Left 4 Dead II Mobile Classification Rating Spotted In Australia

The classification rating for Left 4 Dead II Mobile was recently spotted in Australia, hinting at possible future release on mobile devices.

Left 4 Dead left quite an impact on release. It was a first-person shooter developed by a division of Valve that focused on cooperative play and replaying value. The game had other modes as well, such as a single-player mode with AI-controlled teammates, a four-player survival mode as well as an eight-player versus mode, but the real fun for many players was the four-player co-op campaign mode in which you could add your Steam friends and go through the campaign together.

The game pitted you and your teammates against hordes of zombies, with each game being different thanks to the game’s AI, called AI Director. Enemy numbers, placement, difficulty, and other factors were changed by the AI Director each time, so no game was the same, adding good replay value to the title. The developer would go on to release a sequel called Left 4 Dead II, which was also very well received.

Although Left 4 Dead II was made using the same engine as the previous game, several changes were made to the game. It featured special enemies that were a thrill to take down, a huge arsenal of melee weapons, a new AI dubbed AI Director 2.0, and many more. The game received much praise, and with constant updates, the game has remained alive and strong to this day.

The developer later left Valve and formed its own Turtle Rock Studios and went on to make Evolve and, more recently, Back 4 Blood, both co-op shooters. As of recent, the popular game may be heading to mobile platforms as well, according to a rating for Left 4 Dead II Mobile in Australia.

Left 4 Dead II
The classification rating for Left 4 Dead II Mobile in Australia. | Source: Australian Classification

As can be seen, the rating is fairly recent, dating two days back to 2 September 2022. The category of the product is Computer Games as well, so there is no doubt that it is indeed a game. Moreover, the publisher listed is CB&AKG Games, which is the publisher of Blizzard Entertainment games in Indonesia and the Philippines.

Mobile gaming has gained a severe amount of traction in recent years, thanks to the advancements in mobile technology in recent years that have made phones very powerful and able to run such games as Genshin Impact. Due to this, many popular games are moving into the mobile gaming arena, such as Apex Legends Mobile.

Another thing to note is that the game has a classification rating of General, meaning that it can be played by the general populace. Left 4 Dead II was noted for its graphic violence and drew much controversy, which led to it getting a Mature rating. Since mobile devices are so widespread and probably for boosting player counts, the graphic violence and other factors that contribute to the classification ratings may have been toned down.

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