Redfall’s New Update Finally Brings A 60 FPS Performance Mode

This just in after a period of silence.

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  • Redfall didn’t exactly get off to an ideal start ever since it made landfall in May 2023, being one of Microsoft’s few exclusive titles this generation. 
  • The first-person shooter received heavy criticism post-launch, and the feedback was pointed at the Redfall’s lack of depth in gameplay, not to mention the slew of bugs and performance issues.
  • After four months of radio silence on the title, Bethesda has finally pushed out a new major update for its once-ambitious project, introducing a performance mode, among other changes. 

Following a 4-month period of silence from the side of Bethesda, the much-anticipated 60 FPS performance mode has finally reared its head for Redfall on Xbox Series X|S consoles. Announcing in an official blog post, the developer said, “This patch brings a Performance Mode to Xbox Series X|S, stealth takedowns, new controller settings, Accessibility improvements, and much more.” 

All the Gameplay and Combat Changes in the Latest Redfall Update
All the Gameplay and Combat Changes in the Latest Redfall Update

Outside of combat and gameplay-centric adjustments made for Redfall, the second major update brings a ton of performance and stability improvements both on consoles and PC as well. Graphical issues pertaining to specific GPUs along with problems regarding Hero abilities registering improperly have also been addressed. The entire length of performance fixes include: 

  • Enabled Performance Mode on Xbox Series X|S.
  • Improved PC performance and stability across a wide range of hardware configuration
  • Addressed several edge-case memory crashes.
  • Addressed graphical corruption issue with changing resolution with AMD GPUs.
  • Fixed an issue with resetting Game Settings to their default values while in Windowed display on a second monitor.
  • The anti-aliasing setting is now hidden in Video Settings while AMD FSR 2.1 upscaling is enabled.
  • Various performance improvements made to Hero abilities, weapons, and general game systems.
  • Various fixes to support Hero abilities triggering properly despite environmental factors like ladders, death mist, electrocution, and more.
  • Improvements to player navigation and collision across both Redfall Commons and Burial Point.

Another interesting bit featured in the update is that Redfall will now feature a more populated world, and won’t be as lifeless as it previously was. Moreover, players can look forward to “more encounters” following the implementation of the patch, all of which signal a refined, more polished Redfall than ever before. 

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Things haven’t been kicking too solidly for Redfall. Players, in particular, had been truly upset over no persistent action from the side of Bethesda or Microsoft following Redfall’s launch, thereby leaving the game in its troubled and lacking state. After all, the devs did go on for several months without communicating or making a single post about updating the community. 

Back in September, though, word surfaced from Xbox’s head of publishing Pete Hines, who actively admitted how Redfall didn’t get off to a good start and went onto say that 60 FPS is, indeed, coming for the first-person shooter. Pete also iterated that Redfall is the type of game that people will be willing to check out on Xbox Game Pass even after 10 years. 

Okay, we didn’t get the start we wanted, but it’s still a fun game… and we’re going to keep working on it. We’re going to do 60fps. We’re going to get it to be a good game because we know, as a first-party studio, Game Pass lives forever. There will be people ten years from now who are going to join Game Pass, and Redfall will be there,” said Pete Hines.

Following its initial announcement in 2021 at the annual E3, Redfall was released for the Xbox Series X|S and PC via Game Pass and Steam on May 2, 2023. At the moment, Redfall has 40 concurrent players on Steam.

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