Hogwarts Legacy Update And Official Patch Notes: Performance Stability Fixes

Avalanche has rolled out an update that aims to fix some of the game's major issues.

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  • Hogwarts Legacy received a new update that aims to fix some of the game’s glaring issues.
  • The update for PlayStation 5 was pushed and will be released later this week.
  • While the update addressed several of the game’s problems on PC, it does not fix them entirely as the game is still far from optimized.

With Hogwarts Legacy seeing its global retail launch last week, players around the world have stepped into the wizarding world. As expected of modern gaming, a day-one patch was rolled out after the game’s release. While it presumably addressed some issues, a second patch was released yesterday.

Hogwarts Legacy
Hogwarts Legacy

This update was a bit over the size of 300 MB and attempts to fix some of the game’s glaring issues on PC and Xbox. As announced in their official discord, the PlayStation 5 update has been pushed to later this week. The official patch notes were posted on Hogwarts Legacy’s website. You can find them here.

Hogwarts Legacy General Patch Notes

The update aims to fix some of the major issues previously reported by the players along with some prominent bugs. Some of the gameplay fixes include issues where the Owl Mail would not function as intended.

Furthermore, issues relating to character glitches and game crashes due to NPCs and world events were also addressed. The patch also attempts to fix some UI and cinematic errors including mission description issues and VFX.

The developers also attempted to address the stability issue when skipping cutscenes along with other causes that lead to an unexpected crash. Players were able to report any issues and bugs they encountered on Hogwarts Legacy‘s dedicated website. Some of these issues were also addressed in this update.

Issues pertaining save data were also addressed. Players who encountered errors such as the rewriting of autosave slots and being unable to talk to vendors after loading their data may find that the issue has been addressed. The developers have provided the codes for the reported issues that were resolved.

The update also addresses the rare occurrences of certain performance and stability issues in the game on both Xbox and PC.

Hogwarts Legacy Patch Notes
Hogwarts Legacy Patch Notes

PC Port Adjustments And Fixes

The console versions of the game were in a much decent state since launch. However, the PC version is plagued with optimization issues. This update is the first step in addressing some of those problems. The patch notes state that several fixes were rolled out in multiple areas for the PC version.

Cinematic issues where the audio would be missing during cutscenes were addressed. Furthermore, Switch Pro controller support also received some updates. Raytracing problems where RTAO would appear to be of lower quality than SSAO were rectified along with adjusting the default setting to Medium Quality.

Hogwarts Legacy Patch Notes (PC)
Hogwarts Legacy Patch Notes (PC)

Hefty adjustments were made to improve the performance and stability of the PC version. Perhaps we can finally fly around on our Hippogryphs without dropping to 10 frames.

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The shader-type compilation was optimized along with functionality enhancements and improved compilation performance. The update also addressed the problem of Nvidia GPUs having lower framerates than AMD.

The developers also state that DirectX 12 is required to run the game on a PC. They’ve stated that players should not attempt any workarounds to run the game on DX 11 as this will cause stability errors. 

While this does not fix the PC version in its entirety, it’s the first step in doing so. We hope the developers will continue to roll out updates in an attempt to enhance the player experience. 

Hogwarts Legacy is out now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. 

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