GTA Vice City’s Silent Hill Mod Feels Like A Weird Dream

The Silent Hill Exotica mod, once considered to be a myth, is now available for download.

Story Highlights

  • A Redittor has restored the mythical Silent Hill Exotica mod for GTA Vice City.
  • This mod uses the never-ending fog, character models, skins, and sounds of Silent Hill in the game.
  • Players can access play it on PC via Xemu emulator or on a modded Xbox.

An old Silent Hill mod for GTA Vice City, which many thought was a myth, has been rediscovered by a YouTuber. Named Silent Hill Exotica, this mod turns the Grand Theft Auto game into a Silent Hill replica with never-ending fog. Previously, this mod was considered an online folk tale because no solid proof or download link was available.

However, YouTuber MenuSkip has come up with evidence and proved the existence of this mod to the gaming world. Initially, he posted on Reddit about how he had found the Silent Hill Exotica version of GTA Vice City. After receiving some technical help, he put up a detailed YouTube video of the mod with a download link, as you can see below.

YouTube video

The Youtuber bought a modded Xbox and discovered this mod but couldn’t find any download link on the internet. MenuSkip uncovered that the mod is considered a myth and is on GTA Myths Wiki. He then asked the r/lostmedia forum for assistance in extracting this mod from his Xbox to his PC.

Because of their help, he was able to create a download link for the mod and make it available to all GTA Vice City players. As per MenuSkip, you can play Silent Hill Exotica on your PC via the Xemu emulator or a modded Xbox. Besides the Internet Archive download link, the YouTuber has also made the X ISO file version available so you can download it into the emulator without messing up anything.

Afterward, he talks about the Silent Hill Exotica mod in detail and explains everything it contains. Basically, Silent Hill will replace all of the character models, sounds, and visuals in GTA Vice City. The original creator, “The Wraith” built this mod on top of Resident Evil Exotica, a similar mod concerning Resident Evil.

As a result, a lot of assets from the previous mod are available in Silent Hill Exotica. This includes skins from Resident Evil 2-6 alongside James Sunderland and Heather Mason from Silent Hill. Weirdly, a Terminator skin is also a part of this mod, but we aren’t complaining.

You have to hold the right thumbstick in, press the left or right trigger, and then press the up or down buttons on the d-pad to cycle through skins. Monsters like Pyramid Head, the faceless nurses, mannequins, insane cancer, and groaner from the Silent Hill franchise are a part of this mod. They constantly hunt you down like a Zombie horde, and you have to do your best to kill them.

A lot of cheat codes from GTA Vice City are obtainable in the Silent Hill Exotica mod. You can activate “Turbo Legs” to escape the hordes of monsters trying to kill you or just swim. Vehicles are also present, and by holding the left trigger and pulling the d-pad up, you can choose any GTA Vice City vehicle from a selection menu.

By turning the “God Mode” cheat on, you can explore interiors around the map. Players can look through any point of interest on the minimap and see some bizarre but cool interiors. The menu of GTA Vice City also changes in Silent Hill Exotica, and you can access many more cheats.

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