Half-Life 2 And Dishonored Art Director Is Working On A Souls-Like FPS Project

Viktor Antonov, the art director behind Half-Life 2 and Dishonored, is working on an innovative single-player game set in an apocalyptic hellscape.

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  • Viktor Antonov’s studio, Eschatology Entertainment, is currently working on an AAA title that will combine the elements of the first-person shooter and Souls-like genre.
  • No further information is currently available about the under-development project.
  • Viktor Antonov founded Eschatology Entertainment in 2022 alongside Fuad Kuliev, Dmytro Kostiukevych, and Boris Nikolaev.

Viktor Antonov, Half-life 2 and Dishonored’s art director’s studio “Eschatology Entertainment,” is currently working on a Souls-like FPS single-player game that sets in an apocalyptic world. The game tells a story of a gunslinger in a world on the verge of destruction. The game is currently under development and currently has no release date or trailer.

Eschatology Entertainment is currently working on an AAA Souls-like FPS game.
Eschatology Entertainment is currently working on an AAA Souls-like FPS game.

Viktor Antonov has previously worked on several popular titles, including but not limited to Quake II, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Fallout 4, and Doom. Viktor founded Eschatology Entertainment alongside Fuad Kuliev, Dmytro Kostiukevych, and Boris Nikolaev in 2022. Some of the founders have previously worked at Wargaming, a video game company based in Cyprus.

Eschatology Entertainment’s currently under-development AAA project is set to introduce a new touch to the Souls-like genre. While there is already an abundance of Souls-like games, there really aren’t that many games that feature FPS gameplay belonging to the genre. This under-development FPS title is set to be narrative driven and will likely inspire many games to come.

We already have Remnants: From The Ashes, which came out in August 2019, that combines the elements of a third-person shooter and the souls-like genre. Remnants 2, a sequel to Remnants: From The Ashes, is set to launch soon, on July 25, 2023. Remnants 2 is developed by Gunfire Games and will be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC.

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