Final Fantasy 16: Story Vs Action Modes [Comparison]

Learn both modes in Final Fantasy 16: Action Vs. Story mode to see which one is better for completing your playthrough with ease.

Final Fantasy 16 comes with the first-ever action-based game released by its creator. Players will have a choice of either playing story mode or action mode before they begin FF16 and continue toward missions.

Key Takeaways
  • Final Fantasy 16 offers two modes; story mode and action mode
  • Story mode is an easy mode that lets you defeat enemies with ease without worrying too much about your combat capabilities.
  • The action mode requires you to choose your accessories manually but, most importantly, requires you to be capable of action hack-and-slash combat games.
  • You get four timely accessories in story mode which are automatically selected for you beforehand.
  • For new players, it is highly recommended to start with story mode
  • You can change the mode later on while playing Final Fantasy 16
  • Players can unlock the Final Fantasy mode by completing either the story mode or action mode
Story ModeAction Mode
More focused on story and involves less battlesInvolves a lot of battles and fights throughout the gameplay
Much easier as the main focus on building the storyIt has a lot of tough battles and is relatively hard as compared to story mode
Has 4 Timely accessoriesHas 2 Timely accessories
All the accessories are already given to you and you can change it if you wantYou have to choose your own accessories according to your preference

What Are The Story And Action Modes In FF16

Final Fantasy 16 Story Vs. Action modes want to cater to all types of players, among which some excel due to their skills, and the rest try to go through FF16 by opting for the easy mode to complete the story. This is why this time, Final Fantasy 16 has introduced two modes according to players.

Players can choose any one of them according to their preferences. One of them is an easy mode that will let you experience the story mode without fighting many battles. This makes some players stress-free from fighting a tough battle again and again.

Final Fantasy Story Vs Action
All the modes available in Final Fantasy 16 [Image Credits: eXputer]

Difference Between Story And Action

Important: Both modes will have the exact similar outcomes, and the story does not change if you choose a different mode.

As soon as you begin Final Fantasy 16, you must opt for either the Action or Story modes. The only difference is that you will get different types of accessories for the two modes. As the name suggests, the story mode is more focused on the story and has less action, while the action mode will contain plenty of combats. Both will contain a different number of accessories to help you in difficult parts of the gameplay.

1. Story Mode

The story mode gets you 4 Timely accessories which will be given when you complete the combat practice. These accessories are given as:

  • Clive already equips two accessories
  • The other two can be found in the inventory

These accessories will aid the players when the combat becomes tough, or they are stuck at some point. You can even change the accessories whenever you want and choose the ones which are more beneficial for you.

Final Fantasy 16: Story Vs Action
Story Vs. Action Mode [Image Credits: eXputer]
As mentioned earlier, one of the two modes is the easier mode, and this story mode is considered much easier than the action mode. The mode helps you by:

  • Making the enemies much easier to defeat
  • You will take less damage from the opponents when you get hit
  • The combats are usually pretty much simpler than the action mode

The story mode is all about the journey of Clive, so you automatically receive accessories for your benefit. The Timely accessories include:

  • Ring of Timely Strikes: Helps you to make some of the best combos to give the opponents more damage with one strike. All you need to do is press the square button on the controller.
  • Ring of Timely Assistance: You can use the accessory to get full control of Torgal.
  • Ring of Timely Evasion: It aids in blocking any of the incoming attacks by your opponents but one drawback of using the accessory is that you may not be able to counterattack.
  • Ring of Timely Focus: You can use it to slow down the time when an attack is directed toward you. Then use this slowed time to dodge the attack so you don’t take any damage.

2. Action Mode 

The action mode is full of fun, thrills, and much more battles. It is the normal difficulty of FF16, and it will include a lot of tough battles. However, you can win these tough battles by using accessories. The action mode allows you to choose your accessories which is unlike the story mode.

It might require a bit of patience and lots of fighting. Players who consider themselves proper gamers should start with this mode to challenge themselves.

How To Change Mid-Game

If, at any point, you feel like the mode you chose is not in your best interest, you can change it. Simply just follow a few steps and change the mode while playing Final Fantasy 16.

  1. Press the menu button, which lies on your controller
  2. Go to the systems in the menu
  3. Choose the option of “Game Settings.”
  4. Visit the option for gameplay.
  5. Finally, change the mode and live a new experience.

What Is The Unlockable “Final Fantasy” Mode? 

Final Fantasy 16 Story Vs. Action has two basic modes, which are offered at the start: Story and Action mode. When you complete either of the two modes, you will unlock a new mode for selection in your New Games+ playthrough called the “Final Fantasy Mode.” It is a new additional part that is much tougher than the two basic modes.

The Final Fantasy mode offers new enemies along with additional weapons, abilities, and equipment. There is a new story that is different from the previous ones. The mode offers a level of 100, and you need to prepare more while playing this mode.

You can select the Final Fantasy mode by:

  1. Going to the menu of the Final Fantasy 16
  2. Visiting the option of New Game+
  3. You will see the unlocked option of Final Fantasy mode along with action and story mode.

The Final Fantasy 16 Story vs. Action modes is dependent upon the players. For new players, it is highly recommended to start with the story mode, which is an easy mode to complete the missions while focusing more on the story. The other mode is action mode which gets you more battles that are much tougher than the story mode.

You can unlock the Final Fantasy mode when you complete either of the two modes: Story or Action. Players can experience a continuation of the story while playing the Final Fantasy mode through New Game+.


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