements is a thing of the past. This new Dredge update has also fixed a typo where the Researcher asked for a “Stoplight” Loosejaw. In addition, the patch has also fixed the issue impeding users from selling more than 5 trinkets at a time to Trader when playing in Russian.

Update 1.1.0 has also overhauled some localization bugs and added missing Playtester credits to Dredge. Last but not least, a speculative fix for players who suddenly can’t use their abilities is also available now. This new patch is out now and you can download it on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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