Superman Project In Unreal Engine 5 Lets Players Soar The Sky

Recently created playable Superman project based in Unreal Engine 5 allows players to soar through the busting metropolitan cityscape.

Depiction of Superman in AAA video games has been entirely dormant despite the rise of superhero video games in the decennia. There has been a mass of superhero games in the past; however, game studios are hesitant to tackle an open-world title with the Last Son of Krypton as the protagonist. A couple of Superman games that came out in the past were unable to be the next big open-world hit, thus averting the studios from exploring the prominent hero of DC Comics.

The recent peak of the superhero genre established that gamers adore the idea of open-world superhero genre titles in the next generation. The aftertaste left by the recent Spiderman titles has left the gamers with an itch for an open-world Superman title. However, the craving may be curbed by the talented community itself. Developers have been tinkering with the Unreal Engine 5 The Matrix Awakens demo code that Epic Games released. One of those demos shows Superman soaring through Metropolis at the speed of sound.

The Unreal Engine 5 demo created by Tyson Butler-Boschma, or u/TJATOMICA on Reddit, reveals the prospect of such a project, with the iconic hero rocketing through the large buildings at whirlwind speed. The realistic cape effects and the fast flight make the little project seem immersive for a demo. The upgraded demo reuses the city from Unreal Engine 5’s The Matrix Awakens demo and is available to download for free on The Unreal Engine 5 demo does not precisely name Superman for legal reasons, but it retains the vibes that you would expect from a Superman title.

The demo gives a good glimpse of how an official game may feel on Unreal Engine 5. Technology is not limited for such a game to prosper nowadays. While a bundle of fans appeals for a Superman title, a few oddballs want the concept to be shelved away because the prior implementations have been a downer. TJATOMICA’s Superman demo is overly engaging to play, and now fans have the option to partake in it for themselves. However, suitable hardware is required to run it.


Nevertheless, the demo reveals the massive potential of Unreal Engine 5; it can muster up breathtakingly detailed backgrounds and allow for fast movements and immersive effects while keeping them in the realm of realistic graphics. Hopefully, this leads to a game studio picking up a cue and announcing a Superman title down the road.

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