Battle Royale Mode Possibly Coming To The Last Of Us Part II

Hidden multiplayer assets hint at an upcoming Battle Royale mode!

Released in June 2020, The Last of Us Part II is the sequel to one of the most prominent franchises by Naughty Dog, The Last of Us. While the sequel did receive significant criticism from players for its unusual narrative, the franchise has gained a cult-like following for its unprecedented gaming experience. In July, it was rumoured that a multiplayer mode would be added to The Last of Us Part II, similar to that of the prequel. Now, data-mined multiplayer assets show that not only will the sequel receive a standalone multiplayer mode but there might also be an upcoming Battle Royale mode that could be revealed alongside it.

The Last of Us Part II Battle Royale Mode

While the multiplayer mode for The Last of Us Part II hasn’t been announced yet, Speclizer, a modder and data-miner, posted a new YouTube video showcasing hidden multiplayer assets that could possibly be hinting towards an upcoming Battle Royale mode. The video showcases maps and objects that are supposed to be a part of the multiplayer mode. However, the assests, particularly the map, seem like they’re intended for a Battle Royale mode.

The Last Of Us Part II
Map asset used in the multiplayer mode. | Source: Speclizer/YouTube

Considering how big the map for the multiplayer mode is, we can assume that it’s intended for a Battle Royale mode because you wouldn’t normally see such a vast multiplayer map for a game that isn’t open-world. The names of the in-game locations also suggest that the map will likely be a combination of different single-player maps. On the map, you can see locations like “Camallito” and “Alder Park”, which seem really spacious.

The Last Of Us Part II
Port of Camallito (Possible Location) | Source: Speclizer/YouTube
Alder Plaza
Alder Plaza (Possible Location) | Source: Speclizer/YouTube
The Last Of Us Part II
Gas Station (Possible Location) | Source: Speclizer/YouTube

Additionally, there are also certain assets for in-game objects, such as the “listen-mode-device” — which may be required to use the Listen Mode feature to find enemies behind cover. There’s also an asset named “collar” that was found in the files, which could hint towards dogs possibly coming to the multiplayer mode. Furthermore, there’s an asset named “handheld-tv”. However, we’re not sure what that means!

The Last of Us Part II
listen-mode-device (Asset) | Source: Speclizer/YouTube
collar (Asset) | Source: Speclizer/YouTube
handheld-tv (Asset) | Source: Speclizer/YouTube

In a pinned comment under the video, Speclizer also says, “Didn’t mention it in the video but in the development footage, there’s a compass and a player count which is usually only used in battle royales. Oh and there’s also an emote wheel script. I’m really looking forward to factions 2, I don’t think a battle royale mode would be a bad addition to the game!” There are also assets for backpacks and armours with levels, such as that in PUBG, which couldn’t be restored.

Non-Restorable Backpack & Armour Assets | Source: Speclizer/YouTube

While we don’t have any confirmation for a Battle Royale mode coming to the upcoming multiplayer mode for The Last of Us Part II, the evidence does seem to suggest that it is imminent. Factions, the multiplayer mode for the prequel, has provided players with entertainment for years. Hence, we expect nothing less from Naughty Dog with the upcoming multiplayer mode for the sequel.

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