Lords of the Fallen: Best Hallowed Knight Build [Stats + Gear]

After spending over 85 hours in Lords of the Fallen, here is my take on the ultimate Hallowed Knight build.

Hallowed Knight is one of the balanced melee classes in Lords of the Fallen that players can pick. Making a build from this class down the road requires reliance on many things. That is why, after playing Lords of the Fallen for over 85 hours now, I have curated the best Hallowed Knight build.

Key Takeaways
  • Hallowed Knight Build in Lords of the Fallen relies heavily on using strength-based weapons.
  • Increasing stats for strength attributes will make the overall build better. 
  • A level 60+ Hallowed Knight build will one-shot most enemies using heavy attack.  
  • The advantage of making Hallowed Knight build is enjoying the diverse strength-based weapons Lords of the Fallen offers to the players. 

Best Hallowed Knight Build 

Here is an overview of the best Hallowed Knight build in Lords of the Fallen, showcased with weapons, an armor set, pendant, and rings:

Serial NumberHallowed Knight Best Build Gear ElementsGear Items
1ArmorAngel of the Void Armor set
2WeaponsThorned Crimson Rector, Angel's Axe
3PendantWarrior’s Claw
4RingsMineownere’s Ring, Ring of Duty

The following are the pros and cons of my Hollow Knight Build:

  • High damage output in the early game.
  • Allows you to tank through attacks if going for more endurance.
  • Most items are available early.
  • No room for a magic build.

Best Hallowed Knight Stats Recommendation

Best Hallowed Knight build stats (Image Taken By Me)

The majority of stats distribution will lean more toward increasing the Strength for the Hallowed Knight. That is because of the class’s reliance on using melee weapons such as swords, axes, hammers, and more. The second best attribute investment is Vitality

After that, it all boils down to what kind of playstyle you aim for in the Hallowed Knight class.

In my opinion, you can go in one of two ways:

  1. Increasing agility will allow you to wield more weapons with an Agility stat requirement.
  2. Increasing Endurance will enable you to wield more heavy armor and dual-wield weapons. 

If you learn from my experience, the best Hallowed Knight build in Lords of the Fallen will benefit from investing more Vigor points into the Endurance stat, compared to Agility. Lastly, Radiance and Inferno stats are kept as is. There is no point in leveling up these stats.  

Hallowed Knight Build Best Weapons

Lords of the Fallen offers a huge library of weapon selections, making weapon selection more difficult. Throughout my playthrough as Hallowed Knight, I learned that using weapons that deal just the physical damage won’t cut it. Therefore, equipping status-effect-infused weapons should always be the approach.  

1. Thorned Crimson Rector

The Thorned Crimson Rector sword (Image Taken By Me)

Thorned Crimson Rector is a very good strength scaling weapon in Lords of the Fallen. It comes with an infused bleed status ailment that applies bleed build-up by landing a few strikes.

In order to get Thorned Crimson Rector in Lords of the Fallen, players can go about the following two methods:

  1. Farm the weapon by frequently killing Crimson Rector enemy type.
  2. Acquire after reaching the eggs-filled area in Umbral after climbing the stairs from Skyrest Bridge.  

2. Angel’s Axe

Angel’s Axe (Image Taken By Me)

While the Angel’s Axe does not come with an inherent status ailment option, the sheer physical damage this grand axe does on targets is gigantic. From my experience, I can tell you that Angel’s Axe’s complete two-hit combo followed by a heavy attack has the potential to deal nearly 1,500 damage

Explore the swamp area just before the Mendacious Visage boss to get the Angel’s Axe in Lords of the Fallen. 

Best Armor Set

Angel of the Void Armor (Image Taken By Me)

While so many armor options should not make heavy Encumbrance if you bring Endurance level 19, you will be limited to armor selection if you dual wield. In the case of dual-wielding, I recommend you equip the Angel of the Void Armor set.

Armor Set Attribute Value
Type Medium Torso
Weight 29.1
Damage Mitigation
Physical 183
Holy 113
Fire 110
Wither 208
Smite 29
Bleed 50
Burn 50
Ignite 29
Frostbite 110
Poison 104

Explore the pond area with huts in the Umbral realm to obtain the Angel of the Armor Set in Lords of the Fallen.

  • This exploration removes the water, revealing two entry points guarded by Umbral entities.
  • Follow the vein to locate the entity blocking access.
  • Use the Umbral realm to pull the entity and remove the gate.
  • Proceed through the opened gate, then go right to find a chest containing the Angel of the Void armor set.

Best Pendants And Rings 

With a ton of pendants and ring choices, selecting the perfect combination that resonates with the Hallowed Knight build should be the approach.

1. Warrior’s Claw

Warrior’s Claw Pendant (Image Taken By Me)

Equipping the Warrior’s Claw pendant in Lords of the Fallen gives its users a 10% increase in physical damage and physical defense. Since the best Hallowed Knight build in Lords of the Fallen I have suggested so far is based on dealing melee weapons and strength-based physical damage, it is wise you do not miss this trinket.   

To get the Warrior’s Claw, go to the location where you find Blacksmith in Lords of the Fallen.

  • Go through the door at the far end and turn right.
  • Avoid battle and reach the other side of the area to find an item inside a cage.
  • Pick up the item to obtain the Warrior’s Claw pendant.

2. Mineowner’s Ring

Mineowner’s Ring (Image Taken By Me)

Wearing the Mineowner’s Ring in Lords of the Fallen gives its users an increase in maximum stamina and stamina regeneration rate, making this an ideal pick for the Hallowed Knigth build. Interestingly, Mineownere’s Ring is an early-game item you should not miss obtaining.

To get it, follow these steps:

  • Face the Vestige of Marco the Axe.
  • Look to the left and ascend the stairs on the left.
  • Locate the item hanging on a corpse by a building on the right.
  • Use a ranged or throwable weapon to knock it down and then pick it up.

3. Ring of Duty

Ring of Duty (Image Taken By Me)

The Ring of Duty is very useful for strength-based builds like the Hallowed Knight in Lords of the Fallen. During the early game, you will need to have an increased vitality and endurance stat to survive. The Ring of Duty does that by increasing Vitality and Endurance stats by one level. 

To get Ring of Duty in Lords of the Fallen, you have the following two methods:

  • Obtain Ring of Duty from Stomund in Skyrest Bridge.
  • Alternatively, purchase Ring of Duty from Damarose NPC in Pilgrim’s Perch.

My Take On Hallowed Knight Build

Having played Lords of the Fallen for over 85 hours now with the Hallowed Knight class, I have mastered the nuances a player can find in this build.

The above-mentioned weapons, armor, pendant, and ring selection reflects my personal build choice for the Hallowed Knight, which I have acquired after rigorous testing various gear items in the inventory. 

This is pretty much everything you need to learn about the best Hallowed Knight build in Lords of the Fallen from my side. I recommend you try various weapons and see which one suits you best if you are to go with a Hallowed Knight build. 

Before you go, I highly recommend you read How To Parry and the best DPS class in Lords of the Fallen guides.

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