Lords Of The Fallen: How To Unlock All Secret Classes

Discover secret classes in Lords of the Fallen, unlocked through unique criteria offering an exceptional and distinct gameplay adventure.

Lords of the Fallen has four secret classes you can unlock that aren’t among the nine starting ones. In Lords of the Fallen, you can’t switch classes once you’ve started, so if you want to try one of these new classes, you’ll need to start a fresh playthrough.

Key Takeaways
  • Lords of the Fallen offers four secret classes that players can unlock through specific criteria.
  • The secret classes are Dark Crusader, Radiant Purifier, Lord, and Putrid Child.
  • Players cannot switch to these secret classes using respec; they must begin a new playthrough to use them.
  • Each secret class in Lords of the Fallen allows players to explore with a different character build and style.

All Secret Classes In Lords of the Fallen

There are four secret classes in Lords of the Fallen. These secret classes can only be unlocked by fulfilling specific criteria. Importantly, players cannot switch to these hidden classes using respec once unlocked. They must create a new character and start from the beginning to use these secret classes in Lords of the Fallen.

Here are all the secret classes you can unlock in Lords of the Fallen:

ClassHow To UnlockStarting LevelPlaystyle
Dark Crusader1. Purchase the Lords of the Fallen Deluxe Edition.
2. Complete Paladin Isaac's Questline.
14Melee combat with Radiant spells and defense.
Radiant PurifierComplete the Radiant Ending by cleansing all five beacons and defeating Adyr at the end of the game.22Offense-focused with magical damage emphasis.
LordFinish the game with the Inferno Ending by not cleansing any beacons and supporting Adyr at the end.23Expert spellcaster with high Inferno abilities.
Putrid ChildSide with Umbral and complete the Umbral Ending, which involves specific tasks, including NPC killings.15Spellcaster class with a dark Umbral path.

1. Dark Crusader

Dark Crusader
Dark Crusader [Image by eXputer]
Stats Value
Strength 12
Agility 8
Endurance 14
Vitality 14
Radiance 11
Inferno 8

The Dark Crusader class thrives in melee combat, can cast Radiant spells, and boasts strong physical defense. It’s an excellent choice for players who prefer an aggressive playstyle and want a physically powerful character with a starting level of 14.

You can unlock the Dark Crusader class in Lords of the Fallen through two different methods: 

  1. First is by purchasing the Lords of the Fallen Deluxe Edition.
  2. The second is by finishing Paladin Isaac’s Questline.

Unlocking the Dark Crusader class through the Questline is a bit time-consuming. 

To complete Paladin Isaac’s quest, you must soulflay the Stigmas from various locations and uncover the story of Isaac. Once you’ve collected all the Stigmas, you’ll initiate a battle with the Paladin’s Burden boss in a new arena. After defeating the Paladin’s Burden, you can obtain the Paladin Set, which includes: 

  • Paladin Isaac’s Sword
  • Gauntlets
  • Armor
  • Helm
  • Leggings

To mark the quest complete, you need to summon Paladin Isaac as an ally and defeat The Lightreaper. It not only completes the quest but also unlocks the Dark Crusader class for use in your NG+ playthrough.

2. Radiant Purifier

Radiant Purifier
Radiant Purifier [Image by eXputer]
Stats Value
Strength 12
Agility 10
Endurance 13
Vitality 14
Radiance 18
Inferno 8

The Radiant Purifier is a martial priest devoted to the Church of Orian Radiance. This class primarily focuses on offense, dealing with magical damage but more vulnerability to physical harm. Radiant Purifiers begin their journey at Level 22.

Radiant Ending is necessary for those who intend to select the Radiant Purifier class in a new playthrough. To unlock the Radiant Ending in Lords of the Fallen, players must cleanse all five beacons and defeat Adyr at the end of the Lords of the Fallen. 

Important: Cleansing any beacons will automatically prevent the players from achieving the Inferno and Umbral endings.

3. Lord

Lord [Image by eXputer]
Stats Value
Strength 12
Agility 8
Endurance 13
Vitality 13
Radiance 8
Inferno 22

The Lord is an advanced class known for its expertise in spellcasting, with high points in Inferno. Moreover, it’s also a capable fighter at close range with a starting level of 23.

To unlock the secret class, Lord, you must finish Lords of the Fallen with the Inferno Ending. This ending can be achieved by not cleansing any beacons and supporting Adyr at the end of the Lords of the Fallen. 

Important: Do not cleanse any beacons if you want to reach the Inferno Ending.

4. Putrid Child

Putrid Child
Putrid Child [Image by eXputer]
Stats Value
Strength 8
Agility 8
Endurance 10
Vitality 12
Radiance 15
Inferno 15

The Putrid Child is a spellcaster class that offers a balanced experience but isn’t well-suited for close combat. This unique class follows the dark path of the Umbral and serves the Putrid Mother, making it distinct from the other starting options with a starting level of 15.

You can obtain the Putrid Child class by siding with Umbral and completing the Umbral Ending. However, it’s important to note that this ending requires you to carry out certain tasks, including killing specific NPCs. Be aware that once you’ve chosen this path, you won’t be able to access their shop inventory or use their services.

My Opinion On The Secret Classes

If you ask me, I think the Dark Crusader secret class would be my ideal choice but then again, it all comes down to personal preference. Some might also prefer the Putrid Child for its balanced versatility but lose interest due to the weakness in close-range situations.

That’s everything about the secret classes in Lords of the Fallen. Completing Lords of the Fallen is by no means an easy task. That’s why you need the Best Weapons in Lords of the Fallen, as it’s difficult to choose with over 190 weapons. If you’re just starting out, you should know the Best DPS Class and Best Starting Classes in Lords of the Fallen to make your first playthrough easy. 


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