Halo Infinite’s New Patch Improves Stability And Forge Mode Based On Fan Feedback

This update is out now on all platforms and will be 2.9 GB on Xbox consoles.

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  • A new Halo Infinite patch has come out for the game’s season 3 and fixes many issues in Forge.
  • The update is 2.9 GB or less on Xbox consoles, the Microsoft Store, and Xbox apps but is only 1.6 GB on Steam, and it also improves stability.

343 Industries has recently launched a new patch on all platforms to resolve issues for Halo Infinite. It is a part of the game’s season 3 known as “Echoes Within,” which took flight on March 7, 2023. All of the changes made in this patch are based on fan feedback and tickets on the Halo Waypoint website. Halo Support has also released patch notes for this new update, and they tell us about all of the changes in detail. 

Starting with Menus, they will have better stability when you are navigating through Customization menus on a PC. When you buy a Premium Battle Pass Bundle from now on, the “Confirm Purchase” prompt will accurately show your 100 XP reward. Moving on to Multiplayer, respawning on Xbox Series consoles will be more stable after this Halo Infinite update.

Halo Infinite patch notes
Halo Infinite patch notes

Per the patch notes, players are unlikely to experience crashes while loading between the main menu and gameplay. In addition, Halo Infinite will be less likely to crash on a PC while you are using non-English keyboard settings. Online matches will also not disconnect that frequently when you are playing Escalation Slayer and Covert One Flag.

Moving ahead to Forge, this update has fixed a high-impact issue that limited the number of Script Brains on a map. The patch note further explains this issue and tells us how season 3 added a budget check whenever you added nodegraph content. Because of this, the number of times the server failed went down but also created a very low global budget of 200-250 nodes per map. 

Now, in this update, this Nodegraph Entity limit will rise from 800 to 2048 in Halo Infinite. Maps can now hold scrips with up to 512 nodes before running into duplication or the “server failure” bug. Other changes to Forge include the ability to constantly load older versions of maps after this patch. Primitive sphere objects in Forge that moved due to the season 3 update have gone back to their original location.

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In addition, while choosing a map on the PC version of Forge, selecting a file in My Bookmarks no longer reverts to the previously selected map. This Halo Infinite patch has also updated the Fiesta, Quick Play, and Tactical Slayer matchmaking playlists. Maps created by the Forge community have been added to the Quick Play and Fiesta playlists. You can learn more about these maps and playlists from this blog on Halo Waypoint.

In addition, one issue may arise after you update Halo Infinite and download this patch. Saving a map that has two or more Script Brains may result in multiple identical saves of it. The download size of this Halo Infinite patch is 2.9 GB or less on Xbox consoles, the Microsoft Store app, or the Xbox app on PC. On Steam, it will be a much smaller, 1.6 GB or even less, and you can download it right now on all available platforms.

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