Lords of the Fallen: Best Grandswords And Locations

Learn about the Grandsword weapon class in Lords of the Fallen and the best options in this category, covering their stats and locations.

Grandswords in Lords of the Fallen are some of the best weapons class with the highest damage output and staggering ability at the cost of being extremely heavy. They’re mainly for high-Endurance builds that have enough Encumbrance to wield and use them. However, their regular and charged attack patterns and combos make them the ideal choice for clearing out several enemies with a single swing.

Key Takeaways
  • The Grandsword weapon class is the heaviest sword archetype in Lords of the Fallen, making it only usable if players have leveled up the Endurance attribute consistently.
  • With a total of 12 Grandswords in Lords of the Fallen, they have some of the highest damage output and stunlocking ability, coupled with impressive horizontal and vertical range.
  • However, they’re all extremely heavy and slow with high Endurance as a must, and players can only utilize most Grandswords in the late-game phase due to their high attribute requirements.
  • From personal experience, the recommended Grandswords in Lords of the Fallen are the Sword of Skin and Tooth, Fallen Lord’s Sword, Ravager Gregory’s Sword, Bloody Glory, and Resh-Mesah’s Sword.

Best Grandswords In Lords Of The Fallen Compared

Here’s a quick overview of the recommended Grandsword options in Lords of the Fallen, detailing their attribute scaling, attack power, and other noteworthy figures:

Sword of Skin And ToothSTR: 36STR: B-14141.3
Fallen Lord's SwordINF: 30INF: C+14742.3
Ravager Gregory's SwordSTR: 30 | RAD: 30STR: C | RAD: C18243.4
Bloody GlorySTR: 20 | RAD: 32STR: E | RAD: C14135.1
Resh-Mesah's SwordSTR: 15 | AGI: 25STR: D- | RAD: D+15432.0

1. Sword Of Skin And Tooth

The best Strength-scaling Grandsword.
sword lords of the fallen
The Sword of Skin and Tooth (Screenshot taken by eXputer)
Attribute Scaling STR: B-
Stat Requirements STR: 36
Base Attack Power 141
Physical 100
Holy 0
Fire 40
Wither 0
  • Why I Chose This: For the requirements it has, the Sword of Skin and Tooth’s damage output and versatility put it in a league of its own.
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While the Sword of Skin and Tooth has the highest Strength requirement out of almost any Grandsword, it’s undoubtedly my pick for the best Grandsword and possibly the best Strength weapon in Lords of the Fallen. I’ve used the weapon for almost half of my playthrough, and I even recommended it as one of the best weapons to have in my Udirangr Warwolf Build guide.

You can find the Sword of Skin and Tooth beyond a hidden wall near the Lower Calrath Alehouse Vestige.

  1. From the Vestige, drop down to the lowermost floor and head out into the open.
  2. On your left, sprint past the Trapper towards the broken building and use your Umbral Lamp on the wall to reveal a hidden path.
Hidden part near the Alehouse (Image Source: eXputer)
  1. Traverse the path, and you should find the Sword inside a chest on the upper floor. 
Chest containing the sword (Screenshot taken by eXputer)
  • Best Strength-scaling Grandsword in Lords of the Fallen.
  • It does Fire damage even though it only scales with Strength.
  • Highest Physical Attack Power by a mile.
  • Highest Strength requirement out of any Grandsword

2. Fallen Lord’s Sword

The best AoE Grandsword.
Fallen Lord's Sword lords of the fallen
The Fallen Lord’s Sword weapon (Screenshot Grab by me)
Attribute Scaling INF: C+
Stat Requirements INF: 30
Base Attack Power 147
Physical 73
Holy 0
Fire 73
Wither 0
  • Why I Chose This: For clearing areas, especially in Umbral, I believe no other weapon is as devastating as this.
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If you don’t want to continuously dump vigor into Strength, the Fallen Lord’s Sword is an equally better Inferno-focused alternative. While I personally find the Sword of Skin and Tooth more versatile, there’s no denying that this weapon has a considerably better special ability.

Important: I’d highly suggest pairing the Fallen Lord’s Sword with Fire Salts, Ignite Salts, and the Ring of Night’s Fire to push your damage output to 1000+ in Lords of the Fallen.

Here’s how to get the Fallen Lord’s Sword starting from the Lower Calrath Alehouse Vestige:

  1. After unlocking the shortcut via the ladder on the left side of the Vestige, go back up the ladder and follow the straight path.
  2. Once you’re at the top of the staircase and behind the Proselyte, transition into Umbral and head down the stairs towards the burning house on the right.
Burning house on the side of the stairs (Screenshot Grab by me)
  1. Inside, you’ll see an Umbral ladder which you’ll need to climb.
Umbral ladder inside the house (Image by me)
  1. Proceed up the stairs at the back and you’ll reach a room with a dismantled bell, where you’ll find the Fallen Lord’s Sword near the burning corpse.
Burning corpse with the Fallen Lord’s Sword (Screenshot Grab by me)
  • Follow-up AOE blast after a successful hit.
  • Perfect for clearing hordes of weaker enemies.
  • Highest Inferno-scaling out of any Grand weapons.
  • Slightly weak Attack Power due to lack of Strength scaling.

3. Ravager Gregory’s Greatsword

The Grandsword with the highest damage.
Ravager Gregory's Sword lords of the fallen
The Ravager Gregory’s Sword weapon (Screenshot Captured by me)
Attribute Scaling STR: C | RAD: C
Stat Requirements STR: 30 | RAD: 30
Base Attack Power 182
Physical 90
Holy 45
Fire 45
Wither 0
  • Why I Chose This: In terms of purely damage figures, the Ravager Gregory’s Greatsword is my go-to.
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If you’re a hybrid build between Radiance and Strength with Encumbrance to spare, the Ravager Gregory’s Greatsword is the best choice for you. Resembling the classic Greatsword from other Souls games, it’s got arguably the best range out of any Grandsword on this list thanks to its huge weapon blade.

You can obtain the Ravager Gregory’s Greatsword in Lords of the Fallen via the following procedure:

  1. After unlocking the leftward shortcut near the Lower Callrath Alehouse Vestige, head left and climb the ladder you just knocked down.
Ladder shortcut near the Vestige (Screenshot Captured by me)
  1. Climb the 2 wooden planks on your extreme left to reach the rooftops, where you’ll be ambushed by 2 Raw Manglers.
  2. Upon killing them, you can collect the Ravager Gregory’s Rosary from the nearby impaled corpse.
  3. Return to Skyrest Bridge and hand over the Rosary to Exacter Dunmire, after which you can purchase Ravager Gregory’s Sword from him for 1,875 Vigor.
Impaled corpse with the Ravager Gregory (Image by me)
  • Highest overall Attack Power compared to other Grandswords.
  • Best Radiance-based scaling.
  • Does additional Wither Damage after a hit or block.
  • Highest Weight requirement out of any Grandsword.

4. Bloody Glory

The best status-inflicting Grandsword.
Bloody Glory lords of the fallen
The Bloody Glory weapon (Screenshot Grab by me)
Attribute Scaling STR: E | RAD: C
Stat Requirements STR: 20 | RAD: 32
Base Attack Power 141
Physical 70
Holy 70
Fire 0
Wither 0
  • Why I Chose This: The Bloody Glory has the highest infliction of Bleed, a highly effective status effect, onto enemies.
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From my experience, the Bloody Glory is an extremely underrated Grandsword in Lords of the Fallen. As a Bleed weapon, I’ve used it a fair bit so far, it’s been better than the Sword of Skin and Tooth against bosses in most cases. I’d also recommend using the Bloodbane Ring and Poison Salts alongside this weapon to build Poison and simultaneously build up Bleed at a much quicker pace. For additional help, you can use the following YouTube video for the exact location of the Bloodbane Ring.

You can find the Bloody Glory atop a corpse just before reaching the Path of Devotion Memorial Vestige.

bloody glory weapon
Bloody Glory location atop a corpse (Image taken by me)
  • Mixed stat requirements.
  • Underwhelming range for a Grandsword.
  • Weak Attack Power.
Important: The aforementioned Vestige is located below the Pilgrim’s Perch. To reach it, you must use the Pilgrim’s Perch Key to unlock the door beside the Pilgrim’s Perch Bellroom Vestige.

5. Resh-Mesah’s Sword

The best early-game Grandsword.
Resh-Mesah's Sword lords of the fallen
The Resh-Mesah’s Sword weapon (Image by me)
Attribute Scaling STR: D- | RAD: D+
Stat Requirements STR: 15 | AGI: 25
Base Attack Power 154
Physical 153
Holy 0
Fire 0
Wither 0
  • Why I Chose This: The Resh-Mesah’s Sword has incredibly generous requirements, and from my experience, it’s a reliable weapon in the early-game phase.
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The Resh-Mesah’s Sword is one of the premium Grandswords I’d recommend to pure Agility builds in Lords of the Fallen. Furthermore, it’s an early-game weapon, so you can find it extremely easily and dedicate a large chunk of your resources to upgrade it to +10.

Here’s how you can get the Resh-Mesah’s Sword in Lords of the Fallen:

  1. Starting from the Forsaken Fen Vestige, head up the hill towards the open area and transition into Umbral the giant root in front of you.
giant root pilgrim's perch
Giant root (Screenshot Captured by me)
  1. Atop the root, follow the wooden walkway to the end and climb the Umbral ladder on your right.
ladder lords of the fallen
Umbral Ladder at the end of the root (Image by me)
  1. Sprint up the hill while avoiding needless enemy encounters, and emerge from Umbral via the Emergence Effigy along the way.
  2. Continue heading up the hill, and at the end of the trail, you’ll find a corpse on your right, which you can loot to obtain the Resh-Mesah’s Sword.
Resh-Mesah Sword’s location (Screenshot Captured by me)
  • Deceptively long range.
  • Lightweight and low stat requirements.
  • Great Block Protection against all types of enemy attacks.
  • No special or unique abilities, unlike other weapons on this list.
  • Weak Strength and Agility compared to other heavy weapons.
  • Gets overshadowed by Fitzroy’s Sword.

Why We Didn’t Go For Others

Here are a few other swords and why we decided not to add them to the list.

  • Harrower Dervla’s Sword: It is only available in the late game and has a slow attack speed, hence, making it not an ideal choice.
  • Luminous Abiding Defender Sword: An ideal pick but this weapon has low base damage and you have to defeat a boss to acquire it.
  • Sword of the Flayed: The downside of this weapon is that it has low base damage and is ineffective against enemies with high holy resistance.

My Experience Using Grandswords

save slot
My Lords of the Fallen save slot (Picture Credits: eXputer)

I’ve spent over 30 hours in Lords of the Fallen as a Udirangr Warwolf build so far, and I’ve stuck with the Sword of Skin and Tooth for most of that playtime despite testing out most Grandswords. I found it exceptionally handy and reliable for most situations, especially for farming weaker enemies. Later on, I dumped some vigor into Inferno and started using the Fallen Lord’s Sword, which dominated my run through the Sunless Skein.

After reaching Upper Calrath, I used the other Grandswords mentioned here, but the ones I always kept coming back to were the Sword of Skin and Tooth and the Fallen Lord’s Sword. The only exception was the Blood Glory, which I only reserved for bosses for the latter half of my gameplay.

That wraps up my extensive guide on the best Grandswords in Lords of the Fallen, detailing their stats, benefits, drawbacks, and location. As highlighted, if you’re a bulky build that prefers a slow but impactful playstyle to clear areas with a few swings, then this weapon type is my personal choice among all other Grand weapons.

Don’t forget to upgrade your Grandsword to its maximum potential by checking out my guide on the Blacksmith in Lords of the Fallen. If you want to level up your favorite Grandsword as soon as possible, Huzaifa Amjad has some great insight on the best places to farm XP in Lords of the Fallen. If you’re making a Hallowed Knight build, eXputer’s expert writer, Irfan Ansari, has several tips to make it overpowered.


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