Lords of the Fallen: How To Farm And Use Umbral Scouring

Lords of the Fallen Umbral Scouring are hard to find but you can easily farm them by following these few steps.

When you start playing Lords of the Fallen, you will find this mysterious item in your inventory called the Umbral Scouring. The detail of this item is hidden, but if you have enough Umbral Scouring, you can use them to unlock the in-game boss items, which include armor, weapons, and even spells.

Key Takeaways
  • The Umbral Scourings is a type of currency used for purchasing boss items in Lords of the Fallen.
  • If you want a boss item, you should have defeated the corresponding boss to get its weapons and armor.
  • The boss items are available after you have reached Vestige of Blind Agatha in the Bellroom.
  • The items are purchased from the Umbral merchant Molhu, present in the Umbral Realm at the Skyrest Bridge in Lords of the Fallen.

What Are Umbral Scouring In Lords Of The Fallen

Umbral Scoring is a type of dropped item that can be traded for boss items in Lords of the Fallen.

Umbral Scourings are obtained in Lords of the Fallen when you defeat a boss, after which you go into the Umbral Realm and Soulflay the memories that appear at their arena. These are difficult and rare to obtain as they are dropped after Soulflaying the memories. There is another method you can obtain these through the Scarlet Shadows farm. 

Umbral Scouring in Lords of the Fallen
Lords of the Fallen Umbral Scouring – [Image by me]

Umbral Scouring Farm

You can farm Umbral Scourings in Lords of the Fallen by two methods: 

  • By defeating bosses
  • By killing Scarlet Shadows

The following table shows the bosses and how much Umbral Scourings they drop:

BossLocationsUmbral Scourings Dropped
The LightreaperDefiled Sepulchre,
Fitzroy's Gorge,
Upper Carlath
The Congregator of Flesh,
The Hushed Saint
Forsaken Fen8
The BringersCistern5
Harrower Delva & The Unbroken PromiseRevelation Depths8
Spurned ProgenyUpper Carlath8
The Hollow CrowFief of the Chill Curse8
Tancred & Reinhold the ImmuredTower of Penance16
Judge Cleric, the Radiant SentinelThe Empyrean8
The Sundered MonarchBramis Castle8

Farming Scarlet Shadows

The best Umbral Scourings Farm in Lords of the Fallen I have personally tried is killing Scarlet Shadows, also known as the red reapers. These are stronger than the average mobs that spawn in the Umbral Realm. The Scarlet Shadows start to spawn when you are in the Umbral Realm, and the eye on the right side of the screen turns red. The Vigor multiplier, in addition, also becomes 3.0x.

  • They are tough to kill when you are a low-level player, and the Sanguinatrix is turned off during that time, which you can’t use.
  • The simplest way to kill them, even for low-level players, is by fall damage.
  • You can do this by luring them to a chasm or a plank and then Soulflay their souls.
  • Then push them off of it, which may sound easy, but the Reapers have the teleport ability and are very aggressive, making them unpredictable.
Scarlet Shadows in Lords of the Fallen
Scarlet Shadows in Lords of the Fallen – [Image Credit Exputer]
This strategy is best performed in Pilgrim’s Perch. I tried it on the wooden platform that leads to the Vestige of Blind Agatha. First, you must enter the Umbral Realm and kill the Ardent Penitent and the Pilgrims there. Now, wait for Scarlet Shadows to Spawn.

  • Vigor wisps are spawned when a Scarlet Shadow dies, dropping about five Umbral Scourings.
  • The Scarlet Shadows spawn within five minutes, and you can again do the same procedure to kill it.
  • Ultimately, you can collect and trade the loot for boss items from Umbral Merchant Mohlu.

How To Utilize Umbral Scourings

You can use Umbral Scouring to purchase unique items from Umbral Merchant Molhu in Lords of the Fallen, which is present on the Skyrest Bridge.

Molhu only appears in the Umbral Realm, so you first have to go into that Realm via your Umbral Lamp. Then go next east from the Pieta NPC; you have to pass Nathaniel and Exacter Dunmire. Then, before reaching the Vestige of Ethryg, take the doorway on the left. There, you will see the merchant in the Umbral Realm.

Door Stairs to Umbral Merchant Molhu In Lords of the Fallen
Door Stairs to Umbral Merchant Molhu – [Screenshot By Us]
The Umbral Merchant Mohlu can be used to upgrade your Umbral Lamp by trading the plucked eyeballs. See eXputer’s plucked eyeballs guide for more details. 

Umbral Merchant Molhu Lords of the Fallen
Umbral Merchant Molhu in Lords of the Fallen – [Screenshot by Exputer]

Bowl Of Revelations

Before trading with the Umbral Merchant Molhu, you must unlock him by giving him the Bowl of Revelations in Lords of the Fallen.

  1. For this, you have to reach the Pilgrim’s Perch, then go to the Vestige of Blind Agatha in the Bellroom, which you can reach via the following YouTube video.
  2. Go outside, then drop down; on the left, you will see a ladder that will take you a level below.
  3. From there, dodge or kill the tall enemy guarding the ladder on the left.
Umbral Realm Statue Lords of the Fallen
The Statue that contains the Bowl of Revelation – [Image Credit Exputer]
  1. Take the ladder down, enter the Umbral Realm, and place a Vestige Seed there for respawn.
  2. The ladder on your right will go to the bottom of the ash floor.
  3. Soulflay the statue present there, and it will drop the Bowl of Revelations.
  4. When you enter the area, try to kill the enemies that spawn there as quickly as possible, then take the Bowl of Revelations.
Umbral Statue in Lords of the Fallen
Umbral Realm Statue Location – [Image By Us]
Head to the Umbral Merchant Molhu in the Skyrest Bridge through the Vestige you set earlier and give him the Bowl of Revelations. Now you can trade the Lords of the Fallen Umbral Scouring for boss items.

Purchase Boss Items From Molhu

The Umbral Scouring in Lords of the Fallen can be traded with the Merchant Molhu. In the Umbral Realm for boss items. You can trade these items from the bosses you have defeated. You can also upgrade your Umbral Lamp through the Merchant Molhu and purchase items from him with Vigor.

Offer Remembrance by Umbral Merchant Molhu in Lords of the Fallen
Boss Items in Lords of the Fallen – [Screenshot by Us]

My Opinion On Umbral Scouring Farm

I have spent roughly 5+ hours finding a way to gather Umbral Scourings in Lords of the Fallen, and the Scarlet Shadows method is the best I have found. It takes some time for them to spawn as you remain in the Umbral Realm; the enemies that spawn are stronger from time to time.

Play Time in Lords of the Fallen
Saved Data Showing My Play Time – [Image By Me]
Lords of the Fallen is a difficult game and takes patience to clear. I hope you guys can farm Umbral Scouring easily and acquire the boss items, which will help you in the game through my guide. If you have any queries or suggestions regarding the Umbral Scouring Farm, add your thoughts in the comment section below.

Be sure to read Moiz Banoori’s guide on the Best Bows in Lords of the Fallen, which covers a step-by-step guide to unlock them and their damage stats. Also, if you are interested in red lanterns, here’s a look at Red Laterns in Lords of the Fallen by Huzaifa Amjad. And if you’re having trouble clearing Lords of the Fallen, look at some Tips And Tricks in-game, also curated by Huzaifa Amjad.

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