Lords of the Fallen: 7 Best Remembrance Spells

With my 30+ hours Lords of the Fallen experience, I give you my recommended remembrance spells list.

There are 12 remembrance bosses in Lords of the Fallen, and almost every boss remembrance features a spell. As I have tried every remembrance spell in Lords of the Fallen, I was able to figure out the seven best ones. So, not all the spells are going to be worth your time, as farming the Umbral Scouring is pretty hectic.

Key Takeaways
  • There are 15 Remembrance spells in Lords of the Fallen.
  • Among the 15, the best ones are ranked in accordance with their worth and my experience.
  • I think the best remembrance spell in Lords of the Fallen is Latimer’s Javelin.
  • The damage of Latimer’s Javelin is pretty massive, and it can be obtained pretty early.
  • I couldn’t find any disadvantage to Latimer’s Javelin, so in my opinion, it is perfect.
  • Players can also use Blessed Reflection and Grieving Gaze based on their preferences.

Best Remembrance Spell Compared

Here is an overview of the best remembrance spells tested by myself:

1Latimer's Javelin521818Umbral
2Blessed Reflection99308Radaince
3Grieving Gaze802525Umbral
4Radiant Guardian52300Radiance
5Severing Blades46035Inferno
6Flame Funnel0022Inferno
7Flesh Tide392222Umbral

1- Latimer’s Javelin – Best For All-Game Areas

Mana CostRequired RadianceRequired Inferno
Latimer’s Javelin (Image Taken By Obaid)

In Lords of the Fallen, the Latimer’s Javelin can be obtained pretty early after defeating the Hushed Saint. Just use its remembrance and get the spell. Latimer’s Javelin is an Umbral Spell and arguably the best remembrance spell in Lords of the Fallen. I was shocked by how good it was, and it didn’t take a long duration to cast.

  • As it is an Umbral Spell, you would need 18 Radiance and Inferno to be able to cast it.
  • The Mana Cost to cast Latimer’s Javelin is 52, which is pretty great, given how great the damage is.
  • The spell deals great damage, so I think the developers are going to nerf it.

2- Blessed Reflection – Best Radiance Spell

Mana CostRequired RadianceType
9930Radiance Spell
Blessed Reflection (Image By Me)

It is pretty amazing how you can find the second-best remembrance spell in Lords of the Fallen just after defeating the first boss. The most effective way to use Blessed Reflection, in my opinion, is to use it from mid-range. I will not recommend spamming, as it should be used only when you are at a certain range from the enemy. I don’t really see a disadvantage to this spell, but make sure to land some hits on the enemy after casting the spell for great damage.

  • Along with Latimer’s Javelin, I would highly recommend you spend your Umbral Scouring on it.
  • You would need 30 Radiance to cast it, so the requirements are a bit hard to use in the early-game areas.
  • That being said, the damage is petty good, so the requirement is reasonable.
  • The Mana Cost to use Blessed Reflection is 99, which is not bad at all.

3- Grieving Gaze – Best For Poise Break

Mana CostRequired RadianceRequired Inferno
Grieving Gaze (Screenshot Grab By Me)

You can find Grieving Gaze after defeating the Hollow Crow, which wouldn’t be that difficult. However, the boss will be annoying, so make sure to go there when you are fully prepared. Grieving Gaze is another Umbral Spell in the top 3 of the list due to its massive damage. Not only does it have great damage, but it also deals massive poise damage.  Just 2 to 4 hits from Grieving Gaze were enough to poise break the Ruiner in Lords of the Fallen.

  • The spell is great, but you would need 25 Radiacne and Inferno to be able to cast it.
  • So, unless you are going for a hybrid build, I would not recommend getting it. 
  • While the spell is great, it can be pretty hectic to allocate points in a different stat for just a single spell. 
  • The mana cost for Grieving Gaze is 80, which is not bad given the poise damage it does.

4- Radiant Guardian – Best To Increase Overall DPS

Mana CostRequired RadianceType
5230Radiance Spell
Radiant Guardian (Screenshot Captured By eXputer)

If you don’t want just to deal damage with spells but want to do some melee damage, too, then Radiant Guardian is a great choice. Just cast the Radiant Guardian and fight the enemy as you would usually. The overall DPS will increase tremendously thanks to the Radiant Guardian. The spell is great, and it doesn’t take much time to be cast. So, I would recommend you to get it as it deals some good damage too.

  • The only downfall of Radiant Guardian is that you would need 30 points in Radiance
  • That being said, you would also need 30 points to cast Blessed Reflection.
  • So, if you meet the stat requirement, make sure to get the spell. 
  • Also, note that the Mana Cost to cast Radiant Gaudain is 52, which I think is pretty good.
  • You would need the Remembrance of Tancred Master of Castigations to get Radiant Guardian.

5- Severing Blades – Best To Cast In Melee Combat

Mana CostRequired InfernoType
4635Inferno Spell
Severing Blades (Image Captured By Obaid)

You can get the Severing Blades by defeating Lightreaper and getting its remembrance. Now, getting the spell totally depends on when you can defeat the boss. I defeated Lightreaper when it appeared after my encounter with the Hollow Crow. That was the third and last time it appeared just to mock us, as after that, you would meet the Lightreaper in the boss arena. Severing Blades does great damage, and you can cast it pretty quickly.

  • It is an Inferno Spell, so you would need 35 Inferno to be able to use the spell. 
  • Upon using the spell, I noticed that it does Wither Damage, too, which is impressive.
  • I would not recommend you allocate so many points in Inferno just to use it.
  • However, if you already have enough points, then make sure to give it a try.
  • The mana cost to cast Severing Blades is 46.

6- Flame Funnel – Best For Group Of Enemies

Mana CostRequired InfernoType
022Inferno Spell
Flame Funnel (Image By eXputer)

I didn’t really like the final boss in Lords of the Fallen, as it is a gimmick boss, and it was really disappointing. The spell the boss gives isn’t that great, either. However, that might be useful in the NG+ run, as the Flame Funnel can be used on low-level enemies. Using it on a single enemy is pointless, so make sure to use it on a few enemies. I really did not like the spell, so I wouldn’t recommend using it.

  • To use Flame Funnel, you would need 22 Inferno.
  • The great thing about the spell is that it has 0 Mana Cost
  • So, it makes it a pretty good spell to be used in the early game.
  • Just make sure to keep an eye on the stamina bar and spam the spell.

7- Flesh Tide – Great Long-Range Spell

Mana CostRequired RadianceRequired Inferno
Flesh Tide (Image Source: eXputer)

You can get Flesh Tide from the Remembrance of the Congregator of Flesh, which means it can be obtained pretty early.  I personally didn’t like the spell that much, as the damage output isn’t great. Also, it takes a long time to cast the spell, which immediately makes me hate it. While it does Wither damage, it is not a great remembrance spell. I would not recommend using it if you don’t like ranged spells that you can miss. 

  • However, if you like it, then you can surely give it a try.
  • You would need 22 Raidance and Inferno to be able to cast the spell.
  • The mana cost is 39, which isn’t much, but again, the damage isn’t that high.
  • That being said, it is a great option for a long-range spell.

Which Remebrance Spell Is The Best – My Opinion

In my opinion, Latimer’s Javelin is the best Remembrance Spell in Lords of the Fallen.

The Latimer’s Javelin has great DPS and can be obtained early in-game. Latimer’s Javelin is the ideal option for those who like to defeat the opponent from a certain range. Aside from the Latimer’s Javelin, you can also use the Blessed Reflection and Grieving Gaze, as both deal a great amount of damage.

That is almost everything you would want to know about the Best Remembrance Spel in Lords of the Fallen. If you want to learn more about the game, make sure to check out Haris’s review of Lords of the Fallen.

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