Africa-Based Pokemon Fan Game Gets First Gameplay Footage

Pokemon Chaos and Pokemon Order are new fan games from the series set in Africa.

Some Pokemon fan game developers have made a new Pokemon game set in Africa. Pokemon Order and Pokemon Chaos are the names of these games taking place on the continent. The game is set in the Lewaka region which is fictional but is based in Africa.

Professor Baobab introduces us to the setting and is probably the main guide of the game. The area in Lewaka players of Pokemon Order and Chaos will transverse is called Wretched Wastelands. According to the gameplay trailer, many types of Pokemon are present in this area.

Major Takeaways:

  • Pokemon Chaos and Order are fan-made games taking place in Africa.
  • The games are free-to-play and the developers are taking no funding. 
  • Artist Myken Ryan is working on the game with a team of Pokemon fan game developers.

Ghost, Ground, and Dark are the main types of Pokemons present in this region. In Pokemon Order and Chaos, the trainer will venture into these areas to capture some illusive creatures. You can see in the gameplay trailer below how this actually pans out in the game. 

Pokemon Order and Chaos is a 2D game as you can see in the game footage above. You have to venture into the dangerous wretched wastelands to catch unique Pokemons like Rhyhorns and Poochyena. The gameplay footage shows the protagonist trying to free a Rhyhorn from poachers.

A battle ensues between the protagonist and the poachers and the gameplay is pretty cool. There is also a bit of family drama between the protagonist and their uncle Professor Baobab, who thinks the player’s father is endangering the creatures. Hence, the game has both a great setting and a compelling story.

Pokemon Order and Chaos stands out in its sound design which is absolutely brilliant for a fan game. The environment is also very creepy and everything in the game looks brilliant. So, this is definitely something every die-hard fan of the series should try out. 

Artist Myken Ryan is working on this game alongside a team of fan game developers. Pokemon Order and Chaos is also a non-profit game and will earn zero money. Both of them are free-to-play for everyone and the devs even say at the start they won’t accept funding. 

It’s nice to see a project in the franchise based on passion for the IP and not money. The recent game in the series has set some insane records and sold 2 million copies in Japan. So, seeing a game just for the fans and built only for enjoyment is something fresh and most welcome.

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