Fascinating Fan-Made Animation Shows Faye Meeting Kratos

"I cannot change my fate," screams the Ghost of Sparta.

God Of War is a title so gripping in its story, extremely extensive in combat, and so deep in lore that it exists in a league of its own. From the graphics to the combat, Santa Monica absolutely annihilated expectations going into the game.

With the game garnering intense popularity and a green-lit sequel, it was but a few years before we delved back into its Norse worlds once again. Even if wait times were not too long, fans still need content to keep the game hyped up, and when they don’t get any, they start making it themselves.

From unique mods to artistic animations, it seems that these fans have amazing representation when it comes to reimagining the story and how it unfolded, and this animation does just that.

The artist by the name of SWEETHEARTIST was the one to create such a display of scenery. Although small, this scene has a lot of weight behind it, and some really good imagery.

For those who do not know, at the end of the original God Of War trilogy, Kratos destroyed all of Olympus and effectively the life that the realms there had stored. When all that chaos occurred, it’s theorized that Kratos used the power of Pandoras Box to teleport himself far away, hence he how he got to the Nine Realms.

When he arrived, he had nothing, nothing but the repenting stings of the Blades Of Chaos etched into his scared arms, he was cursed to be a mortal, cursed to be a god, cursed to be a God-slayer. This animation sheds some light on this scene, when Kratos had nothing, fate sent his Faye.

We can deduce from in-game dialogue that Faye was also a warrior, hence her carrying the Leviathan Axe, a very common fact but still intriguing. But the story does not end here, it has more to it than we would think.

The creator made a follow-up teaser which might include a face reveal of sorts. Although we never saw Faye in-game, except for that one time in Alfeim, it is hard to say if the creator will get this part right.

The sequel to this animation is going to release soon, and we can expect a ton of more lore, even if it is fan-made, it is welcome by the community wholeheartedly.

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