Final Fantasy XVI Will Feature Curse Words, A First For The Franchise

According to translator and lore developer Michael-Christopher Koji Fox, the game's mature rating allows the game's characters to cuss.

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  • Final Fantasy XVI characters will say words like “f**k,” says lore developer and translator Michael-Christopher Koji Fox.
  • Strangers of Paradise was the first game in the franchise to feature such language.
  • But, this will be a first for the numbered titles in the series, and it won’t be too over the top as per the Koji Fox.

The characters in Final Fantasy XVI will use swear words like “f**k” due to the title’s mature rating. In an interview with WellPlayed, Michael-Christopher Koji Fox expanded upon this aspect of the upcoming game. He said that letting the characters swear in the RPG has been very fun after years of restrictions.

Final Fantasy XVI is also the first mainline entry to allow this as all previous ones had a “Teen” rating. However, Koji Fox said that they did not go too over the top with the swear words even though it is a mature title. But, having characters yell words like “f**k” when the situation requires it is a fun addition near him.

The Translator and Lore Developer of the franchise sat down with WellPlayed to discuss this aspect. He said the following about the mature themes in the game and its use of strong language. 

 There are a lot of great characters in the game. Because it’s a mature game, I got to let some of them swear which has been fun. In Final Fantasy games, it has always been teen [rated] so we have to be careful for the language.”

Hence, Final Fantasy XVI will lift the series from the restrictions of a Teen rating. The rating from ESRB did reveal how the RPG will feature strong language. But, that is just the tip of the iceberg and there is much more to unpack.

It is interesting to see, however, how Square Enix is utilizing this facet in the RPG. While answering a question about whether this was a first for swearing in the franchise, Koji Fox said,

Of the numbered Final Fantasies, I think so. There was Stranger of Paradise. This [FFXVI] is the first numbered Final Fantasy that is mature. We didn’t go too over the top. But it’s great to have somebody yell “f******k!” when the situation calls for it.”

Final Fantasy is one of the most influential franchises in the gaming world. It has sold over 170 million units worldwide with dozens of its titles selling several million copies. Catering to a wider demographic through its less serious tone is a big reason for this success.

But, Square Enix has been changing that recently, with Strangers of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin being the first step. It was the first game in the series with a Mature 17+ rating from the ESRB and included swear words. The 25th-anniversary title didn’t get a favorable reception from critics but was a mild commercial success in Japan.

Final Fantasy XVI is going to be the next numbered mainline entry in the franchise and will release this June. The hype for the game is through the roof with a recent gameplay showcase making us even more excited. The upcoming RPG will follow the same pattern as Final Fantasy Origin and deal with mature themes.

In the trailers and gameplay clips, it is apparent Square Enix is taking a God of War-like approach to Final Fantasy XVI. As a result, it will be grittier than previous installments in the main series and the inclusion of cuss words is another step in that direction.

Final Fantasy XVI launches on PlayStation 5 on June 22, 2023, with a PC release planned later on.

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