Madden NFL 24 Is Seemingly A “Make Or Break” Moment For EA

The release of the upcoming entry could change things for the management.

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  • Electronic Arts is reportedly taking a “make or break” approach with the upcoming Madden NFL 24 entry, and it will take action if the game fails to meet the expected standards.
  • EA could possibly fire the current management of the Madden NFL franchise if the issues persist in the new entry. The conglomerate could also make transitions in the franchise itself in the future.
  • The issues are related to the franchise quality and the save file corruption problem in NFL Madden 23, and the sales are not the concern here; the franchise is able to generate massive profits despite its problems.
  • The specific details and any official reveals have not been made for the game yet, but the Franchise mode is rumored to be a deep focus.

Electronic Arts Madden NFL franchise has recently been in murky waters due to the last few installments failing to live up to players’ expectations. The last few games have been intensely criticized for failing to bring enough innovation and improvements, and it appears EA recognizes all that is riding on the upcoming installment.

A new report has emerged that addresses how Electronic Arts is now putting everything on the line for Madden NFL 24, and the conglomerate is going to change highly depending on how well the game performs after its release. 

A new insight by ex-eXputer writer Tom Henderson’s Insider Gaming, notes that the new entry could “make or break” things for EA entirely. In other words, the forthcoming Madden NFL 24 is being hailed as the game that could change how the franchise progresses in the future.

One insider speaking to Insider Gaming notes that EA has “big plans” for Madden NFL 24. Moreover, the management of the entry is also familiar with EA’s stark approach that could threaten the upper management positions, possibly replacing the people responsible if the game fails to perform as expected. 

As the game’s development progresses, the notion also suggests that Electronic Arts is finally taking the production of the new entry seriously. We can expect a prominent change in the game’s leadership for future releases if Madden NFL 24 goes through similar impediments and bugs as its current iteration.

Moreover, the game sales are seemingly not the major cause of concern; it is the quality of Madden NFL 24. The franchise, despite its fair share of issues, manages to sell a healthy amount of copies every single year, which has helped it steadily flourish over the decade.

EA’s concern indirectly refers to the Madden NFL 23’s corruption problem, which led to a massive game save files corruption among many players in the past. The users heavily criticized the developers and the game for such a gigantic failure. EA reportedly gave a 50% discount to the affected players to make up for it. 

The management currently behind the impending release is also aware of the issues and what is expected of them, believing the backlash to be entirely justified. The pivotal decision by EA could massively shift the franchise itself if the game ends up like the last few releases. 

It is abundantly clear that Electronic Arts has finally begun the slow degradation of the Madden NFL franchise over the years and is finally starting to take action behind the curtains. We could see a slew of improvements in the upcoming installment and finally experience the franchise anew as it improves the series’ standards. 

Madden NFL 24 has still not officially been revealed, and the details surrounding the new title are as scarce as rain in the desert. However, the rumors suggest that the Franchise mode will be a deep focus of the forthcoming entry. It remains to be seen what other changes, improvements, and additions the new game will finally bring.

What are your thoughts regarding the Madden NFL 24 greatly affecting Electronic Arts’ approach to the franchise if it proves to be another slip? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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