Iron Man VR Will No Longer Face Screen Loading And Cords On Meta Quest 2

"Quest 2 runs like a fluid, players would no longer see a loading issue," says developer.

As soon as Iron Man VR was made available for PlayStation VR gaming, it seemed to have tremendous scope. Camouflaj set out to create an Iron Man game that would seem like both a wholly new and creative interpretation of the character as well as an accurate portrayal of Tony Stark sporting the suit.

The most glaring issue with such a brilliant notion was the length of time it took for a game to load on PSVR. The game was virtually constantly loading and had load times ranging from 5 to 90 seconds.

The numerous load periods between each section marred sequences that should have been incredibly fantastic, such as the initial attack on the private jet and jumping out of the plane.

The former exclusive to PlayStation VR is coming to Meta Quest headsets. Iron Man VR from Marvel is taking off on other VR platforms. When the game debuts on the Meta Quest Store, users of Meta Quest 2 will be capable of flying as the superhero themselves.

Major Takeaways:

  • Iron Man VR is set to be released on Meta Quest 2.
  • The game’s previous version on PlayStation VR faced loading issues and limited movements.
  • The developer says, the game is on its new level on Meta Quest 2 and has none of the older issues.

It sounds that the title’s developers, Camouflaj, will be able to ultimately realize their initial concept for the game as Iron Man VR is launching for Quest 2 next month.

Speaking about the game on Meta Quest 2 to UploadVR, the founder of Camouflaj believes that Quest 2 is a far better platform for it than PSVR is.

Ryan Payton adds that the game’s fundamental dream is able to emerge in a much more straightforward way. In addition to being more liberating, the game is also free of basic PSVR release drawbacks.

A significant hardware flaw was identified at the time of Iron Man VR’s launch for PlayStation VR headsets: “terrible loading times.” The Camouflaj team was pleased with the reception to the PSVR release in general, but load times remained a challenge due to the PlayStation 4’s outdated hard drive technology.

Addressing the loading-times issue, Payton states:

“We had discussions whether or not we even need a load screen for some of the missions, It’s so fast, why do we even need to show the player that the game is loading?”

This issue has been resolved by Quest 2’s flash storage. Cinematics and missions load in just a few seconds thanks to the solid state flash storage. You won’t even remember it was a problem.

Fans also grumbled about the graphics, which they felt needed a pro patch to improve texture quality. Payton expressed great optimism about Quest 2’s visuals.

“We shipped a pretty big game for the platform, we pushed some really impressive visuals. We pushed out a gameplay dynamic that really hasn’t been done by any other game studio.”

The limits of the outdated PS Move controllers were the third significant problem with PlayStation VR headsets. In order to play with 360-degree movement, PSVR required some technical hacks and wire management because it was a tethered headset with only one external camera for tracking.

Iron Man VR is wire-free on Quest 2, and you can move freely throughout the game. Quick physical spins make it fun to launch yourself in any direction; flight and 360-degree fighting have never felt better.

Ryan Payton describes how the crew at Camouflaj is anticipating the release of Iron Man VR on Meta Quest 2 and It just feels like the players have been able to experience the core essence of what they were looking to create from the very beginning.

On PSVR, the game received mixed reviews. It has a 73 Metacritic rating. However, in a few weeks, you’ll get the opportunity to experience what it’s like to fight evil as Tony Stark’s alter ego if you have a Meta Quest 2 headset on hand.

Watch as Iron Man VR debuts on Meta Quest 2 on November 3rd, 2022.

Here’s a look at the game’s official trailer on Meta Quest 2:

YouTube video

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