Lords of the Fallen: 10 Best Weapons [Battle-Tested]

Here, you can learn everything about the best weapons in Lords of the Fallen, along with their worth and other details.

Lords of the Fallen has been generous to players with weapons, as there are tons of good options that can be obtained early in-game. As there are tons of options available, it might be difficult to select one. The best weapons In Lords of the Fallen can be found pretty early, and they are also viable in the late game.

Key Takeaways
  • There are 194 weapons in Lords of the Fallen.
  • Among the ten best weapons ranked in the guide, Bloody Glory is the best one in Lords of the Fallen.
  • The ten weapons I found in Lords of the Fallen are ranked in accordance with their worth.
  • Bloody Glory has good overall damage, and it has a 300-bleed build-up, which is insane.
  • The significance of Bloody Glory is high as it can be found early, and it is viable in the late game.
  • The only disadvantage of Bloody Glory is the stat requirements to wield it.
  • It makes it so hard for an early-game player to wield it due to the massive stat requirements. 
  • If players don’t feel like using Bloody Glory, the other weapons are great, too, so they can try them.

Best Weapons In Lords of the Fallen

Here is an overview of the best weapons I could in the early game, along with their stats:

WeaponTypeWeightPhysicalHolyFireWitherBest For
Crimson Rector SwordLong Sword17.5130 + 20000The Best Weapon For Early Game
Rusty CutterShort Sword8.542 + 0042 + 50My Personal Best Weapon For Early Game
Hammer of Holy AgonyHammer6.943 + 543 + 000The Best Early Game Weapon For Bleed
Angel's AxeGrand Axe24.5 153 + 24000The Best Early Game Strength Weapon
Anvil's HammerGrand Hammer28.2198 + 18000The Best Alternative For Angel's Axe
Righteous PulveriserGrand Hammer32.683 + 983 + 900The Best Mid Game Radiance Weapon
Devotion's MightGrand Hammer30.983 + 1583 00The Best Alternative For Righteous Pulveriser
Pieta's SwordShort Sword5.306900The Best Radiance Weapon In Lords of the Fallen
Faithful BludgeonGrand Hammer34.4 168 + 32000The Best Strength Weapon In Lords of the Fallen
Bloody GloryGrand Sword35.170 + 57000The Best Weapon In Lords of the Fallen

10- Crimson Rector Sword

The Best Weapon For Early Game.
Crimson Rector Sword Stats Value
Type Long Sword
Weight 17.5 
Physical 130 + 20
Holy 0
Fire 0
Wither 0
Crimson Rector Sword (Image Taken By Me)

I really liked Crimson Rector Sword as it is one of the best weapons for the early game, as it has a high base damage. Even without upgrading the weapon, you can easily defeat many enemies with it. The Umbral enemies, on the other hand, aren’t designed to hit hard. That makes it the best weapon for easy areas, in my opinion.

  • Does a good amount of damage.
  • Can be obtained easily 
  • Only viable in early-game areas.

9- Rusty Cutter

My Personal Best Weapon For Early Game.
Rusty Cutter Stats Value
Type Short Sword
Weight 8.5
Physical 42 + 0
Holy 0
Fire 42 + 5
Wither 0
Rusty Cutter (Screenshot Captured By Obaid)

If you want a great weapon very early, then Rusty Cutter is a good choice, as it is one of my personal favorites. I have it currently at +4, as I have been having pretty fun using it and killing the enemies. The Congregator of Flesh didn’t give me much trouble with the short sword, which is why I consider it my personal best weapon for early games.

Rusty Cutter can be found in a lava pool located on the opposite side of Pieta’s Boss Fight Arena.

  • Getting it is easy.
  • Does some decent damage.
  • Not viable in mid and late-game areas.

8- Hammer of Holy Agony

The Best Early Game Weapon For Bleed.
Hammer of Holy Agony Stats Value
Type Hammer
Weight 6.9
Physical 43 + 5
Holy 43 + 0
Fire 0
Wither 0
Hammer of Holy Agony (Image Captured By eXputer)

I have tried different builds in Lords of the Fallen to understand it better, and when I had some points in Radiance, I tried Hammer of Holy Agony. At first glance, it looks like a weapon similar to Rusty Cutter, as the scaling and the damage are pretty similar. However, Hammer of Holy Agony might be better than Rusty Cutter as it inflicts 80 Bleed, too, which makes it the best choice for bleed early on.

It also does Holy Damage, which is great on some bosses. As the weapon is better than Rusty Cutter, it has higher requirements, too. You would need 13 Strength and 13 Radiance to wield it, but it will be worth the experience.

  • The damage is good.
  • Has a bleed status effect.
  • Not that useful in mid and late-game areas.

7- Angel’s Axe

The Best Early Game Strength Weapon.
Angel’s Axe Stats Value
Type Grand Axe
Weight 24.5 
Physical 153 + 24
Holy 0
Fire 0
Wither 0
Angel’s Axe (Screenshot Grab By eXputer)

If you want a Strength Weapon that is an absolute beast, Angel’s Axe is a great choice. You just need 22 Strength to wield Angel’s Axe. It won’t be much if you have chosen the Udirangr Warwolf. Also, the poise build-up from Angel’s Axe is insane, given that it is a Strength Base Weapon.

It also hits pretty hard, and that is why I have given it the best early-game strength weapon award. 

  • Can stagger normal enemies easily. 
  • The damage is good, too.
  • High stat requirements.

6- Anvil Hammer

The Best Alternative For Angel's Axe.
Anvil Hammer Stats Value
Type Grand Hammer
Weight 28.2
Physical 198 + 18
Holy 0
Fire 0
Wither 0
Anvil Hammer (Image Taken By Me)

Best Weapons in Lords of the Fallen is not easy to determine, but Anvil Hammer is definitely on the list due to its massive damage. It is even better than the Angel’s Axe, and its requirements are low, too. You just need 18 Strength and 8 Agility, which you will have by default, and you will be able to wield it. If u didn’t like the previous weapon, then go for its best alternative, Anvil Hammer.

With the weapon, you would need to do some big swings and poise through the enemy’s attack, which might not be the ideal option. So, the best way to use Anvil Hammer is to time the strikes according to your opponent’s movement.

  • Reasonable stat requirements. 
  • Hits extremely hard.
  • Big swings leave you with openings.

5- Righteous Pulveriser

The Best Mid Game Radiance Weapon.
Righteous Pulveriser Stats Value
Type Grand Hammer
Weight 32.6
Physical 83 + 9
Holy 83 + 9
Fire 0
Wither 0
Bleed 100
Righteous Pulveriser (Image Credits: eXputer)

Most of the best weapons I found early in Lords of the Fallen are pretty much based on the Strength attribute, and Righteous Pulveriser is one of them. While you find many great weapons early on, Lords of the Fallen punishes you by the requirements to wield the weapon, which are very high for some. Still, Righteous Pulveriser is the best Radiance weapon for mid-game areas.

The other problem, along with the stat requirement, is the way to handle the weapon. It is pretty hard to handle a heavy weapon, and it can also limit your rolling. So, choose your weapon type and equipment wisely. 

  • Deals high Holy damage.
  • Has a bleed status effect.
  • Difficult to use.

4- Devotion’s Might

The Best Alternative For Righteous Pulveriser.
Devotion’s Might Stats Value
Type Grand Hammer
Weight 30.9 
Physical 83 + 15
Holy 83 + 0
Fire 0
Wither 0
Smite 100
Devotion’s Might (Screenshot Captured By Me)

If you want to try a weapon that can make your game easy, then Devotion’s Might is a must-try weapon. I was shocked by how good the weapon is as it has high poise damage along with high damage. As you can hit multiple enemies with a single swing, you won’t have much trouble farming Vigor.

If you don’t like Righteous Pulveriser, you can simply use its best alternative, Devotion’s Might. Again, the weapon has a stat requirement problem, which can be a problem. You would need 28 Strength and 28 Radiance to just wield the weapon. 

  • Has a Smite status effect, and it does holy damage.
  • The scaling is good.
  • Stat requirements are high.

3- Pieta’s Sword

The Best Radiance Weapon In Lords of the Fallen.
Pieta’s Sword Stats Value
Type Short Sword
Weight 5.3 
Physical 0
Holy 69
Fire 0
Wither 0
Smite 100
Pieta’s Sword (Image Captured By Obaid)

Pieta is a boss in Lords of the Fallen that you will have to beat pretty early in-game. When you defeat her, you will get a remembrance, which can be used to get her weapon. Pieta’s Sword is one of the best weapons in Lords of the Fallen. If you went for the Radiance build, then I would recommend you get it as soon as possible, as it is the best radiance weapon in Lords of the Fallen.

It is a great weapon that deals holy damage and builds up smite on enemies. Smite is a pretty great status effect that can cause an enemy to explode, so make sure to give Pieta’s Sword a try.

  • Scales only with Radiance.
  • Has a Smite status effect.
  • Unlocks a secret art at +5 when paired with a +5 Elianne’s Sword. 
  • It has no cons.

2- Faithful Bludgeon

The Best Strength Weapon In Lords of the Fallen.
 Faithful Bludgeon Stats Value
Type Grand Hammer
Weight 34.4 
Physical 168 + 32
Holy 0
Fire 0
Wither 0
Burn 100
Faithful Bludgeon (Image Source: eXputer)

I think Faithful Bludgeon is the second-best weapon in Lords of the Fallen. The good thing about the weapon is that it doesn’t have crazy stat requirements. You would only need 28 Strength. Once you have 28 Strength, you will be able to wield Faithful Bludgeon and destroy most of the enemies, making it the best strength weapon.

You should keep the weight in mind, as the weapon has a weight of 34.4, which is extremely high. It also inflicts Burn on the enemies, which just makes it a must-try weapon.

  • Reasonable stat requirements. 
  • Has a burn status effect.
  • Does massive damage.
  • Difficult to handle.

1- Bloody Glory

The Best Weapon In Lords of the Fallen.
Bloody Glory Stats Value
Type Grand Sword
Weight 35.1
Physical 70 + 5
Holy 70
Fire 0
Wither 0
Bleed 300
Bloody Glory (Image Captured By Me)

The final weapon on my list is the Bloody Glory, and it is the best weapon I could find in Lords of the Fallen. While the weapon can be found early, it sure is viable in the late game, too. I would not recommend you to try out Bloody Glory in the early game, as the stats requirements are insane, and I can understand why.

It requires 20 Strength, 30 Agility, and 32 Radiance, which is just massive. The 300 Bleed Build-Up is what impressed me the most. With Bloody Glory, you will instantly inflict blood loss on enemies, which is insane. With the right gear and the right buffs, you can defeat many bosses with the weapon.

  • Has a whopping 300 bleed build-up.
  • Staggers enemies easily.
  • Deals massive damage.
  • Has hard stat requirements.

Alternative Weapons

There are some other weapons in Lords of the Fallen as well which players can try, however, I didn’t add them to my top 10 list due to various factors.

  • Ravager Gregory’s Sword: Inflicts Physical and holy damage, but it also does wither damage making it inferior to Bloody Glory.
  • Lightreaper’s Sword: It’s a two-handed sword known for its swift strikes and deadly precision, but it is heavier and has a lower swift speed.
  • The Iron Wayfarer’s Hammer: Stands out for its exceptional physical damage, but it is heavy and has predictably slow attacks.

Which Is The Best Weapon In Lords of the Fallen – My Take

Best Weapon in Lords of the Fallen (Image Taken By Me)

With my experience so far, I think the best weapon in Lord of the Fallen is arguably the Bloody Glory.

It can be found pretty early, and as it is a beast, it is ranked at number 1 on my list. I am planning to make it my main weapon, so if you want to learn more about the weapon, you can comment on it. If you don’t want to use Bloody Glory, then there are many other great weapons I have ranked in the list. One of my personal favorites is the Rusty Cutter, which can be found pretty early.

My In-Game Hours

That’s almost everything you would want to know about the best weapon to find in Lords of the Fallen. As not much time has passed since it was released, I mentioned the weapons that were found earlier. Some weapons might not be meant to be wielded in the early areas as their requirements are high. I would recommend you try any of the ten weapons I have listed in my guide.

While you are at it, you should also check out the guide on Best Attributes for each class in Lords of the Fallen so you can allocate the points better. After that, make sure to read the guide on How to Parry in Lords of the Fallen. Don’t forget to visit the page of the best DPS class to select the highest damage-dealing class.

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