Lords of the Fallen Update v1.1.474 Finally Fixes The Misaligned Xbox HUD

Earliest reports of this issue go back to the game's launch, for reference.

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  • Lords of the Fallen is an ambitious new RPG and a debut project of Spain-based studio Hexworks.
  • The game’s latest update, titled v1.1.474, has brought a fix for the Xbox HUD issue at long last.
  • Other major changes include gamepad rebinding and automatic backup saves for safekeeping. 

The folks over at the r/LordsoftheFallen subreddit are expressing their gratitude to developer Hexworks for finally tending to an issue that has been lingering for too long for Xbox players. The latest update v1.1.474 for the action RPG has resolved the misaligned HUD issue on the Xbox Series X|S consoles at long last, but that’s not the only thing that came with the new patch.

In today’s update, we deliver a highly requested accessibility feature from our Content Roadmap: Gamepad Rebinding. So whether you prefer your charged heavy attacks to be on L2/LT (or even Triangle/Y) instead of R2/RT, or demand dodge to be on X/A instead of Circle/B, the choice is now entirely yours. Alongside this, we are finally able to release something that we have been cooking in the background: Backup Saves! With this system in place, players can now rely on automatic backup save slots to protect from corrupted save data,” announces Hexworks in a new blog post on Steam. 

It appears Hexworks was planning a big one with this update, because not only is the notorious HUD hassle now dealt with, but a bevy of more features have been introduced on the side as well. These include gamepad rebinding and backup saves—two crucial changes that will significantly improve the QoL experience of Lords of the Fallen. 

But wait, that’s not quite it; outside of those improvements, Hexworks has focused on overall optimization for this patch, which spans character animations, damage feedback, and “level streaming.” Followed up by all of the latter is a range of new adjustments in the Multiplayer, Level Design, Camera, UI, and Collision aspects. Here is a rundown of some of the other changes that have been made in the v1.1.474 update. 

  • Fixed an issue that could cause Umbral Remnants to receive fall damage when dropping down to attack player in Umbral.
  • Fixed an audio issue that caused the Umbral ambient sound to be missing when quitting out to the main menu and loading back into the game.
  • Fixed a visual issue that caused the Ravenous Fascinator character model to have a stretched texture.

The last Lords of the Fallen update rolled out a week ago, addressing multiple issues but still leaving out the infamous Xbox HUD hassle. Thankfully, this will no longer be a problem for those on the Series X|S consoles. The fact that Hexworks is actively listening to the community, or at least trying to, shows the dedication that it has for this game. And thanks to that, the title has raked in a fair number of sales just as well.

Lords of the Fallen came out on October 13, 2023, for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. eXputer rated the title 3.5/5.0 in its review, with writer Haris Umer calling it “one of the better Soulslikes we’ve seen in a long time” with “some design choices hold[ing] it back from true greatness.” If you’re a new player, here is a guide on the 10 best weapons in the game, battle-tested and curated by a professional.

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