Lords of the Fallen: Best Attributes [Hands-On Experience]

Unlock power with the best attributes in Lords of the Fallen to dominate enemies and conquer your destiny.

In Lords of the Fallen, just like in many other role-playing games, your character’s performance is based upon the attributes you choose to level up. It’s really important to know which abilities work best for each class in Lords of the Fallen because, in Soulslike Genre, you usually have to wait a long time before you can change your character’s abilities if you make a mistake.

Key Takeaways
  • There are six primary attributes in Lords of the Fallen, each linked to specific in-game stats and abilities.
  • Choosing the right attributes is crucial, as it directly affects your character’s playstyle and capabilities.
  • Different character classes benefit from specific attribute combinations to excel in their respective roles.
  • Proper attribute allocation is important, as changing your character’s abilities can be challenging in the Soulslike genre.

All Attributes Explained In Lords of the Fallen

Best Character Attributes Lords of the Fallen
Lords of the Fallen Character Attributes [Image by eXputer]
You have to think about six attributes when creating and upgrading your character in Lords of the Fallen, as each is connected to different stats. 

Let’s go over all attributes and what they mean in Lords of the Fallen:

VitalityIncreases your total health for increased survivability.
StrengthEnhances your damage output and increases your weapon weight capacity.
AgilityIncreases your proficiency with lighter weapons and boosts effectiveness in ranged combat.
EnduranceIncreases stamina and equip load, vital for various in-game actions, while equip load impacts agility
RadianceIncreases radiant spell damage and permits the use of more powerful radiant catalysts and spells, crucial for wielding Umbral equipment.
InfernoBoosts infernal spell damage and the use of powerful infernal catalysts and spells.

Best Attributes For Each Class In Lords Of The Fallen

At the beginning of the Lords of the Fallen, you’ll have nine classes to choose from. Each one is specialized in a particular style of play. Over time, you must level up and invest in the attributes to build your character in Lords of the Fallen. 

Here are the Best Attributes to choose according to your class in Lords of the Fallen:

ClassBest Attributes (Priority Order)
Hallowed Knight1. Strength
2. Vitality
3. Endurance
Udirangr Warwolf1. Strength
2. Vitality
3. Endurance
Partisan1. Agility
2. Endurance
3. Vitality
Mournstead Infantry1. Agility
2. Vitality
3. Endurance
Blackfeather Ranger1. Agility
2. Vitality
3. Endurance
Exiled Stalker1. Agility
2. Endurance
3. Vitality
Orian Preacher1. Radiance
2. Vitality
3. Strength
Pyric Cultist1. Inferno
2. Vitality
3. Strength/Agility (depending on weapon)
Condemned1. Vitality
2. Radiance/Inferno/Strength/Agility (based on character build)
3. Endurance

1. Hallowed Knight

Hallowed Knight
Hallowed Knight [Image by eXputer]
The Hallowed Knight class is a great option for newcomers. It has a strong Vitality score of 11 and a solid Endurance rating of 15. It means you’ll begin with lots of HP, making you more resilient to enemy attacks, and a high Stamina, enabling you to perform more attacks and dodge incoming enemy strikes effectively.

These are the best attributes you should prioritize while leveling up in Lords of the Fallen:

  1. Strength
  2. Vitality
  3. Endurance

The Hallowed Knight class is an excellent choice for players who like using Strength-based weapons and wearing medium armor. You can also go for an agility build with Hallowed Knight and swap out the Strength for Agility. However, I prefer strength.

2. Udirangr Warwolf

Udirangr Warwolf
Udirangr Warwolf [Image Credit: eXputer]
The Udirangr Warwolf is all about strength and dealing significant damage to your foes. It begins with a base Strength of 16, the highest among all classes. If you want to build a melee character focused on strength, Udirangr Warwolf is the ideal starting point.

Best Attributes for Udirangr Warwolf:

  1. Strength
  2. Vitality
  3. Endurance

3. Partisan

Partisan [Image Credit: eXputer]
The Partisan is a version of the Hallowed Knight, equipped with a flail and a crossbow as starting weapons. It’s a versatile class with well-balanced attributes, offering flexibility as you develop your character in Lords of the Fallen.

In the beginning, it’s wise to enhance the flail’s attack power, and stamina for additional swings, and, of course, bolster your health for better survivability.

Best Attributes for Partisan:

  1. Agility
  2. Endurance
  3. Vitality

4. Mournstead Infantry

Mournstead Infantry
Mournstead Infantry [Image Credit: eXputer]
The Mournestead Infantry is a class focused on a ranged melee approach with strong importance on defense. It excels in throwing javelins for ranged damage while maintaining agility. 

However, it’s important to note that the class starts with a relatively low damage output, compensated by the weapon’s extended range. To enhance your performance, prioritize boosting attack power, health, and stamina.

Best Attributes for Mournstead Infantry:

  1. Agility
  2. Vitality
  3. Endurance

5. Blackfeather Ranger

Blackfeather Ranger
Blackfeather Ranger [Image by eXputer]
The Blackfeather Ranger is a beginner-friendly class with an emphasis on ranged combat using a bow. It also wields an axe and shield for close combat situations. As you advance, you’ll gain access to elemental arrows, which significantly boost your combat capabilities. 

Your key objectives should be to enhance the bow’s attack power and increase your health for improved durability. Blackfeather Ranger has the potential to become one of the most formidable classes in the Lords of the Fallen.

Best Attributes for Blackfeather Ranger:

  1. Agility
  2. Vitality
  3. Endurance

6. Exiled Stalker

Exiled Stalker
Exiled Stalker [Image by eXputer]
The Exiled Stalker is an advanced class that has the role of a rogue, utilizing dual-wielded daggers and prioritizing speed. Those who choose Exiled Stalker need to excel in agility, swiftly engaging enemies and dodging to avoid damage. 

The Exiled Stalker possesses unique abilities, such as the option to poison its daggers for ongoing harm. Your primary goals with Exiled Stalker should be maintaining stamina for more strikes and bolstering your attack power.

Best Attributes for Exiled Stalker:

  1. Agility
  2. Endurance
  3. Vitality

7. Orian Preacher

Orian Preacher
Orian Preacher [Image Credit: eXputer]
The Orian Preacher is the top pick for players harnessing Radiant magic to boost their abilities and cause significant damage. Starting with a hammer in hand, the Orian Preacher excels at breaking the posture of enemies in close quarters. 

To unleash the full potential of the Orian Preacher, focus on leveling up Radiance for spells. Simultaneously, invest in Vitality and strength to enhance your health and attack strength for close combat. Despite being classified as an Advanced Class, if you’re a fan of playing with Faith in other Souls games, you’ll feel right at home with Orian Preacher.

Best Attributes for Orian Preacher:

  1. Radiance
  2. Vitality
  3. Strength

8. Pyric Cultist

Pyric Cultist
Pyric Cultist [Image Credit: eXputer]
The Pyric Cultist is an advanced class for magic users who love setting things on fire. The Pyric Cultist wields a staff as the primary weapon, providing substantial reach and dealing both physical and fire damage to enemies. 

Your primary objective here is to enhance the power of your fireballs and mana. While fire magic holds a significant place, the Pyric Cultist should also be proficient with a weapon. Consequently, allocate the strength and Agility attributes that match best with your chosen weapon in Lords of the Fallen.

Best Attributes for Pyric Cultist:

  1. Inferno
  2. Vitality
  3. Strength
  4. Agility

9. Condemned

Condemned [Image by eXputer]
There’s usually one class in the souls-like genre that’s not so great, and it’s like a tradition. The developers even called it “Pick at your own risk,” which says a lot. The Condemned class is for those who want total freedom in shaping their character from the start. 

But be warned, it starts with the lowest stats, making the early game tough. Condemned Class is best for veterans. What stats to boost depends on what kind of character you want. If you’re into strength, go for that; if magic’s your thing, then focus on either Inferno or Radiance. Don’t forget to buff up your health too.

Best Attributes for Pyric Cultist:

  1. Vitality
  2. Radiance, Inferno, Strength, or Agility
  3. Endurance

I think if you’re building a character from scratch, you should put some points in Vitality, as you will die quickly to enemies considering your health. After investing 2-3 points in vitality, start building your character by investing in other attributes in Lords of the Fallen. However, if you’re a veteran, and know how to fight, no need to go with this priority.

My Tips For Using Attributes According To Your Build

Like most Soulslike games, Vitality and Endurance are crucial attributes that you’ll need for any build. However, after playing some PvP in Lords of the Fallen, it’s clear that your build can succeed or fail depending on when you begin dumping your Vigor into these crucial attributes. Therefore, I’ve developed a roadmap that I think you should follow when leveling up attributes to maximize your potential.

save slot
My Lords of the Fallen save slot (Picture Credits: eXputer)

Firstly, level up your primary attribute (such as STR for Strength builds or AGI for Agility Builds) up to Level 25 or Level 30. That should be enough to help you wield most in-game weapons centered around your build. After that, level up your Vitality and Endurance up to Level 30 as well. Finally, begin leveling up your secondary attribute (like INF or AGI for Strength builds) up to Level 20. Beyond that point, you should distribute Vigor between Vitality, Endurance, and your primary attribute evenly.

That’s everything about the Best Attributes for Each Class in Lords of the Fallen. Find out the Best DPS Class among the nine starting classes.


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