Lords of the Fallen: All Bosses In Order

There are 38 unique bosses in Lords of the Fallen that you have to defeat in order to cleanse the world of Adyr's corruption.

Lords of the Fallen has 38 unique bosses whom you have to defeat. These bosses are of different sizes and strengths. You must fight weak bosses like Holy Bulwark Otto and life-threatening bosses like Elainne the Starved. Here are Lords of the Fallen All Bosses.

Before You Start: The guide contains spoilers for different bosses. Proceed with caution, as you might end up spoiling the story yourself.
Key Takeaways
  • Lords of the Fallen has 38 unique bosses available in different stages of boss fights.
  • There are some easy bosses like Holy Bulwark Otto and the hard ones like Elianne the Starved.
  • The Final Boss Adyr is underwhelming as his fight wasn’t challenging enough.
  • Compared to the Radiance Ending, where you fight with Adyr, the Umbral Ending is quite hard.
  • For each ending, you will have to fight different end-game bosses.
  • Lords of the Fallen has some compulsory bosses required for endings and some optional bosses.

All Bosses List And Guide

Here is the list of all of the bosses in Lords of the Fallen:

Sr. No.NameLocationType
1Holy Bulwark OttoDefiled SepulchreSecondary
2The LightreaperDefiled Sepulchre, Fitzroy's Gorge, Upper CalrathColossal
3Pieta, She Of Blessed RenewalSkyrest BridgeColossal
4Scourged Sister DelythPilgrim's PerchSecondary
5Gentle Gaverus, Mistress Of HoundsPilgrim's PerchSecondary
6The Sacred Resonance Of TenacityPilgrim's PerchSecondary
7The Congregator Of FleshForsaken FenColossal
8The Hushed SaintForsaken FenColossal
9Mendacious VisageForsaken FenSecondary
10Crimson Rector PercivalFitzroy's GorgeSecondary
11RuinerFitzroy's GorgeSecondary
12The LightreaperFitzroy's GorgeColossal
13Infernal EnchantressLower CalrathSecondary
14Spurned ProgenyUpper CalrathColossal
16Bringer Of StillnessCisternSecondary
17Bringer Of SilenceCisternSecondary
18Bringer Of NullityCisternSecondary
19The Hollow CrowFief of the Chill CurseColossal
20Kinrangr Guardian FolardFief of the Chill CurseSecondary
21Griefbound RowenaFief of the Chill CurseSecondary
22Harrower Dervla, The Pledged KnightRevelation DepthsColossal
23The Unbroken PromiseRevelation DepthsColossal
24Paladin'S BurdenPath of DevotionSecondary
25Abiding DefendersManse of the Hallowed BrothersSecondary
26Tancred, Master Of CastigationsTower of PenanceColossal
27Reinhold The ImmuredTower of PenanceColossal
28Blessed Carrion Knight SanishoTower of PenanceSecondary
29Abbess UrsulaAbbey of the Hallowed SistersSecondary
30Rapturous Huntress Of The DuskAbbey of the Hallowed SistersSecondary
31Judge Cleric, The Radiant SentinelThe EmpyreanColossal
32The Sundered MonarchBramis CastleColossal
33Adyr, The Bereft ExileRhogar Realm, Bramis CastleColossal
34Elianne The StarvedMother's LullColossal
35Andreas Of EbbUpper CalrathSecondary
36The Iron WayfarerBramis Castle GateSecondary
37Damarose The MarkedBramis CastleSecondary
38Spirit Of The Bleak SeasonForsaken FenSecondary

1. Holy Bulwark Otto

The first boss that you will come across in Lords of the Fallen is Holy Bulwark Otto. He is more of a tutorial boss to prepare players for what will come. He has a few easy-to-dodge moves. You won’t have a hard time dealing with him.

2. The Lightreaper

After defeating Holy Bulwark Otto, you will get to fight the Lightreaper. Don’t worry if you can’t defeat him because that’s how the game wants to proceed. You will have to die, similar to how it was in Elden Ring. If you want, you can beat him, but it will be almost impossible to do so.

the lightreaper lords of the fallen
Lightreaper. [Image Credit: eXputer]
Later on, you will get to fight the Lightreaper at two different places. And if you defeat him in the first place, he won’t be there to fight the third time. His mount can create a line of fire, which limits the arena. And when he gets down, he will pause between attacks. That is where you need to jump in and deal damage. He will get up to you quickly, so deal with him carefully.

3. Pieta, She Of Blessed Renewal

Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal, is the first proper boss you will come across at Skyrest Bridge. She is a two-phase boss, but luckily, she won’t fill up her HP in the second phase. Hers are long-chained attacks that deal a lot of damage. And in the second phase, she will start to fly around the map too. After defeating her, she becomes an NPC with whom you can interact.

Pieta, She Of Blessed Renewal. [Image Credit: eXputer]

4. Scourged Sister Delyth

When the fight with the Scourged Sister Delyth starts, her health bar is blue in color. You will have to Lamp Siphon to deal with the buff she gets. After that, she is quite easy to defeat.

She has a few powerful attacks, so be sure to dodge them. Her attacks and mobility are enhanced in the second phase. As soon as her dash attack ends, attack her. She doesn’t have too much HP, and you can finish her quickly by landing a few hits.

5. Gentle Gaverus, Mistress Of Hounds

Defeating Gentle Gaverus can be a hassle because of her Hounds. She is a ranged boss who will shift to melee weapons when you get near her.

The trick here is to keep your distance and wait for Gentle Gaverus to recharge her arrow while sitting. When she does, you can get in and hit her. You’ll be tickling down her health one hit at a time, but as long as you dodge her arrows on time, she won’t be that much of an issue.

6. The Congerator Of Flesh

The fight with The Congerator of Flesh in an arena filled with blood and skeletal remains. Although the boss has a bunch of predictable attacks, the small size of the arena can become an issue for most players. While fighting it, I always felt as if my camera was getting stuck, and I found it hard to know if I could dodge to a side or not.

lords of the fallen congregator.
The Congregator Of Flesh. [Image Credit: exputer]
Some of its attacks include a stomp attack, head, body, fist slam, and charge attack. You must be ready to dodge these attacks, among many others. The fight can be lengthy as it has a ton of health.

7. The Hushed Saint

If you believed that the smaller area for the Congerator of Flesh fight was an issue, then the Hushed Saint takes that away from his fight. The Hushed Saint rides on his horse in the fight, and you will have plenty of space to work on. The fight is quite slow as you must wait for the Saint to get off his horse to attack him.

hushed saint boss.
The Hushed Saint. [Image Credit: eXputer]
Keep moving and dodging as he will either charge at you or trample you with his horse. Not only that, he will plant land mines which explode after a few seconds. As soon as you see that the Saint threw his spear, you can get near him to land a few hits. After a few successful hits, you can return and wait for him to get down again.

8. Ruiner

The Ruiner guards Fitzroy’s Gorge bridge. It isn’t a major boss, but you must defeat it to proceed. The Rui wields an axe and shield. It can block a ton of your attacks with its shield. Be wary of its axe attacks as it will lunge forward to land strikes. It also uses different fire attacks to deal with burn damage. For those, you will have to keep your distance from it.

9. Infernal Enchantress

The Infernal Enchantress has buffs, making her more durable. Even before the fight starts, you should use the Umbral Lamp and eliminate them. Then, the fight becomes a lot easier as she has some predictable attacks. She will mainly use Flamethrowers and exploding orb attacks. If the Infernal Enchantress is harder to deal with for you, then you can opt for fire-resistant items to increase your durability.

10. Spurned Progeny

Up next is the giant ogre, Spurned Progeny. His fight is memorable as it throws you in a big circular arena. Throughout the fight, you will have to keep on moving because one jump slam from Spurned Progeny can hit you hard. Your goal is to hit his legs till his HP becomes low and the second phase starts.

In the second phase, he will cover the whole arena flood with Lava. You will have to climb on the platforms on the corner to avoid burning. Now, you must use shelters to avoid his Fire Orb blast. Apart from that, he will come up to you where you can attack him. As soon as the Lava clears up, head over to him and finish him off.

11. Skinstealer

The four-armed Skinstealer is a powerful foe If you don’t know how to dodge or parry attacks properly. It uses chain attacks on its foes, which can even kill you in one chain. If you don’t let it land any hit on you by properly dodging the attacks, the fight will be a lot easier for you. It doesn’t have any AoE attacks, so you can rely on dodging all of its attacks.

Skinstealer mini-boss. [Image Credits: eXputer]

12. The Hollow Crow

Unlike all other bosses, you won’t be dealing damage to the Hollow Crow directly. Instead, your target is the floating ghost of a woman. Once you’ve dealt enough damage, the ghost will go on to hide, while the Hollow Crow will keep attacking you with frost attacks. Be sure to dodge them while you’re at it.

The Hollow Crow boss.
The Hollow Crow. [Image Credit: eXputer]

13. Kinrangr Guardian Folard

The fight with Kinrangr Guardian Foland can be quite hard if you don’t eliminate the Umbral Eye. You will have to go to the place where he first is and get rid of it. After that, your goal should be to eliminate all of the Wolves first. Once they’re done, as long as you’re out of the water, Kinrangr is easy to deal with. Just attack Kinrangr after he has made his move, and you’re good to go.

14. Griefbound Rowena

Griefbound Rowena is one of the easier-to-deal-with bosses in Lords of the Fallen. She uses ice-based attacks, so you can opt for frost resistance before starting the fight. Once in the fight, your goal should be to eliminate her Umbral summons. After that, you should start attacking her without giving her time to recover. She will be done in no time.

15. Tancred, Master of Castigations / Reinhold The Immured

The fight begins with Trancred, the warrior boss who will use his shield and magic to attack you. Your goal is to dodge all of his attacks because he isn’t the bigger problem here. The bigger problem starts in the second phase, where you must fight with Reinhold the Immured.

Tancred, reinhold the immured.
Tancred, Master Of Castigations, and Reinhold The Immured. [Image Credits: eXputer]
Reinhold takes control of the body, and he will have aggressive moveset. You will have to keep moving to avoid getting pinned down by Reinhold. Ensure you have enough health for the second phase to survive his powerful attacks.

16. Blessed Carrion Knight Sanisho

The Blessed Carrion Knight Sanisho’s fight isn’t hard as he is an undead knight who moves slowly. His attacks are slow, and he utilizes poison to limit your area. You must get rid of him quickly before he fills up the whole area. Once he is killed, he will use a reanimation. As soon as that happens, jump into the poison and perform the last hit to kill him before he recovers.

17. Abbess Ursula

Abbess Ursula is located in the Abbey’s courtyard. The arena has a center pillar, which is handy when fighting her. Using this pillar, you can block her light beams. If you’re using melee weapons, remember that she throws blood that will cause a bleeding effect. When her HP is low to 50%, she will use a healing spell on herself. You can interrupt it by spiriting to her and attacking her.

18. Judge Cleric, The Radiant Sentinel

A fight that is sure to have you run for your life is the one with Judge Cleric. She dual-wields her sword and a banner, which gives her long reach. She will use her holy spells against you. When she has 30% health remaining, she will switch to AoE attacks. Use any and all ranged attacks you have.

Judge Cleric
Judge Cleric [Image Credits: eXputer]
In the second phase, she will use Fire damage against you. Get a Fire Ward for fire resistance. You will have to get near her and get rid of her quickly. She uses a mixture of single-target and AoE attacks against you. If you can’t get near her, wait for her spells to finish. You can jump in and land a few hits on her.

19. The Sundered Monarch

Another giant boss that you will have to fight is the Sundered Monarch. He is mourning his wife and will use her statute’s parts as a weapon against you. He deals with AoE attacks that can take out a huge chunk of your life.

THe sundered Monarch boss lords of the fallen
The Sundered Monarch. [Image Credits: eXputer]
For me, I tried to stay near his body and dealt him damage as much as I could. Only when I knew for sure that dodging the next attack would be a little harder or that I was running out of stamina, then would I back up. He seems a bit harder to deal with, mainly due to his high HP.

20. Andreas of Ebb

You’ll encounter Andreas of Ebb right after the final fight with Lightreaper. He uses a variety of swift melee attacks, which are easy to dodge or even block if you time it right. He isn’t that big of a deal because, by this time, you will be powerful enough to deal with him easily.

21. The Iron Wayfarer

Very early in the game, you will come across The Iron Wayfarer. He will teach you how to use Vestige Seeds. But later on, at the Bramis Castle, you will have to fight and defeat him. He uses his hammer to deal with a variety of attacks. You can dodge these easily. There aren’t any flashy attacks where he will light up the whole arena or anything. All in all, it is an interesting fight.

22. Elianne The Starved

Elianne is a part of the Umbral Ending in Lords of the Fallen. And arguably, she is one of the hardest bosses you will fight in Lords of the Fallen. That is because of the intense fight that you will have to do with her. She has a variety of attacks, and on top of that, you will have to fight a ghost version of her. There will be eyes flying around the arena, dealing a ton of damage on each hit.

Elianne lords of the fallen all bosses
Elianne The Starved [Image Credits: eXputer]
Whenever she brings her ghost version into the arena, focus all your firepower on her. Once you’ve defeated that ghost, she will be staggered, and you can land a few hits on her. I’d suggest using ranged weapons against her to deal damage. While fighting her, consider getting one of the Best Bows to keep your distance.

23. Adyr, The Bereft Exile

If you were hoping for a hard fight with the final boss of Lords of the Fallen, then I am sorry to say that you will be disappointed. Adyr doesn’t live up to the expectations, and in my opinion, it is one of the easier boss fights. You can’t attack Adyr directly, so you will have to attack the enemies in the area. Once his HP is depleted, you can hit Adyr to end the fight.

adyr lords of the fallen bosses
The final boss, Adyr, The Bereft Exile. [Image Credits: eXputer]

Optional Bosses

There are some optional bosses that you can deal with only if you go their route. Don’t take these optional bosses lightly, as they can be a hassle to clear if you aren’t careful with your moves. Some of these bosses will come later on as normal enemies.

Here are all of the Optional Bosses In Lords Of The Fallen:

  1. The Sacred Resonance Of Tenacity
  2. Mendacious Visage
  3. Crimson Rector Percival
  4. Bringer of Stillness
  5. Bringer of Silence
  6. Bringer of Nullity (All three are fought in one fight)
  7. Harrower Dervla, The Pleged Knight, The Unbroken Promise
  8. Paladin’s Burden
  9. Abiding Defenders
  10. Rapturous Huntress Of The Dusk
  11. Damarose The Marked

My Thoughts On All Lords Of The Fallen Bosses

Whenever you’re playing a souls-like game, you’re playing it for the hard bosses that will have you fight them repeatedly to defeat them. So, when I get into any boss fight, I look to check how much the boss will give me a run for my life.

When it came to that, I, like many other players, was underwhelmed by Adyr’s boss fight. With the hype that was created about him, I expected a much harder fight, more like that from Elden Ring Bosses.

But, the fight against Elianne The Starved and a few other bosses is something that didn’t disappoint me. And you can’t sleep on Pieta’s fight, which gave me a challenge.

Consider reading Lords of the Fallen Best Builds; they will help make the fights easier. Getting Lords of the Fallen Tips and Tricks and the Best Place to Farm XP will prepare you for any fight. If you still haven’t tried out Lords of the Fallen, check out Haris Umer’s review of Lords of the Fallen.

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