Red Dead Redemption PS4 And Nintendo Port Gets Mauled By Fans

The fans have been calling for game's boycott as well.

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  • Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption PS4 and Switch port announcement video on YouTube has been disliked on-masse by the fans.
  • The video so far has collected over 110k dislikes against 35k likes.
  • Fans have also been calling for the game’s boycott after they were left baffled by the game’s price tag.
  • The studio’s decision not to release the PC port also left many disappointed.

2010 classic, and one of Rockstar Games’ jewels, Red Dead Redemption has been announced for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 after almost a year of hype and build-up. But it appears the game has failed to live up to expectations, as it has received a huge backlash over all social platforms and YouTube is no exception.

The YouTube announcement video for Red Dead Redemption “port” for PS4 and Nintendo Switch has garnered 110k dislikes against 35k likes. That shows the immense disappointment the fans have had with Rockstar’s handling of the game’s “remaster.” The comments section of the video was filled with people expressing real anger at the studio.

The like-to-dislike ratio on RDR announcement video YouTube.
The like-to-dislike ratio on the RDR announcement video on YouTube.

The fans did not hold back from calling out Rockstar Games for its supposedly consistent anti-community step. Most of the fans were left disappointed because the Red Dead Redemption “port”, was hyped up as a “remaster” for almost a year. Just two weeks ago, industry insiders were still calling it a remaster. Some rumors went a step further and called it a full remake.

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Moreover, it has been 13 years since Red Dead Redemption was released in 2010 but despite such a long time, Rockstar Games is yet to release the game’s PC. But the leaks about the remaster gave PC gamers real hope only for them to be left disappointed by the studio. Fans called the PC snub illogical and that they were unable to understand by what logic is the studio keeping the game off the PC.

If all the shattered expectations were not enough, the fans were left baffled by the price tag of $50 put on the Red Dead Redemption port by Rockstar. All the justifications provided by Take-Two, the publishers behind the RDR series and Rockstar’s parent company, left the fans unconvinced.

Despite the inclusion of the Undead Nightmare DLC and other content. The fans were adamant that the price is unjustifiable as the game’s graphics have not received any significant enhancements and the multiplayer has also been removed from it.

Furthermore, fans have been calling for a boycott of the Red Dead Redemption port as they see it as the continuation of anti-consumer policy on the part of Rockstar. Few were quite vocally advocating for enabling backward compatibility in consoles as it would kill the need for separate ports of the games.

A Reddit post calling for the RDR port's boycott.
A Reddit post calling for the RDR port’s boycott.

Red Dead Redemption and Undead Nightmare extension will be released for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on August 17.

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