Lords of the Fallen Best PC Settings: High FPS & Optimization

Learn how to optimize Lords of the Fallen and get significant FPS boost with the best PC settings.

Lords of the Fallen is a newly released game, and of course, no one will expect a game to be highly optimized on PC right after its release, especially when it’s on Unreal Engine 5. It will take a few more updates or patches for Lords of the Fallen to be highly optimized to run better on your Personal Computer. However, players can use the optimized settings for better game performance.

Key Takeaways
  • Like many other games, Lords of the Fallen will not fall behind in consuming the hardware resources, affecting the game performance, which Lords of the Fallen Best Settings guide can improve.
  • Players should use the Fullscreen Mode while playing Lords of the Fallen, as it offers the best performance.
  • The Textures in Lords of the Fallen depend highly on the GPU VRAM.
  • If the VRAM is 6 GB or more, players must use Ultra Textures; however, if it is 2 GB, they should use Low Textures.
  • Players must also turn on NVIDIA DLSS or AMD FSR, depending on the GPU, to get an immense FPS boost; however, it might affect the quality.

Lords of the Fallen Best PC Settings

Below are the best PC settings for Lords of the Fallen to ensure the best performance possible.

Display Settings

Display Settings
LOTF Display Settings [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
The first thing that players need to set according to their hardware resources is the Display Settings. It is necessary to make sure to run the game in the Native Resolution. By Native Resolution, I mean that if you have a 1080p monitor, then run the game on 1080p, that is, 1920×1080. For the Resolution Scale, if you are using the NVIDIA DLSS or AMD FSR, then turn it off.

All Display Settings for LOTF are listed below in detail:

Window ModeFullscreen
Resolution Scale50%
FPS LimitUnlimited
Screen CalibrationCalibrate
Super ResolutionQuality
Frame GenerationYes
NVIDIA Reflex Low LatencyOn

Graphics Settings

LOTF Graphics Settings [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
Make sure to set the Graphics Settings according to your GPU. As for the Texture Quality in Lords of the Fallen, if you have a GPU VRAM of 6 GB or more, then go with Ultra. If it is 4 GB, then apply high and medium for 3 GB; however, low for 2 gigs of VRAM.

All Graphics Settings for LOTF are listed Below:

Graphics PresetCustom
View DistanceMedium
Texture QualityHigh (GPU Dependent)
Visual Effect QualityMedium
Post-Processing QualityLow
Reflection QualityLow
Global Illumination QualityMedium
Foliage QualityMedium
Motion BlurOff
Film GrainOff
Chromatic AberrationOff

Windows Optimization For Laptops

Players who are using gaming laptops to run Lords of the Fallen can use the Windows Optimization techniques to gain an extra 2 to 5% boost in their FPS by making some tweaks to their Windows. These optimizations might not be that useful for Desktop users, but laptop users will see a significant performance boost.

Windows Game Mode

  1. Search “Game Mode” in the Windows search bar.
    Searching for Game Mode
     Searching for Game Mode [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
  2. Click on the Game Mode Settings
  3. Enable the Game Mode if it is disabled.
    Game Mode: On
     Game Mode: Enabled [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
  4. Turning on Game Mode can highly boost your in-game performance as all the hardware resources are highly focused on the game that you are playing.

Choose A Power Plan

Follow the instructions below to choose an optimized Power Plan for your PC:

  1. Open Control Panel.
    Control Panel
    Control Panel [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
  2. Search Choose a Power Plan.
  3. Click on the “Choose a power plan” option.
  4. Now, from the given options, make sure that you have selected High Performance.
    Power Plan: High Performance
    Game Mode: High Performance [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
  5. Choosing the High-Performance Power Plan will give you an immense FPS (Frame Per Second) boost in not just Lords of the Fallen but other games as well.

My Experience

As someone who has been hooked up with Lords of the Fallen, I have been struggling with FPS in different locations of the game. So, I have been trying out different settings to optimize LOTF, and the settings that I have mentioned in this guide are the best that have given me the best FPS so far. I believe that with a little tweaking, these settings should work perfectly for any player who is struggling to get better FPS.

With all of the Information provided above, my guide on Lords of the Fallen Best Settings comes to an end. In this guide, I have mentioned the most optimized settings that players can use for LOTF, along with different Windows Optimization techniques that can help with FPS boost in any game.

If you are thinking of starting Lords of the Fallen and are confused about which class you should go with, then check out the guide, Lords of the Fallen Best Class, by one of eXputer’s Guides Writer, Obaid Ur Rehman. 

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