Lords of the Fallen: Our Tips And Tricks [Top 10]

Learn the Top 10 Lords Of The Fallen Tips that can help you get better at the game, along with helping in difficult situations.

If you are new to this genre of games, Lords of the Fallen will be a struggle for you at first. Lords of the Fallen has various hidden mechanics and dimensions for a player to explore. Different sets of bosses are difficult to deal with. On top of this, health is limited and not that easy to get. However, you can deal with most things by just knowing some basic Lords of the Fallen Tips and Tricks.

Here are a few tips that can make your gaming in Lords of the Fallen experience easier and much more enjoyable: 

Upgrade Weapons and GearMaximize damage output by upgrading equipment.
Vestige SeedsResting points for healing; use wisely and obtain them.
Master the Umbral LampAccess Umbral realm and interact with its objects.
Beware of AmbushesStay alert in suspicious areas to avoid enemy ambushes.
Understand Wither DamageManage wither damage to avoid dying.
Manage StaminaImprove endurance to manage and conserve stamina.
Master Parrying and BackstabbingLearn new combat mechanics for effective attacks.
Utilize Ranged Attacks and MagicDeal damage from a distance and explore magic.
Visit Skyrest Bridge FrequentlyImportant for character side quests.
Check Your JournalConsult your journal for hints and guidance.

1. Make Sure To Upgrade Weapons And Gear

Weapon Stats In Equipment Screen [Image Credit: eXputer]
To increase the amount of damage what you can do, is make sure to upgrade your weapons and gear with time. All you need is some right materials that can help you upgrade your weapons. Invest all your materials in one weapon and ensure it is upgraded to the max before you move on to the next weapon. 

To upgrade your weapon, all you have to do is find the Gerlinde blacksmith in Lords of the Fallen. Right before you fight the third boss in Lords of the Fallen, you will interact with her. If you have enough Vigor and Deralium, you can upgrade your weapon easily. 

2. Vestige Seeds Are A Must-Have

Vestige Seeds
Vestige Seeds [Image By: eXputer]
Vestige seeds are like resting points. They can be used whenever you want. Ensure you always have a few of these seeds on you. Another thing that should be kept in mind is that they should not be used near checkpoints since that would be a waste. They are not that easy to get and, therefore, should be used at the right time.

These Vestige Seeds can be found by: 

  • Defeating certain umbral enemies.
  • Defeating some main bosses.
  • Buying them from Molhu in skyrest bridge.

3. Know How To Use The Umbral Lamp

Umbral Lamp
Umbral Lamp At The Waist Of The Character [Image Taken By: eXputer]
The umbral lamp is the most important tool in Lords of the Fallen. It can be used to peer into Umbral, which is another realm. This opens up new pathways for you, as long as some other key items.

You can interact with everything in the umbral realm while holding the lamp. To go completely into the realm, hold down the use button. However, be warned: if you die in the umbral realm, that means you died in Lords of the Fallen and will have to restart. To interact with other objects in the umbral realm, you must use soulflay without needing a charge. Soulflay is a special move done with your lamp.

4. Beware Of Ambushes

A Potential Ambush [Screenshot Credit: eXputer]
Ambushes are very common in Lords of the Fallen. So, for tip number 4, you should always be ready when you are in a weird or suspicious area. Enemies will come out of nowhere, so always be on your toes. To avoid these ambushes from happening, a player can use ranged attacks and can use spells to lure out these enemies. If an enemy is causing trouble, just grab a vestige seed and run. The vestige seed will make you sprint, outpacing the enemy.

5. Understanding Wither Damage

Wither Damage
Wither Damage Can Be Seen At The Top Left Health Bar (Grey Section) [Screenshot By: eXputer]
Wither damage is an amazing mechanic in Lords of the Fallen. The gray bar in your health meter is the wither damage. It can be collected by healing in the Umbral realm and taking damage directly from the enemy.

The depletion of the wither bar cannot kill you, but if your wither bar is completely depleted and you take excessive damage, you will die. Maintain an aggressive play style, aim for parries, and use blocking often. All of it helps you minimize the wither damage.

6. Stamina Is Important

Stamina Bar Located At Top Left (Green Bar) [Screenshot Taken By: eXputer]
Lords of the Fallen features a stamina bar, which slowly depletes when you perform actions like running, blocking an attack, or fighting. Therefore, managing your stamina is very important. In the beginning, your stamina will only last for a short period of time.

However, you can improve that by leveling up your endurance. It is important that you keep your stamina for when it is required the most. During a fight, backing up to regain some of your stamina is a wise thing to do in the long run.

7. Master How To Parry And Backstab

Grievous Strike
Grievous Strike [Screengrab Credit: eXputer]
Two new mechanics were introduced in Lords of the Fallen: parry and backstab. Parry is another way to defeat your enemy. Parrying causes your enemy to stumble and opens them up for a vicious strike, known as a Grievous Attack. The attack does loads of damage and can be game-changing for you.

Backstabbing is when you attack your enemy from behind. It can be used on slow bosses that waste a lot of time or those enemies that are just looking the other way. This lets you hit the enemy with the Grievous Attack as well; therefore, it causes loads of damage, too. 

8. Ranged Attack And Magic Can Be Game-Changing

Ranged Attack
Ranged Attack [Screengrab By: eXputer]
Now, for tip number 8. Many well-ranged weapons can do good enough damage from a set distance. They can also be used to avoid the fight at a certain time and then fight once you are fully equipped and ready. Magic is extremely potent, and there are various different spells that can prove to be game-changing if used at the right time. Thus, one should experiment and use all the different spells before deciding to always have them in his inventory.

9. Visit Skyrest Bridge Frequently

Skyrest Bridge
Skyrest Bridge [Screengrab Taken By: eXputer]
If you are interested in character side quests, you need to visit skyrest bridge frequently. Here, you can turn in items to receive hints for the next quests and sometimes even get keys from NPCs. Furthermore, many gamers have reported through Steam Community that in the Skyrest Bridge area, the frame rate drops.

10. Always Check Your Journal

Journal Screen [Image Taken By: eXputer]
Whenever you enter a new area, you receive a map of that certain area. Make sure that when you don’t know where to go or do, check the journal. It will show you hints leading you to your next destination.

My Thoughts

Lords of the Fallen recently got released, and I have gathered around 20+ hours in it. The tips that I mentioned above really did help me in conquering the game and to start enjoying it. At the start of Lords of the Fallen, I was overwhelmed by the combat and sheer brutality of the combat. However, once I started implementing the tips I talked about above, the experience completely changed.

And with that, my Lords of the Fallen Tips guide comes to an end. Here, you were given the top 10 tips that can help you conquer the world of Lords of the Fallen. Other than that, if you would like to add something, you can do so through the comment section down below.

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