Multiple Gothic Ports Could Be Coming To Nintendo Switch

The prospect was teased by the developers on Twitter.

The action role-playing franchise, the Gothic series, has aged like fine cheese over the decennia with multiple sensational entries. Initially created by the German developer Piranha Bytes, the atmospheric, gruesome, and action-packed IP has been owned by THQ Nordic since May 2019.

It has been decades since the series got a new mainline installment; however, a modern reimagining is planned for the original Gothic. Moreover, fans have been asking for the existing games to arrive on more consoles, such as the Nintendo Switch. The developers may have just heard the community and teased the possibility of it.

In other words, multiple Gothic ports could be arriving on Nintendo’s handheld consoles after many fan requests.

Major Takeaway

  • We could see numerous installments in the Gothic franchise arriving on the Nintendo Switch. 
  • The developers teased the prospect in a tweet while thanking the community for the support and commemorating the beginning of next year.
  • The tweet contained an image showcasing the Nintendo Switch running one of the older Gothic games.
  • THQ Nordic only recently announced one of its similar games, Risen, for Nintendo’s handheld console. However, we suggest taking the news with a grain of salt.

The Twitter handle for the Gothic game franchise posted a new tweet to celebrate the occasion of the new year and pay homage to the ending of the eventful 2022. The tweet also contained a tease regarding the Gothic ports, hinting towards its games’ arrival on the Nintendo Switch.

The developers thanked the community for “overwhelming support.” Moreover, the tweet also featured an image of the Nintendo Switch being held by an intriguing statue. As mesmerizing as the statue looks, the central tease is the game running inside the portable. We can see one of the older Gothic titles running inside the Switch.

The inclusion of the Gothic game in the Nintendo Switch is a direct hint towards the games’ imminent arrival on the console.

Additionally, it is not unlikely for the titles to arrive on the handheld either. THQ Nordic only recently announced one of the similar games, Risen, for Nintendo’s portable console.

However, one user also took notice of the eye-catching statue holding a sword that is docking the Nintendo Switch in the image.

The high-quality statue looks like a work of art and could be included in the collector’s edition for the upcoming Gothic 1 Remake. Unfortunately, the sculpture is hidden by the Switch leaning on the sword, so we cannot take a better look at it.

It is entirely possible that the Gothic 1 Remake could also be slated for the handheld device. However, the image unveils the older Gothic running on it, and the tease does not include the upcoming Gothic 1 Remake. Regardless, that is also likely to arrive on the Switch if other ports also end up on the console.

All in all, fans were quick to point out the apparent hint by the developers in the replies to the tweet. Many fanciers of the nostalgic Gothic franchise have shown immediate interest in the proposal; it is a clever marketing technique to analyze the reception of the audience.

None of this is officially confirmed, even after the strong tease by the developers. THQ Nordic has also not commented on the situation. We suggest taking the news with a slight grain of salt. An official announcement may follow in a couple of weeks.

What are your thoughts regarding the developers teasing multiple gothic ports for the Nintendo Switch? Do you think the Gothic games will be able to smoothly integrate into the portable console? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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