PUBG Update 22.2 Brings New Gunplay To Consoles

The patch has released on consoles today after coming out on PC last week.

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  • Patch 22.2 for PUBG comes out on consoles today and brings changes to gunplay and Care Packages.
  • The game world, UI, lobby, and workshop have all got upgrades through this patch.
  • Dozens of bug fixes are also part of this new update.

Update 22.2 for PUBG: Battlegrounds has launched across all consoles today. It brings new gunplay, spawn weapons, and a rejuvenated care package to the battle royale title. PUBG Support has also released the patch notes for this update to give us a more in-depth view of the changes. First up, this update brings a lot of live server fixes to the players.

Bugs letting players see through terrain when spectating a knocked-out player have been rectified. Furthermore, this update has fixed the issue, causing game volume to be too low at times. Some changes are PC-specific, including the bug fixes relating to the Interact Key’s use. Update 22.2 has also removed the Self-AED disappearing bug from PUBG, but this is specific to consoles only.

PUBG patch notes
PUBG patch notes

New weapons called FAMAS will be a part of the Care Package goods from now on in the game. As per the patch notes, it will be available on every map and every game mode besides the Custom Match-Esports Mode. PUBG has also received many gameplay upgrades via this new patch. Changes regarding weapon balance have resulted in the removal of AUG from Care Package in Normal and Ranked matches.

It will now be a world-spawn weapon and available on every map. Spawn rates for ARs and SMGs have increased while the spawn rate for Shotgun has decreased by 20% on Ranked. P90 will now be a part of Care Packages in Ranked and will spawn properly following bug fixes. Improvements have also been made to loot recommendations, and your inventory will highlight the commended equipment you have looted.

For PUBG’s 6th anniversary, billboards and decorative objects will be visible in the game world. In addition, the developers have added a dirt race track on the peninsula south of Sancarna. Patch 22.2 has also brought changes to modes, with the AUG now being available in Team Deathmatch and Custom. Moving on to UI changes, devs have revamped the in-game interface to convey better info about weapons and attachments. 

PUBG’s Lobby UI has also got a general facelift to make it more cohesive and organized, as per the patch notes. Now concerning upgrades to the lobby, Survival Mastery will now have a Tier system. The maximum Tier you can reach is Tier 5, and the Tier-up reward will be a Survival Mastery Medal. New items have been added to the Hunter’s Chest in the workshop, and Steam is also getting a performance upgrade.

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Last but not least, patch 22.2 has brought dozens of bug fixes to PUBG. Besides general in-game bug fixes, this update has fixed collision, texture, and performance in Training mode. Crash issues appearing while using Mortars and those affecting the Thermal Scope have been put right. This update has also fixed the bugs causing the irregular flickering of Blizzard Zone’s visual effects and the voice chat, but they are specific to PC.

Console-specific bug fixes have rectified the issues concerning the Motorbike’s sound and the Limited Interact feature. UI bug fixes have overhauled the kill feed issue on PCs while on consoles; the preview button’s indefinite line won’t bother players now. Finally, update 22.2 has fixed several issues with skins, including the clipping issue with fuffenz’s shirt and the one which causes Azure Dragon Jacket to partially blind you in PUBG.

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