Hogwarts Legacy Receives Its Greatest Patch To Date

The game gets another dose of Reparo.

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  • Avalanche has released a new patch for Hogwarts Legacy that has addressed numerous issues with the game.
  • The update emphasizes bugs and performance issues that have plagued the game since its launch last month.
  • Hogwarts Legacy is bound to receive further improvements down the line due to its sheer scale. This shows how some extra time in development would have been beneficial for it.

Hogwarts Legacy has just gotten its most prominent patch by far that aims to fix a plethora of issues. The update went live for PC and consoles on March 8th, 2023 with a size of approximately 530MB. The patch notes can be found on Portkey Games Support’s website. Due to the game’s disappointing launch state, Avalanche has continued to provide consistent updates to alleviate these problems.

It goes to show just much the game needs to be polished and that some extra time in development would have done it some huge favors.

Gameplay & Miscellaneous Fixes

Avalanche’s latest batch of fixes has addressed several problems pertaining to Hogwarts Legacy’s gameplay systems. Broom Flight issues such as the players getting trapped while mounting a broom under specific conditions have been resolved. In addition, mesh breaking complications, flash, and shuttering when mounting the broom, and being unable to land on the Viaduct bridge were fixed. 

Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Patch Notes
Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Patch Notes

Moreover, some complications with overworld events were ironed out along with character model issues involving the lack of hair. Furthermore, several issues related to specific missions or instances were addressed with the latest patch. Shields will now display properly during the Crossing Wands mission at the beginning of the game. Waymark errors in the overworld have also been resolved. 

However, this is not where the list ends. The patch is addressing a wide array of problems in all departments. The UI sector has also received the patch treatment. Localization strings have been updated along with transition issues when switching vendor windows. Another major fix is the map showing the wrong path to the map chamber where you talk to the Keepers. Cinematic issues have also been addressed. 

Hogwarts Legacy has received improvements in several departments with this patch.
Hogwarts Legacy has received improvements in several departments with this patch.

Facial animations received an update. NPC treadmilling problems along with blurred texture errors were resolved as well. Raytracing stability and performance have been improved significantly. Furthermore, fog volumes have been removed for a better experience. The update also addresses shadow issues with the trees and those created by directional light.

Performance & Stability Fixes For Hogwarts Legacy

Avalanche has doubled down on this side of the game with its latest patch. An enormous list of performance fixes was provided in the patch notes. In our Hogwarts Legacy review, we mentioned the performance hiccups the game had and how they impacted the experience. However, the pros simply outweighed the cons. With the latest patch, several of those hiccups have been erased.

Problems such as memory leaks and crashes caused due to VFX after prolonged play-throughs and other factors have been resolved. Furthermore, VRAM usage has been improved, especially for GPUs with lower video memory. Along with that, shader compilation problems were further addressed, and lighting optimization with Nvidia drivers was enhanced.

There were myriad issues that caused the game to crash and this patch has also attempted to address those. Speaking to Rackham, using Wingradium Leviosa, audio occlusion checks are among the list of causes that have been resolved. Since these updates are being rolled out on a consistent basis, it shows that the developers want to make sure that players are able to have the best experience possible.

The continued success of the game was previously celebrated by David Haddad in an exclusive interview with Variety. The game has certainly impressed us with all that it offers in its expertly-crafted world, It’s safe to say that the first AAA attempt at a Wizarding World game has been a smashing success. 

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WB‘s Hogwarts Legacy is out now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. 

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