No Man’s Sky Patch 4.15 Bring A Host Of Bug Fixes

The update has come out on Steam and will head to other platforms soon.

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  • No Man’s Sky patch 4.15 fixes numerous bugs following February’s big Fractal update.
  • This patch was released recently and has brought bug fixes related to the PSVR2, PlayStation 5, and Steam Deck.

No Man’s Sky first announced the Fractal update on February 22, 2023, as the first big update of the year. Among a host of other changes, this patch brought PSVR2 support to the action-adventure title. Now, however, developer Hello Games has announced Fractal patch 4.15 to fix issues following the major update. This update rolled out on Steam lately and will arrive on all other platforms.

No Man's Sky
A look at the No Man’s Sky patch.

Patch notes for this new update have also been released and they list all of the issues patch 4.15 has fixed. Hello Games thanked everyone at the start for playing the Fractal update and ensured fans that they are listening to feedback. As per the patch notes, the developer has fixed many bugs through this update.

First up, the issue causing some flat-mode settings to incorrectly apply to the PSVR2 has been rectified. Players will not face performance issues due to this big from now on. Rumble will now work correctly on the PlayStation 5 as this update has fixed the bug affecting it. Bugs resulting in water reflections being missing on graphics settings are a thing of the past after this update.

Blurriness and other visual glitches will also not occur during warp after this No Man’s Sky bug fix. It has also fixed a rare which sometimes prevented players from accessing their refiners. Furthermore, bugs preventing the “Unhidde System” button from working in the Hidden Systems list will no longer be a worry for players. Patch 4.15 has also overhauled another rare issue following the Fractal update.

A bug allowed players to access the Space Anomaly from the quick menu after a reload, but this won’t be a thing from now. Numerous base-building control issues for PSVR with move controllers have been rectified. No Man’s Sky patch 4.15 has fixed another issue concerning Space Anomaly. The missions won’t get stuck in the log after completing an expedition, moving forwards.

Developer Hello Games has also fixed a crash related to networking. A crash related to the options menu has also been rectified by patch 4.15. In addition, the devs have repaired a crash related to the rendering. Last but not least, No Man’s Sky’s patch 4.15 has also fixed a Steam Deck-specific crash in the game.

A lot of work remains to optimize the PSVR2 for No Man’s Sy so expect a lot more Fractal patches. Meanwhile, you can report any bugs you face by submitting them here.

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