This Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Mod Runs The Game At 120 FPS

This mod for the 2015 game also allows you to select a manual resolution according to your liking.

Countless video game franchises have made their permanent impact on gaming. In every genre, some games have set not only standards for gaming but also influenced the visionary developers of the present. One of these games that continues to impact the industry even now is none other than the Final Fantasy series. 

Besides the fifteen mainline entries, the mega-franchise has several other spin-offs that have been equally successful. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is one such game that is a remake of the 2011 PSP exclusive and came out in 2015. The PC port had many problems, and now a new mod fixes them and lets you play at 120 FPS.

Major Takeaways

  • New Final Fantasy Type-0 HD fixes many of the problems with the PC port.
  • You can now manually change resolution and play at 120 FPS.
  • The mod is available to download on GitHub and the gameplay looks pretty smooth.

A user on the ResetEra forum first brought this to our attention. A modder by the name of Banz99 created this mod and released it a few months back. Now that we are aware of it, the mod’s application makes the game much easier to play.

You see, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD launched on PC via Steam on August 18, 2015. It wasn’t a bad port at all and was mostly pretty good, but it had some annoying limitations that players didn’t like. For the most part, these problems were concerning the restrictive resolution options and weird framerate.

You only had two resolution options, 720p and 1080p, and there was no way to surpass this. In addition to this, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD’s anti-aliasing was actually there for downsampling. If you aren’t aware of what that is, you basically have to set the game at a lower resolution than what you like, then choose the anti-aliasing option to get the resolution you want.

Hence, there was no way you could manually select a resolution. Add the 30 FPS cap to this debacle, and the port’s limitations are highlighted even more. But, Banz99’s mod allows you to get past these restrictions with ease. 

YouTube video

You can manually select the resolution by editing an ini file via this mod. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD can also be run at 120 FPS by using this mod. There are still some problems for the players though because the game logic slows down if your PC doesn’t hit the framerates. 

As a result you will face some bugs and they will be much more noticeable at higher framerates. But, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is much easier to play through this mod and it is a positive overall. YouTuber Scotty’s HD Gaming Channel! posted a video of this mod running in the game.

As you can see from the video above, the mod runs really well and Final Fantasy Type-0 HD looks pretty smooth. The result is much better than what the game would look like without this mod. You can see the fantastic results in the 31-minute video.

Banz99’s brilliant mod is available on GitHub and you can download it for free. The last release is from September but there is another version from November that contains bug fixes. So, if you want to try Final Fantasy Type-0 HD after so many years, there is no way better way to do so than with this mod.

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