PS Plus Players Unable To Claim Free GTA Online Money

Some PlayStation Plus subscribers have been facing issues with claiming their free money in GTA Online recently.

The GTA series from Rockstar Games has always bathed in universal popularity. The same was the case for GTA 5 and the extremely popular online component of the series, GTA Online. And it has not slowed down despite being a little over 8 years old and has proved to be quite a successful venture for Rockstar Games, causing GTA V to become the most profitable entertainment product of all time.

This is no small feat, and Rockstar is certainly not unworthy of the praise that they receive. The only reason GTA Online has remained so popular despite being in a market filled with online games is that the developer has put in hard work to keep it relevant. GTA Online continues to receive major updates and keeps getting new content, such as new Heists, story content and, of course, many other new things for players to spend money on.

If one wishes to lead a luxurious life in-game and acquire all sorts of things, such as exotic sports cars or even yachts, they need vast amounts of in-game money, which they can obtain by various methods, like races, Heists, and similar events, or by purchasing Shark Cash Cards using physical money, if they wish to forego the grind and lead the easy life. However, not everybody can afford to buy digital money by spending real money.

Those that prefer to not burden their wallets rely on the in-game events and missions to make money, and the occasional cash drops that Rockstar gives out. Subscribers of the PlayStation Plus service get a monthly drop of $1,000,000 of in-game currency. Lately, though, some players have been deprived of the luxury, as they have been facing problems in redeeming it. Usually, the money is automatically added to their in-game accounts when the cash drop arrives. However, this time around, many are reporting that when they log in, the money isn’t there.

Where’s all the PS plus exclusive money I’ve been collecting in GTA online? from PlayStationPlus

And the workaround is quite odd. Supposedly, this issue is being faced by players that are trying to log in through the PS5 version of the game, and to solve the issue, they need to first login into the PS4 version and then import their character to the PS5, as pointed out by a Reddit user that commented under the post, IWantANewDucky, who himself heard it from someone.

      Reddit user IWantANewDucky points out the supposed workaround for the issue

Some users can be seen pointing out that you have to do this every time, as Rockstar has issued no response regarding the problem, and the game has already been facing issues on launch since people are having difficulties migrating their characters to PS5, causing further inconvenience.

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