Gotham Knights Already Being Sold In Some Stores Ahead Of Release

A Redditor just picked up their copy and posted it online.

Gotham Knights has been subject to quite the controversy in recent times, especially after its latest frame rate confirmation. A member of the developing team took to Discord to make the announcement and thereby confirm that the upcoming RPG would be locked to 30 FPS on consoles despite being wholly next-gen.

That is quite the bummer — to say the least — especially for next-gen consoles owners that were hoping to enjoy all 60 frames per second of Gotham Knights on the big screen, taking down one baddie after the other using The Caped Crusader’s skilled disciples. 

The Rundown: 

  • Gotham Knights is scheduled to release on the October 21st, but a particular Redditor has managed to buy the game ahead of time from their nearby retailer.
  • It has been revealed that the day one update for the game is about 15.3 GB in size. 
  • Further information has not been disclosed yet, but beware of the imminent spoilers.

In relatively recent times, however, there has been an interesting pop-up of events. A Reddit user, going by the name of “almarhuby“, has somehow managed to purchase the title that wasn’t supposed to be around in stores until October 21, 2022. 

Taking to Reddit, the excited individual says that [they’ve] just picked up their copyCheck out the post below to spot the game’s cover art and physical edition yourself. The game’s box seemed to be pushed against their Wolkswagen’s steering wheel, thereby attributing to a near-perfect photo-snapping position.

People in the comments section are genuinely demanding the individual in question to play the title and drop their thoughts in this open thread. They’re pretty much asking for spoilers themselves, and if you happen to visit the post after some time passes, please be wary of anything that might put you off.

It’s definitely going to be a red zone in there starting from any moment at the time of writing this article. Although there’s one constructive piece of information that almarhuby has mentioned in the thread. The first downloadable patch for Gotham Knights has been revealed to be 15.3 GB, which isn’t so bad, but not too feathery either. 

Earlier this week, the RPG’s trophy list had too emerged online, spilling the beans on many of the in-game scenarios, missions, and achievable tasks. While others are busy expressing their doubts over purchasing the game ever since the 30 FPS framerate cap was disclosed, some are trying to get the Redditor at hand to play the title and share whether these meager frames per second truly are limiting.

Gotham Knights is supposed to come out four days from now, so it’s pretty much obvious that the major video game retail stores across the globe are starting to receive their copies of Gotham Knights. This is commonplace stuff, so the store handlers can painlessly distribute the copy and sell it on launch day. 

However, the Redditor says that the retailer they usually shop at somehow got it early and sent them a message, so they just picked it up. Quite the friendship there, to be fair. 

Do let us know what you’re expecting from Gotham Knights in the comments below. In the meantime, we’ll be keeping a close eye on this Reddit section and report back with anything ground-breaking. 

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