Lords Of The Fallen Update v.1.1.536 Vaporizes A Ton Of Bugs

The last major update brought a major QoL change to the title.

Story Highlights

  • Lords of the Fallen is a new Soulslike RPG and a debut project of Spanish developer Hexworks.
  • A new patch rolled out for the title is heavy on bug fixes, taking care of many technical issues. 
  • Some of the new changes include lifting progress blockers and adjusting the Hushed Saint as well.

Lords of the Fallen continues to remain engaging for Soulslike fans across the board, as developer Hexworks pushes the post-launch support for the title in equal measure. The latest patch for the game, titled update v.1.1.536, has been rolled out, and instead of focusing on anything else, it prioritizes bug fixes and squashes a whole ton of them to boot. 

As we work through optimizing Mournstead, we have focused our attention on fine-tuning some of the bugs and issues that you may have come across during your faithful adventure. From the Forsaken Fen and Lower Calrath, to the doors of Bramis Castle itself, we’ve tracked down and squashed those that stood in our way,” says Hexworks. 

Some of the departments that the new update has shed light on include multiplayer, bosses, and progress blockers, with the latter only sporting one detail as part of the entire patch notes post: “Fixed a blocker that could prevent players from opening the door to Bramis Castle.” Players are relieved with this adjustment in specific, primarily because of how they were unable to move forward in that particular area prior to the update. 

Bramis Castle
Bramis Castle Saintly Quintessence [Screengrab Taken By: eXputer]
Here is a rundown of some of the UI changes that Hexworks has applied to the Soulslike:  

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the health recovery icon to not be displayed when using a shield with health recovery runes attached.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the randomize feature to not work properly in the character creator.
  • Improved the menu navigation for changing and then canceling the settings choices. This new change will prevent the UI prompt to reappear when switching tabs or backing out of the menu.

In other news, Lords of the Fallen has rolled over 1.2 million copies over the course of its October 13, 2023 release for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, signaling success for the developer and CI Games. eXputer rated the title 3.5/5.0 in its review, highlighting its fantastic art design, intricate levels, and terrific weapon variety. 

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