The Last Of Us Part 3 Is Rumored To Be In Development

You might want to read this with more than just a grain of salt.

Story Highlights

  • According to a well-known leaker, The Last of Us Part 3 is allegedly in development. 
  • There is no official information other than previous mentions that the script for The Last of Us Part 3 is ready in a rough format.
  • Considering the massive success of the TV series, Naughty Dog will likely focus on starting with the 3rd installment, so there is enough content when the TV series catches up with Part 2’s ending.
  • Since no evidence supports or denies the insider’s claim, take this with heaps of salt.

According to RPK-Gaming, a known movie leaker, The Last of Us Part 3 is currently under development. Though the leaker shares no proof of their claim, their statement can be true for various reasons, with one of them being The Last of Us television series’ immense success. A few months ago, Neil Druckmann also confirmed that Naughty Dog had prepared a rough script for the next entry, making the timeline seem more plausible.

Almost two years after the last entry’s release, it seems like Naughty Dog has started working on The Last of Us Part 3. While leaks like these occasionally pop up, RPK-Gaming has a reputable presence as a movie leaker. Considering the success of HBO’s The Last of Us, it doesn’t seem unusual that they got their hands on this piece of information.

We have already seen reports of The Last of Us Part 3 being in development before but now seems like the most logical time for it to be true. Last we heard, the script was roughly done, and the only thing holding back the creation of Part 3 was a compelling story. If the script has been perfected by now, the studio should have no trouble gathering the funds to back this project.

The Last of Us franchise has made over a billion dollars in revenue, and a new iteration will only provide more content material for the franchise to thrive on. HBO’s The Last of Us will cover the entirety of the video game series. Since video game development takes far longer than a TV series, they can only catch up if the next entry is ready by the time the TV series catches up with The Last of Us Part 2’s ending.

As for the story, there is no clue as to what we can expect in the next iteration. There is still the possibility of this being untrue, but it seemed worth going over the matter due to the reasons we already discussed. Despite the leaker’s credibility, studios can make a myriad of changes throughout the game’s development, so there is still a bit of uncertainty in the series’ future.

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