Lords of the Fallen: 4 Best Starting Classes [Our Picks]

Explore the realm of Lords of the Fallen and find the perfect class to match your playstyle to conquer the world of living and dead..

Lords of the Fallen gives players the chance to pick one out of nine starting classes at the very start. The diversity in each class makes the entire gameplay stand out. The selection of one out of nine classes can be daunting, and that is why I have listed here the four best Lords of the Fallen classes in the game. 

Key Takeaways
  • Lords of the Fallen features nine starting classes.
  • These classes range from heavy weapons to agile melee ones and radiance and inferno spells-oriented classes.
  • The advantage of knowing which class is best for you is to make your early to mid-game experience smoother. 
  • The disadvantage of not picking the best class as per your play style will make the overall game challenging, and you will die a lot while making progress.

Best Starting Classes In Lords of the Fallen

Here is an overview of the best Lords of the Fallen classes:

Serial NumberClass Stats & AwardHallowed KnightOrian PreacherPartisanUdirangr Warwolf
AwardThe Best Starting Melle Class In Lords of the FallenThe Best Starting Magic Class In Lords of the FallenThe Best Well-Balanced Starting Class In GameThe Best Starting Strength Class In Lords of the Fallen

1. Hallowed Knight

The Best Starting Melee Class In Lords of the Fallen.
Hallowed Knight [Image Captured by Irfan]
  • Why I Chose This: Hallowed Knight has great stat allocation, and it being the best class for beginners puts it on my list.
Starting Class Stats Value
Strength 12
Agility 8
Endurance 15
Vitality 11
Radiance 9
Inferno 8

The Hallowed Knight, an embodiment of medieval valor, wields the highest Endurance among the nine classes in Lords of the Fallen. Ideal for beginners, this class offers a forgiving learning curve, allowing players to absorb more damage before succumbing.

Starting at level 15, in close combat, this class dominates, delivering numerous swings without exhausting stamina reserve. 

  • Best choice for beginners.
  • Great starting weapons and armor set. 
  • This class has no cons.

The Hallowed Knight comes equipped with the following starting gear:

  • Hallowed Knight Sword
  • Hallowed Knight Shield
  • Grenade
  • Hallowed Knight Helm
  • Hallowed Knight Gauntlets
  • Hallowed Knight Leggings
  • Hallowed Knight Armour
Starting Items
  • Briostone Pair x3
  • Enervated Vigor Skull
  • Lampbearer’s Rosary
  • Sanguinarix
  • Umbral Lamp

2. Orian Preacher

The Best Starting Magic Class In Lords of the Fallen.
Orian Preacher [Image Captured by eXputer Staff Writer]
  • Why I Chose This: Orian Preacher has high points in Radiance, and there are a lot of defensive and offensive Radiance spells available in Lords of the Fallen.
Starting Class Stats Value
Strength 10
Agility 8
Endurance 9
Vitality 11
Radiance 18
Inferno 8

The Orian Preacher, Lords of the Fallen’s premier magic-focused advanced class, wields a mighty hammer that deals holy damage, scaling with the Radiance magic stat. Armed with Radiant Flare and a shield for backup, the Preacher excels in ranged holy attacks, emphasizing distance and agility.

  • A lot of offensive and defensive spells are available.
  • High DPS from the start. 
  • Stat allocation is poor.

Here is a quick look at the full gear for Orian Preacher, easily one of the best starting classes in Lords of the Fallen:

Weapons & Spells
  • Orian Preacher Hammer
  • Orian Preacher Shield
  • Orian Preacher Catalyst
  • Radiant Flare Spell
  • Orian Preacher Garb
  • Orian Preacher Hat
  • Orian Preacher Skirt
  • Orian Preacher Wrappings
Starting Items
  • Lampbearer’s Rosary
  • Sanguinarix
  • Small Manastone Cluster x5
  • Umbral Lamp

3. Partisan

The Best Well-Balanced Starting Class In Game.
Partisan [Image Captured by eXputer Staff Writer]
  • Why I Chose This:  Paristan has the best stat allocation in-game, making it a great contender for the best starting class.
Starting Class Stats Value
Strength 13
Agility 12
Endurance 12
Vitality 12
Radiance 8
Inferno 8

The Partisan in Lords of the Fallen lives up to its description as a “strong and dependable all-rounder class.” With evenly distributed points in Strength, Agility, Endurance, and Vitality, it’s a jack-of-all-trades, perfect for newcomers, and I believe has the potential to be the best starting class in the Lords of the Fallen. 

  • Excellent stats allocation.
  • Good starting gear. 
  • The starting weapon isn’t the best.

Here is the starting gear you will find while playing with the Partisan class in Lords of the Fallen: 

  • Partisan Flail
  • Partisan Shield
  • Partisan Crossbow
  • Partisan Armour
  • Partisan Gauntlets
  • Partisan Hood
  • Partisan Leggings
Starting Items
  • Lampbearer’s Rosary
  • Rived Bolts
  • Sanguinarix
  • Umbral Lamp
  • x3 Unripe Berries

4. Udirangr Warwolf

The Best Starting Strength Class In Lords of the Fallen.
Udirangr Warwolf [Image Captured by eXputer Staff Writer]
  • Why I Chose This: Udirangr Warwolf has the most melee damage in starting classes, but beginners might find it hard to use; hence, the class is last on my list.
Starting Class Stats Value
Strength 16
Agility 10
Endurance 13
Vitality 10
Radiance 8
Inferno 8

The Udirangr Warwolf reigns as the mightiest in Lords of the Fallen with the highest Strength stat among classes. A true glass cannon, it excels in offensive power but falters in defense due to light armor. With a combination of high Strength and Endurance, wielding colossal swords is its forte.

  • Deals high damage from the start.
  • Features a great armor set and weapons. 
  • Low points in vitality.

Here are the weapons, armor, and items for one the best starting classes, Udirangr Warwolf, in Lords of the Fallen:

  • Udirangr Warwolf Sword
  • Bloody Hatchet
  • Udirangr Warwolf Armour
  • Udirangr Warwolf Hood
  • Udirangr Warwolf Sleeves
  • Udirangr Warwolf Trousers
Starting Items
  • Lampbearer’s Rosary
  • Minor Fire Salts x2
  • Sanguinarix
  • Umbral Lamp

Wrapping Up

Lords of the Fallen playtime [Image Captured by eXputer Staff Writer]
Having played Lords of the Fallen for nearly 6 hours now, as seen in the image above, I get to try all of the nine classes to see how each one fare against the early game challenges. It is safe to say that the Hallowed Knight is best for hand-to-hand combat against enemies and bosses. This starting class is also best at tanking damage with or without the shield.

On the other hand, players looking for the best radiance starting class in Lords of the Fallen should go with Orian Preacher, and I recommend you do not doubt your choice. You will dominate most encounters quite easily with this ranged class before you really start overshadowing feelings to grind and leveling up your character.

This wraps up my take on Lords of the Fallen top four classes for players to pick and dive head-first into the Umbral and Axiom worlds of the game. 

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