10 BEST Swords In Lords of the Fallen [Expert’s Picks]

Here, you can learn everything about the best sword in Lords of the Fallen, along with some other alternatives.

There are tons of cool swords available in Lords of the Fallen, but selecting the best sword among them was challenging even for a Souls veteran like me. I really like the swords in Lords of the Fallen, and with the hours I have spent in-game, I have found many great swords that are worth trying. 

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Key Takeaways
  • There are a total of 194 weapons, among which many are swords.
  • I have ranked the 10 best swords available in Lords of the Fallen according to my experience.
  • Lightreaper Sword is the best sword in Lords of the Fallen due to its DPS potential.
  • If players dual-wield Lighreaper Sword and upgrade both to +5, then they can unlock a secret weapon art.
  • The only disadvantage of Lightreaper Sword is that its damage without dual-wielding is extremely low.
  • The significance of the Lighreaper Sword is extremely high as not many weapons have secret weapon art.

Best Swords In Lords of the Fallen Compared

Here is the overview of the best swords in Lords of the Fallen, along with their unique stats:

Lightreaper SwordShort Sword6.1420420
Pieta's SwordShort Sword5.3069 + 1700
Bloody GloryGrand Sword35.170 + 57000
Ravanger Gregory's SwordGrand Sword43.190 + 4245 + 13045 + 13
Sword of Skin and ToothGrand Sword35.1109 + 734600
BloodlustShort Sword8.337 + 0037 + 10
JusticeGrand Sword38.2106+ 5945 + 500
Rosamund's SwordLong Sword19.062 + 380062 + 30
Bringer of Stillness SwordShort Sword5.757 + 190022
Resh-Mesah's SwordGrand Sword32.0153+ 78000

1- Lightreaper Sword

Lightreaper Sword StatsValue
TypeShort Sword
Lightreaper Sword (Screenshot Captured By Obaid)

I have spent several hours in Lords of the Fallen, and thanks to that, I was able to beat the Lightreaper on the third encounter. The boss is a beast, and the weapon you get from its remembrance is just insane. Without any doubt, I consider the Lightreaper Sword the Best in Lords of the Fallen. It has great DPS potential along with great looks visually.

I would highly recommend you try out the weapon but do not single-wield it. Dual-wield it and just upgrade both to +5 instantly. By doing so, you will unlock a special move, which is just excellent. I have yet to upgrade both my swords to level 5, and I am looking forward to it.

2- Pieta’s Sword

Pieta’s Sword StatsValue
TypeShort Sword
Holy69 + 17
Pieta’s Sword (Image Taken By Obaid)

Another great weapon on the list is Pieta’s Sword. First, I was having trouble selecting the best weapon between Lightreaper and Pieta’s Sword. However, I arguably picked the former after playing with both for a while. That being said, Pieta’s Sword on its own is not that great, so if you dual-wield it with Elianne’s Sword, then the DPS skyrockets.

3- Bloody Glory

Bloody Glory StatsValue
TypeGrand Sword
Physical70 + 5
Bloody Glory (Image Credits: eXputer)

Players who like strength weapons that deal different types of damage should definitely try Bloody Glory. I found the weapon pretty early in Lords of the Fallen, but I was kind of disappointed. The stat requirements to wield the weapon are massive, and I was nowhere close to the requirement.

Bloody Glory is a grand sword that deals with Physical and Holy Damage, and it has a massive 300 Bleed Build-Up. The weapon also deals with huge Poise Damage. So, Strength Weapon fans will have a  great time with it. 

4- Ravager Gregory’s Sword

Ravanger Gregory’s Sword StatsValue
TypeGrand Sword
Physical90 + 42
Holy45 + 13
Wither45 + 13
Ravager Gregory’s Sword (Screenshot Captured By Me)

If you didn’t like the stat requirements for Bloody Glory, then I think you should try out Ravanger Gregory’s Sword. While the stat requirements are still high, as you would need 30 Strength and Radiance as compared to Bloody Glory, they are pretty low.

Ravager Gregory’s Sword deals with Physical, Holy, and Wither Damage, and it has a C scaling on both Strength and Radiance, which is pretty good. I haven’t used the sword much as I prefer Bloody Glory more, but still, I think it is one of the best swords in Lords of the Fallen.

5- Sword of Skin and Tooth

Sword of Skin and Tooth StatsValue
TypeGrand Sword
Physical109 + 73
Sword of Skin and Tooth (Image Taken By eXputer)

If you are already in the Lower Calrath area, then you must get Sword of Skin and Tooth. I found the weapon during my playthrough and decided to give it a try. It is a purely Strength-based weapon. Sword of Skin and Tooth requires 36 Strength, which you might have already achieved by now.

The attack power of Sword of Skin and Tooth is great as it deals Fire and physical damage, and on top of that, it also has a 200 Burn Build-Up, which is insane. With a few hits, you can trigger burns on most of the enemies in Lords of Fallen with the weapon. 

6- Bloodlust

Bloodlust StatsValue
TypeShort Sword
Physical37 + 0
Fire37 + 1
Bloodlust (Screenshot Taken By Obaid)

When I was in the early game areas, I considered Bloodlust to be one the best weapons in Lords of the Fallen, but in later areas, I kind of didn’t like it that much. Bloodlust is arguably a great sword as it deals two different types of damage along with two different status effect build-ups.

While the damage output is pretty low, you can increase it by inflicting the status effects on your opponent. I would recommend you to use Poison Weapon Spell on Bloodlust. By doing so, it will deal with three different types of status effects, which will make the damage output insane. 

7- Justice

Justice StatsValue
TypeGrand Sword
Physical106+ 59
Holy45 + 5
Justice (Image Source: eXputer)

I kind of don’t like to rank the Justice Sword so low in my list, but there are just so many great weapons in Lords of the Fallen. Justice is an outstanding sword dealing with Holy and Physical Damage, with a 200 Smite Build-Up.

You would need 34 Strength and 20 Radiance in order to wield the weapon. Justice has C+ Scaling in Strength and E Scaling in Radiance, so if you want to increase the damage, your priority should be allocating more points in Strength. With that said, if you are not going to use Pieta’s Sword, then I think you should give Justice a try.

8- Rosamund’s Sword

Rosamund’s Sword StatsValue
TypeLong Sword
Physical62 + 38
Wither62 + 30
Rosamund’s Sword (Image Taken By Me)

There are four particular stats and many weapons scales in accordance with any of them. However, Rosamund’s Sword scales with all four stats, so allocating points to all of them will result in more damage. Still, you should keep your expectations in check as the damage might not increase as much.

You would need 13 Strength, 13 Agility, 16 Radiance, and 16 Inferno in order to wield the weapon. Rosamund’s Sword deals Physical and Wither Damage and has a 150 frostbite status effect build-up. In my opinion, the weapon is almost perfect and can be used to deal some great damage. It has a D+ Scaling in Strength/Agility and C- in Radiance/Inferno. So, do try it out at least once in your playthrough. 

9- Bringer of Stillness Sword

Bringer of Stillness Sword StatsValue
TypeShort Sword
Physical57 + 19
Bringer of Stillness Sword (Screenshot Grab By eXputer)

You might remember the Black Death Reapers as they wield the Bringer of Stillness Sword. Both the right and left-hand swords can be farmed by killing them. You can also get the weapon after defeating a boss in the Sunless Skein. 

However, you will only get one of the two weapons, so you will still have to farm. That being said, you should always dual-wield the weapon. If you don’t, the weapon won’t do much damage. It is a great weapon that deals Wither and Physical Damage, and it only requires you to have 12 Agility. 

10- Resh-Mesah’s Sword

 Resh-Mesah’s Sword StatsValue
TypeGrand Sword
Physical153+ 78
Resh Mesah’s Sword (Image Captured By Me)

Resh-Mesah’s Sword requires 25 Agility and 15 Strength and has some high base damage. While I didn’t use the sword for a long time, I did have a good experience with it. So, if you want to use a good damage-dealing weapon early on, I would recommend you get the Resh-Mesah’s Sword. It has a D- Scaling on Strength and D+ Scaling on Agility, which is not bad for an early-game weapon.

Which Sword Is The Best In Lords of the Fallen – My Take

I think Lightreaper Sword is the best sword in Lords of the Fallen as dual-wielding it is extremely broken.

If you don’t want to dual-wield a weapon, then I would recommend you not to use the Lightreaper Sword, as that way, it won’t deal much damage. Dual-wielding is the real fun, as by upgrading both weapons to +5, a new attack unlocks, which deals serious damage. Still, if you don’t want to dual-wield a sword, I recommend using Pieta’s Sowrd or any other one I have ranked in the guide. 

That is almost everything you would want to know about the best sword in Lords of the Fallen. While you are at it, you should also check out my guide on the Best Class in Lords of the Fallen. After that, you should read my other guide on Best DPS Class if you want more damage from the start. Do not forget to visit the page my Best Umbral Spells Guide to choose the best ones. Lastly, check out my other guide on the Best Agility Weapons if you like weapons that scale with Agility.

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