Killing Floor 3 Devs Working On Adding “Cosmetic-Only” Microtransactions

It seems like the upcoming action horror FPS is not free of microtransactions after all.

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  • Killing Floor 3 devs are working on adding cosmetic-only microtransactions to the game. It was confirmed by the creative director Bryan Wynia in a new interview with PCGamesN.
  • It wants to learn some of the things players found enjoyable in the last game and will not turn Killing Floor 3 into a pay-to-win experience. 
  • The game has no release date currently but is planned to launch sometime next year. It will come out on current-gen PS5, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X, and also on PC.

Tripwire Interactive has recently announced Killing Floor 3 in the Gamescom event 2023, garnering a surge of anticipation by veteran and new fans alike. There are many eyes on the action horror FPS project, and the studio has taken notice of what made the last entry successful in the series. The devs confirmed in a new interview with PCGamesN that non-aggressive and cosmetic-only microtransactions are in the works for the game. 

The studio’s creative director, Bryan Wynia, said that it wants to “learn from some of the things that players are enjoying right now.” And Tripwire Interactive is also stressing not to make Killing Floor 3 a pay-to-win mess. Hence, the microtransactions will only be related to cosmetics that do not affect the mechanics of the gameplay in any way.

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Killing Floor 3 devs elaborated on how making the major features of the last game free of cost has worked out both for the team and the players. Tripwire Interactive wants to continue trekking down the same path for the newly-announced FPS to ensure that gamers do not feel cheated.

“When you look at how we’ve updated Killing Floor 2, there have been a lot of items like maps have been free. That’s something we want to continue to explore at this time.”

However, it is in early development, and the monetization plans are lingering on the drawing board right now. It is possible that many facets of the Killing Floor 3 microtransactions will shift as the project progresses in the future. Currently, the team is figuring out how these cosmetics can be flexed to fellow players in the game since it is a first-person shooter, after all.

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Killing Floor 3 does not boast a release date currently, but it is planned to launch sometime next year. It will come out on current-gen PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X, including PC releases on Steam and Epic Games Store. The title is being brewed in Unreal Engine 5, so we can expect enthralling visuals and smooth gameplay.

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