BEST Shields In Lords of the Fallen [Light, Medium, & Heavy]

Learn all about the best light, medium, and heavy shields in Lords of the Fallen, covering their locations, benefits, and drawbacks.

Shields in Lords of the Fallen are a great way to minimize your Wither Damage and Sanguinarix usage. While they don’t make you completely invulnerable during blocking, they can abruptly stop the enemy’s attack, giving you the opportunity to go on the offense.

Key Takeaways
  • Shields in Lords of the Fallen are equipable items that improve Block Protection, lowering the Wither Damage from regular blocking.
  • There are 10 Light Shields, 10 Medium Shields, and 12 Heavy Shields in Lords of the Fallen, each with their unique Weight and attribute requirements.
  • Light shields are great for lightweight and early-game builds
  • Medium and Heavy shields are primarily suited for builds with high Encumbrance.

Best Shields In Lords Of The Fallen Compared

Here’s a table listing the recommended light, medium, and heavy shields in Lords of the Fallen:

Shield of ThunderLightSTR: 9 | AGI: 844%25%25%20%27%The Best Light Shield In Game
Pureblade ShieldLightRAD: 934%47%21%20%29%The Best Light Shield For Holy Protection
Plain ShieldMediumSTR: 11 | AGI: 843%39%39%34%38%The Best Medium Shield In Game
Crimson Rector ShieldMediumSTR: 11 | RAD: 945%57%31%30%40%The Best Medium Shield For Holy Damage Negation
Shield of WhispersHeavySTR: 3572%74%74%85%74%The Best Heavy Shield In Game
Ruiner's ShieldHeavySTR: 25 | INF: 1064%42%90%43%65%The Best Heavy Shield For Fire Protection

Best Light Shields

Light Shields are great for low-endurance or early-game builds that are looking for a passive turn-based play style. These shields offer slightly higher Block Protection than Grand weapons, but their low stat requirements make them readily accessible to most builds in Lords of the Fallen.

1. Shield Of Thunder

The Best Light Shield In Game.
light shield 1
The Shield of Thunder (Screenshot by me)

As my primary choice, I would definitely recommend the Shield of Thunder because of its unmatched Physical Block Protection out of any Light Shield. That makes it the best light shield in the game.

After going through the Fief of the Chill Curse and unlocking the shortcut ladder near the Fief of the Chill Curse Vestige, you’ll find a chest just before that ladder, which has the Shield of Thunder inside.

  • Provides good physical block protection. 
  • Low stat requirements.
Important: I’d recommend skipping the Griefbound Rowena boss fight you’ll encounter along the path until you unlock the shortcut. I tried to fight the boss beforehand, and as a result, I died and had to redo the tedious runback.

2. Pureblade Shield

The Best Light Shield For Holy Protection.
light shield 2
The Pureblade Shield (Image Captured by me)

The Pureblade Shield is a mid-game item with impressive all-round stats, given its surprisingly low weight. As a Radiance-focused shield, it’s got some of the best Physical and Holy Block Protection, making it the ideal choice in Lords of the Fallen’s late-game phase. Due to that, I consider the best light shield for holy protection. 

  • Great physical and holy block protection. 
  • requires only Radiance to wield.

Here’s how to obtain the Pureblade Shield near the Path of Devotion Memorial Vestige:

  1. From the Vestige, continue the straight path down the hill until you reach a courtyard with 2 Pureblades.
  2. Climb the ladder near the debris at the back of the courtyard and follow the staircase that leads you to Skyrest Bridge.
  3. Descend the nearby ladder, head towards the main gate, and proceed through the tiny hole on the leftmost tower beside the gate.
  4. Ascend to the top of the tower, and you should spot a Pureblade corpse that has the Pureblade Shield.
  • lords of the fallen path of devotion
    Courtyard with 2 Pureblades (Image taken by me)
  • Skyrest Bridge lords of the fallen
    Back at Skyrest Bridge (Screenshot by me)
  • gate
    Locked main gate at Skyrest Bridge (Image by me)
  • hole skyrest bridge lords of the fallen
    Hole in the left tower (Image by me)
  • corpse pureblade knight
    Pureblade corpse (Screenshot taken by me)

Best Medium Shields

I personally consider Medium Shields to be the sweet spot between versatility and effectiveness in Lords of the Fallen. Most of them give you well over 50% Block Protection, and since they’re still relatively light, you can still use them alongside Longswords and Grandswords without leveling up Endurance.

1. Plain Shield

The Best Medium Shield In Game.
medium shield 2
The Plain Shield (Screenshot taken by me)

If you’re looking for a medium shield that offers the best defense for its weight, the Plain Shield is my preferred choice. It’s one of the most lightweight medium shields in Lords of the Fallen, but it still competes with the heaviest shields in this category in terms of Block Protection, especially Physical, Holy, and Fire Protection, making it the best medium shield in the game.

  • Provides good protection. 
  • The stat requirements are pretty low.

Here’s how you can obtain the Plain Shield:

  1. Upon killing Scourged Sister Delyth, proceed ahead and ascend the ladder on your right.
  2. Continue following the trail into the open until you spot a ladder beyond a few Penitents.
  3. Climb up the ladder, and there should be a corpse next to the wall that has the Plain Shield.
  • delyth
    Scourged Sister Delyth Boss fight (Image taken by me)
  • pilgrim's perch
    Ladder next to wall (Image by me)
  • plain shield location pilgrim's perch
    Corpse atop ladder (Screenshot taken by me)

2. Crimson Rector Shield

The Best Medium Shield For Holy Damage Negation.
medium shield 1
The Crimson Rector Shield (Image taken by me)

The Crimson Rector Shield is easily one of the best early-game medium shields in Lords of the Fallen thanks to its low stat requirements yet respectable Weight and defensive figures. However, the real highlight of this shield is its impressive Holy Damage Negation. That is why I have given it the best medium shield for holy damage negation award.

  • Provides massive holy damage negation. 
  • Can be found pretty early and has low-stat requirements
  • Not that viable in the late game.

You can get the Crimson Rector Shield by following the steps below:

  1. From the Skyrest Bridge Vestige, go to Exacter Dunmire in the lefthand basement and use your Umbral Lamp to traverse the gate beside him.
  2. At the foot of the staircase, use the Skyrest Bridge Key to open the locked door and pick up the Crimson Rector Shield from the corpse next to the fountain.
  • hidden area skyrest
    Hidden path near Exacter Dunmire (Image taken by me)
  • corpse
    Corpse near fountain (Image taken by me)

Best Heavy Shields

Heavy Shields in Lords of the Fallen are designed for high-Endurance builds that support enough weight to carry a bulky shield and a powerful weapon simultaneously. If you’re purely looking for the best defense there is, Heavy Shields are the premium shield, given you can carry them without reaching Heavy Load.

1. Shield Of Whispers

The Best Heavy Shield In Game.
heavy shield lords of the fallen
The Shield of Whispers (Screenshot by me)

For Axiom and Umbral encounters, the Shield of Whispers is undoubtedly the best option in Lords of the Fallen. The Shield of Whispers has an insane 85% Wither and 72% Physical Block Protection, coupled with one of the strongest Stability stats to ensure minimal Stamina consumption and maximum stun potential when blocking. That is why I consider it the best heavy shield in game.

  • Massive wither and physical block protection.
  • Useful in most of the fights. 
  • High stat requirements and is extremely heavy.

Use the following procedure to receive the Shield of Whispers:

  1. Starting from the Sunless Skein Mines Vestige, go deep into the mine and turn left from the locked gate.
  2. Continue following the upward path and go through the sewers to ultimately reach a lever that unlocks the main gate.
  3. Make your way straight ahead, following the railway tracks, then take the first right and follow the Umbral-blocked doors to reach a poison swamp.
  4. Transition into Umbral to traverse the swamp without getting poisoned, and you’ll ultimately get to some green mist that houses the Shield of Whispers.
  • sewers sunless skien
    Sewers below the mines (Screenshot by me)
  • sunless skein mines
    Lever at the end of the balcony (Image by me)
  • gate sunless skein
    Unlocked main gate (Image Captured by me)
  • swamp sunless skein
    Poisonous swamp (Screenshot taken by me)
  • mist
    Green mist in poisonous swamp (Image taken by me)

2. Ruiner’s Shield

The Best Heavy Shield For Fire Protection.
heavy shield 2
The Ruiner Shield (Image Captured by me)

For its manageable weight, the Ruiner’s Shield is perhaps the best shield for your mid-game and late-game phase since it can trivialize Fire-based enemies thanks to its whopping 90% Fire Block Protection. As a Strength build, I could easily carry this around, and it made areas like Lower Calrath, Upper Calrath, and the Sunless Skein a breeze to go through.

  • The fire block protection is massive. 
  • Works so well in areas like Lower Calrath, Upper Calrath, and Sunless Skein.
  • Has Low protection against the holy.

You can obtain the Ruiner’s Shield after killing the Ruiner boss atop the bridge in Fitzroy’s Gorge.

ruiner lords of the fallen
Ruiner’s boss arena (Image Captured by me)

My Experience Using Shields In Lords of the Fallen

Throughout my 45+ hour playthrough as a Strength build in Lords of the Fallen, I rarely used shields against enemies or bosses. Yes, while they do lower the Withered HP loss from regular blocking, I personally didn’t see the benefit of using them instead of two-handing my Strength weapon to get considerably higher damage output.

save slot
My Lords of the Fallen save slot (Picture Credits: eXputer)

The only shield I used for a substantial period was the Ruiner’s Shield.

That wraps up my detailed guide on the best light, medium, and heavy shields in Lords of the Fallen. For more top-tier items to include in your build, here are the best Umbral Spells in Lords of the Fallen, courtesy of eXputer’s experienced writer, Obaid Ur Rehman.

Besides that, Huzaifa Amjad has summed together notable tips and tricks in Lords of the Fallen. Arham Abro, another expert guides writer at eXputer, has a detailed guide on unlocking all the secret classes in-game for you to experience other playstyles with other shield types.


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