Replace CJ With Mario In This New Mod For GTA: San Andreas

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  • Grand Theft Auto and Mario are among the most popular franchises in gaming.
  • One modder has taken it upon himself to put Mario into the world of GTA: San Andreas.
  • The mod retains all of Mario’s moves from 3D games such as the jump kick, the ground slam and even Mario’s classic movement animations from Mario 64.

Everyone likes Mario, and everyone also likes Grand Theft Auto. Would combining the two finally create a perfect video game? This was probably what was going through the head of the genius responsible for this newest mod for GTA: San Andreas. A Venezuelan modder by the name of “headshotisnotnobytw” has brought Mario from Mario 64 into the streets of the San Andreas.  

The mod’s visual showcase features Mario running around in the much-familiar Groove Street from San Andreas. What’s particularly impressive here is the movement and animations that feel like they are straight out of a 3D Mario title. All of these animations have been custom-made by hand and then imported into the game. We can see many of Mario’s iconic moves such as the jump kick and even the ground slam. 

The mod will also use voice lines from various Mario games such as Mario Teaches Typing, Mario’s Game Gallery, and more. The mod itself is currently not fully functional but we can expect to be usable for the entirety of GTA: San Andreas in the foreseeable future.

The GTA series is home to an utterly insane and passionate modding scene that has created some of the most impressive mods you can imagine. From remaking the entirety of Vice City in the GTA IV Rage engine to making entirely new content for games such as GTA: San Andreas. Even today the series fosters a passionate modding community that works despite the backlash from Take-Two themselves

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