Halo Infinite Early Access Bundle Leaked

Spotted by Italian website Aggiornamenti Lumia, an early access bundle for Halo Infinite has recently been spotted on the Microsoft Store Page. Looking at the page, the bundle includes early access to the multiplayer component of the game, as well as some DLC content. It can be assumed that this is very likely going to be available sometime this month for the people who are very eagerly waiting to play the game.

Looking closely, we can see that the bundle only includes the Halo Infinite multiplayer.

After a period of frequent delays, Halo Infinite is finally coming out next month on December 8th for the XBOX Series X/S and Microsoft Windows. Its safe to say that Halo Infinite is one of the most fondly anticipated titles this year alongside games like Elden Ring which comes out next year on February 25th.

Halo Infinite Bundle
Another picture of the Leaked Bundle.

Halo Infinite has had an infamously long development period at this point, with many key people in the development team leaving partway through the game’s development. Many have been skeptical about the quality of Halo Infinite, with just as many showering praise over the game’s alpha that gave players all over the world a taste of Infinite’s multiplayer gameplay.

Halo is widely regarded as one of the most important FPSes ever made, especially for consoles. In a time where most people thought FPS games wouldn’t be possible on home consoles, games like Halo on the XBOX and Goldeneye on the N64 proved that FPS games were very much possible on a console. Halo was also one of the most influential games of its time (for better or worse) with many other games following its suit and paving the way for a different kind of FPS game over the next few generations. The classic reflex and movement based twitch shooter gameplay was slowly abandoned for more modern, realistic shooters. In any case, Halo’s impact in the industry cannot be understated.

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