UE5 Iron Man Game Demo Lets Players break The Sound Barrier

The open world Iron Man project is put together by incorporating different assets.

Ever since the inception of superheroes in comics, the genre has expanded onto all viable media. There are countless movies based in Marvel and DC universe adapted from comics. The boom in the gaming industry brought forth a couple of superhero games yet an open-world Iron Man game remains to be seen. Regardless, the whole superhero genre remains largely untouched in the gaming sphere. 

Open-world Superhero games are scarce due to the complex development process, and big studios hesitate to adopt the idea due to a myriad of complications. Not to say that there have not been any successful superhero games. Spiderman titles on PS4 and PS5 have remarkably peaked on the charts. Likewise, in the past, there have been some engaging superhero titles. 

Perhaps in this new-gen era, big studios will take on crafting superhero titles. For now, fanciers have driven attempts to make superhero demos to show the untapped potential. One such example is the Superman demo created in Unreal Engine 5, which revealed the possibilities modern game engines hold. Now another fan has come forward with an Unreal Engine 5 Iron Man demo made by a few assets blended together.

The 3-minute video by Aaron Wayne Morse shows the phenomenal shot at bringing out the surreal feel of Iron Man taking off and soaring through the skylines. The way the flight feels and sound effects add up to the allure of the demo. Superhero games miss the feel of fast-flying speeds so seeing a demo achieving the hero breaking the sound barrier is very pleasing.

Iron Man’s taking off and landing are not precisely accurate to the character, as some pointed out, but the passion project made it work nicely. Moreover, the project is very hardware extensive, which is understandable. The fast flying speeds are a big reason for the significant frame drops, and it’s not very optimized. Recommended specs and download link is given in the video description.

The demo has also been criticized for seeming like an Iron Man skin slapped on the Matrix Demo. Regardless, it is merely a passion project in the alpha demo stage, but the developer has stated that he may continue to work on it over time. Hopefully, some big studio will explore the idea of creating an Iron Man game after stumbling upon this demo. What are your thoughts about the demo? Let us know in the comments below.

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