Lords of the Fallen: Best Daggers & How To Get Them [Top 5]

Learn everything there is about the daggers in Lords of the Fallen to swiftly and stealthily take down your enemies.

In Lords of the Fallen, daggers are a type of melee weapon known for their speed and Agility. These weapons deliver fast and stealthy strikes, making them ideal for quickly attacking and capitalizing on enemy vulnerabilities. 

Key Takeaways
  • There are a total of 10 Daggers in Lords of the Fallen.
  • The Best Dagger in Lords of the Fallen is the Exiled Stalker Dagger.
  • Based on the silent attacks and great physical damage, the Exiled Stalker Dagger is a must-try weapon.
  • The advantages of using a dagger are speed and precision.
  • The main disadvantage of using a dagger is its short reach, which makes it challenging to engage opponents at a distance.

Best Daggers In Lords of the Fallen Compared

Here are the top five daggers in Lords of the Fallen that you must try:

DaggerPhysical Attack PowerPhysical Block ProtectionWeightRequirement
Exiled Stalker Dagger5826%1.213 Agility
Broken Sword5720%1.78 Strength

8 Agility
Kinrangr Hunter Dagger5221%1.59 Strength

10 Agility
Fungal Bowman Dagger5123%1.411 Agility
Neophyte Dagger3522%2.010 Strength

10 Agility

1. Exiled Stalker Dagger

lotf best daggers
Exiled Stalker Dagger [Capture By Me]
Attack Power58N/A

The Exiled Stalker Dagger belongs to the Imperial Assassin of Yisugen. Exiled Stalker Dagger is undoubtedly the best one in Lords of the Fallen. By wielding the Exiled Stalker Dagger, you can become a master assassin. Boasting physical damage to 58, the Exiled Stalker Dagger can be a worthy weapon.

How To Get

You can obtain the Exiled Stalker Dagger in Lords of the Fallen by two main methods:

  • Starting Equipment for the Exiled Stalker Class: If you choose to play as the Exiled Stalker class, this dagger will be part of your starting equipment.
  • Purchase from Thehk-Ihir: You can also purchase the Exiled Stalker Dagger from a character named Thehk-Ihir after finding and speaking to him at the lookout of Forsaken Fen. The price for the dagger is 600 Vigor.

2. Broken Sword

best daggers
Broken Sword [Capture By Me]
Attack Power57N/A

The Broken Sword is among the best daggers in Lords of the Fallen. Delivering a physical damage of 57 will make your enemies suffer. Broken Sword, with slightly more weight than the Exiled Stalker Dagger, does not promise very fast attacks, but it sure is a lethal weapon. 

How To Get

In the Abandoned Redcopse area, after passing the Vestige of Hannelore and the nearby Stigma tutorial, you’ll come across what appears to be a deserted village. Continue past the two houses on the right, and you’ll notice an archway on the left. You’ll quickly see the Broken Sword lying on the ground as you go through the archway.

3. Kinrangr Hunter Dagger

lotf best daggers
Kinrangr Hunter Dagger [Shot By Me]
Attack Power52N/A

If you want your weapon to inflict status on your enemies, then the Kinrangr Hunter Dagger is for you. The Kinrangr Hunter Dagger deals damage of 52 to the opponents and inflicts Frostbite of 60 on them. This dagger can prove to be very useful in close combat. 

How To Get

The Kinrangr Hunter Dagger belongs to the Kinrangr Hunter, and it can only be obtained by defeating him.

4. Fungal Bowman Dagger

lotf best dagger
Fungal Bowman Dagger [Shot By Me]
Attack Power51N/A

The Fungal Bowman Dagger is a promising weapon in Lords of the Fallen world. This dagger, delivering physical damage of 51, doubles its threat by inflicting enemies with a Poison of 60

How To Get

You can obtain the Fungal Bowman Dagger through the following methods:

  1. Purchase it from Thehk-Ihir after finding and speaking to him next to the Vestige of Dieter at the Path of Devotion.
  2. It can also be obtained as a drop from the Fungal Bowman enemies.

5. Neophyte Dagger

lotf neophyte dagger
Neophyte Dagger [Image By Me]
Attack Power35N/A

In this guide of best daggers in Lords of the Fallen, the Neophyte Dagger stands out as the sole blade delivering a combination of 35 Physical and 28 Wither damage. With a weight of 2.0, Neophyte Dagger is not the fastest weapon, but its strong attacks compensate for it. 

How To Get

The Neophyte Dagger can be bought from Exacter Dunmire in Skyrest Bridge.

Lords of the Fallen Best Dagger – Personal Take

I found a dagger that stands out – the Exiled Stalker Dagger. This unique weapon is particularly suited to short-range combat in the game, making it a great choice for players who, like me, prefer close combat.

The Exiled Stalker Dagger is one of my favourite weapons, and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys close-range fighting. Its precise hits and effectiveness make it a must-try weapon in Lords of the Fallen.

That’s all the information you need about the best daggers in Lords of the Fallen. You might also want to check out Abdul Haddi’s guide on the Best Builds in Lords of the Fallen, which offers various options for different categories. Once you’ve decided on a build, don’t forget to read about the Best Bow if you prefer ranged combat. Additionally, you can learn about the Best Attributes to further improve your gameplay.


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