Portal With RTX’s Poor Performance Cause Its Steam Reviews To Plummet

The excellent visuals come with a hefty price.

Portal with RTX launched to sate the players’ expectations on December 8th, serving as a sudden but welcoming ode to the original nostalgic title. Its visuals are out of this world and further conform to the vanishing disparities between real life and video games in recent years.

However, that comes with a steep price, one that many were not ready to accept. While originally hugely anticipated, Portal with RTX is a very demanding title. It pushes your GPU to a new extreme, and as per various reviews, even the 30 series graphic cards seem to struggle to display the all-new alluring graphics of the game.

Moreover, the title is seemingly full of performance issues, such as glitches, bugs, and uncertainty to run smoothly even on the 40 series graphic cards. 

Major Takeaway

  • Portal with RTX has seen plummeting reviews recently due to the bad optimization of the game. The game has issues like glitches and various bugs; it even struggles to run at all for some users. 
  • The title requires a very beefy setup to run smoothly, and even the 30 series GPUs don’t seem up to the task.
  • Many users struggle to get a stable FPS, hindering their experience and making the game unplayable.
  • The new DLC is receiving a plethora of negative reviews, lowering its overall score to a “mixed” reaction.
  • The game is playable for the majority of the players that are willing to reduce the graphical settings.

Many users have reportedly struggled to achieve a stable or a “good enough” FPS while playing the new DLC. The reported bad performance and hindrances to running Portal with RTX smoothly have resulted in a slew of negative Steam reviews. The current rating on the Steam storefront has dwindled to a “mixed” reaction.

Portal With RTX on Steam
Portal With RTX on Steam

Even a stable 30 FPS is barely achievable by players using GPUs like the 3060, and it is causing the new DLC to feel jarring to play. One player, Wine, cited, “if you have a 2060 or a 3050 (like me), don’t even try to play this, it runs like **** even with my 3050 […] just dont play this, you wont have a good experience.

The users are not recommending Portal with DLC unless you are equipped with the latest robust 40 series graphics cards. The user, Ryshokka, noted, “If you have a 40 series card, go ahead and give it a try. If you have a 30 series card, might be a bit of a hassle to get it running smoothly.”

Unfortunately, the issues expand beyond the requirement for a good setup. Portal with RTX just seems badly optimized, since players with good setups are also suffering from major hiccups. One player mentioned that the game “refuses to launch” for them.

The player, Jonzuk, articulates, “Changed my resolution, Stuck zoomed in forever can no longer play the game at all.

One user with an RTX 4090 under their belt is suffering from major crashes, making the game unplayable. Treebs on Steam writes, “Brand new build with 13600k, 4090, 32gb DDR 5 and the game can’t even get to the menu without crashing. This is with the new drivers. Great job Valve!

Future updates may solve the heaps of dilemmas plaguing many gamers. While it is impossible to get the best visuals out of the high-end 30 series GPUs, changing the settings to something lower should make the game run smoother. Moreover, bugs and glitches are prominent nuisances needing immediate fixes.

All in all, many other players have reported great results, and the visuals are enchanting to behold. Tinkering with the settings should be enough to make it an enjoyable experience if the user matches the minimum to the recommended threshold. Portal with RTX is a perfect homage to the highly nostalgic puzzle-solving experience.

If you are unfamiliar, Portal with RTX is a free DLC that features the innate capabilities of next-gen unmatched visuals. It is equipped with ray tracing technology and DLSS to boost its graphical fidelity to a new realm. The DLC developed by Lightspeed Studios also functions as a stress test for the best GPUs on the market.

What are your thoughts about Portal with RTX’s mesmerizing graphics causing even the 30 series cards to struggle in running it smoothly? Do you think the game is unoptimized or too advanced for the current majority of PC gamers? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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