Lords of the Fallen: BEST Rings + Locations [Top 7]

After spending over 50 hours in Lords of the Fallen here is my take on the premium rings along their pros, cons, and locations.

Rings in Lords of the Fallen are equipable items that you can use to gain several passive abilities and buffs. However, since you only have two available slots, it can become challenging to find the ideal pair, especially when the title offers a plethora of rings to choose from.

Key Takeaways
  • Players can equip rings in Lords of the Fallen to gain several unique abilities.
  • There are 72 different rings in-game, and their biggest benefit, aside from their item effect, is they have no burden on Weight and/or Encumbrance.
  • However, most of these rings are useless and extremely situational, so unless players have the right build or conditions, they won’t be able to utilize the rings’ abilities.
  • From personal experience, some of the best ring options in Lords of the Fallen include the Ring of Nourishment, the Adyrqamar Ring, and Dunmire’s Ring.
  • Players can only equip up to two rings simultaneously via the Equipment menu.

Best Rings In Lords Of The Fallen

Here’s a quick overview of the premium rings in Lords of the Fallen, along with their item effects:

1Ring of NourishmentRegain health upon killing an enemy.The Best Early Game Ring For Healing
2Adyrqamar RingDeal 10% additional damage when holding a weapon with both hands.The Best Ring For Damage Boost In Game
3Exacter Dunmire's RingDeal additional posture damage upon executing a perfect block.The Best Ring To Stagger The Enemy
4Mineowner's RingIncreases maximum stamina and stamina regeneration rate.The Best Early Game Ring
5Dark Crusader's ConvalescenceGain a period of regenerating health upon using the Sanguinarix.The Best Ring For Additional Healing In Lords of the Fallen
6Queen Verena II's RingRegenerates health over time.The Best Ring For Healing In Lords of the Fallen
7Defiance RingIncrease resistance to all status effects.The Best Ring For Protection Against Status Effects

1. Ring Of Nourishment

The Best Early Game Ring For Healing.
best ring lords of the fallen
The Ring of Nourishment (Screenshot Captured by me)
  • Why I Chose This: I chose the Ring of Nourishment as it can be obtained pretty early and can provide a decent amount of healing. 
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Since Lords of the Fallen offers a severely low amount of effective healing items, the Ring of Nourishment can prove to be a great asset, as it restores health after killing an enemy. 

Here’s the way to get the Ring of Nourishment:

  1. From Upper Calrath Mining District, head back to the gate at the boss arena’s entrance.
  2. Sprint ahead ad, cross the gap between 2 burning houses, and follow the trail on your right.
  3. There, you will find the Ring of Nourishment.
  • boss lords of the fallen
  • upper calrath
  • location of healing ring
  • Comes in handy when out of healing.
  • Killing enemies fills up the health gauge. 
  • Health regeneration is low.

2. Adyrqamar Ring

The Best Ring For Damage Boost In Game.
adyr ring lords of the fallen
The Adyrqamar Ring (Image Grabbed by me)
  • Why I Chose This: The Adyrqamar Ring provides a 10% damage boost on every hit from a two-handed weapon, which makes it stand out. 
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If you’re a melee user, regardless of your weight, the Adyrqamar Ring is for you, as it gives an additional 10% damage boost on every hit from a two-handed weapon. 

Here’s how you can find the Adyrqamar Ring:

  1. Meet Damarose near the Baptism Vestige before the Delyth fight.
  2. Talk to her at Pilgrim’s Perch after unlocking the shortcut.
  3. Find her near Fitzroy’s Gorge, proceed to Ruiner’s arena, and transition to Umbral.
  4. Follow platforms to a ladder, reach the Shrine of Adyr Vestige, and talk to Damarose.
  5. Bring her Adyr Worshipper’s saw near Revelation Depths’ entrance.
  6. Kill Infernal Enchantress, Spurned Progeny, and Lightreaper; bring their flesh to Damarose.
  7. Access her shop and buy the Adyrqamar Ring for 3,000 Vigor.
  • damarose
  • damarose encounter 1
  • ruiner lords of the fallen
  • platforms
  • shrine of adyr fitzroy's gorge
Important: Do not cleanse the beacons during Damarose’s quest, or she will stop selling you items and immediately become hostile.
  • Generous damage boost.
  • useful for strength-based builds. 
  • Don’t give a boost to one-handed weapons.

3. Exacter Dunmire’s Ring

The Best Ring To Stagger The Enemy.
Exacter Dunmire’s Ring (Screenshot Grabbed by me)
  • Why I Chose This: I chose the Exacter Dunmire’s Ring as it helped me break the posture of many enemies in Lords of the Fallen. 
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The Exacter Dunmire’s Ring is another melee-oriented ring that builds up additional enemy posture after a successful Perfect Block. This effect leads to better chances of staggering the enemy and performing a critical attack, dealing significant damage.

Here’s how you can get the Exacter Dunmire’s Ring in Lords of the Fallen:

  1. Defeat Harrower Dervla in Revelation Depths Vestige to obtain Dark Crusader’s Call.
  2. Teleport to Skyrest Bridge and trade the item with Exacter Dunmire for the Umbral Scouring Clump (costs 50 Umbral Scourings).
  3. Proceed to Sunless Skein Mines Vestige and soulflay the stigma near the staircase to get Umbral Tome.
  4. Give the Umbral Tome to Dunmire and offer the Perception Wisp from Hallowed Brother’s Leprosarium Vestige stigma.
  5. Talk to Dunmire in Sunless Skein Mines again, buy the Clump from Molhu, and return to Dervla’s arena to find Dunmire’s Ring near the well on the uppermost floor.
  • harrower lords of the fallen
  • Clump from molhu
  • Sunless Skein Mines umbral tome
  • well lords of the fallen
Important: You’ll need to complete the prerequisites of Exacter Dunmire’s quest before you do these steps.

  • Allows you to break the enemy’s posture quickly. 
  • Successful posture break allows a critical hit.
  • Need to land a perfect block.
  • Difficult to obtain.

4. Mineowner’s Ring

The Best Early Game Ring.
ring 1
The Mineowner’s Ring (Picture Credits: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: The Mineowner’s Ring increases the maximum stamina and the rate of stamina regeneration, which I think is extremely important in-game. 
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The Mineowner’s Ring is undoubtedly one of the best early-game rings you can find in Lords of the Fallen. It increases your maximum Stamina and Stamina Regeneration Rate. I’d recommend it to all-round builds who prefer an aggressive playstyle.

You can find the Mineowner’s Ring on a corpse hanging on the abandoned house near the Redcorpse Windmill Vestige.

mineowner ring lords of the fallen
Hanging corpse location (Image Source: eXputer)
  • Increases maximum stamina and its regeneration rate. 
  • Allows to do more hits.
  • There are better options.

5. Dark Crusader’s Convalescence

The Best Ring For Additional Healing In Lords of the Fallen.
Dark Crusader's Convalescence
The Dark Crusader’s Convalescence (Image by me)
  • Why I Chose This: I decided to put the Dark Cursader’s Convalesscene Ring on my list due to its ability to provide additional health after using Sanguinarix. 
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With the Dark Crusader’s Convalescence, players gain an additional period of regenerating health after using a Sanguinarix. This ability recovers the most HP out of any healing-based ring, so it can be a game-changer in critical situations.

You can find the Dark Crusader’s Convalescence ring atop the corpses beside Thehk-Ihir, the merchant, near the Path of Devotion Memorial Vestige.

Thehk-Ihir’s location near the Path of Devotion Memorial Vestige (Image by me)
  • Using Sanguinarix allows an additional period for health regeneration. 
  • Heals most of the HP.
  • There is a better alternative.

6. Queen Verena II’s Ring

The Best Ring For Healing In Lords of the Fallen.
Queen ring lords of the fallen
The Queen Verena’s II Ring (Screenshot Captured by me)
  • Why I Chose This: I chose the QueenVerena’s II Ring as it regenerates health over time without any requirement. 
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Queen Verena II’s Ring is another healing-based item that regenerates health over time, so unlike the Ring of Nourishment or the Dark Crusader’s Ring, you don’t need to perform any actions to activate its ability.

You can obtain the Queen’s Ring near the Upper Calrath Vestige using the steps below:

  1. Unlock the double doors to enter the open area and follow the road until you see an Infernal Enchantress on one of the rooftops.
  2. Transition into Umbral to climb the Umbral ladder beside her, then kill the enchantress as quickly as you can.
  3. Look behind you and go to the nearby rooftop by jumping onto the shed and the following hand statues, after which you’ll see Queen Verena’s II Ring on the balcony side.
  • ladder
  • platform upper calrath
  • ring location
  • Regenerates health without any requirement.
  • No limit to regeneration. 
  • There are no cons of the ring.

7. Defiance Ring

The Best Ring For Protection Against Status Effects.
defiance ring lords of the fallen
The Defiance Ring (Image taken by me)
  • Why I Chose This: I chose the Defiance Ring as it helped me a lot in the snowy area of Lords of the Fallen. 
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Out of defense-based rings in Lords of the Fallen, the Defiance Ring is extremely underrated as it increases resistance to all status effects. In my experience, I primarily used the ring along with the Ring of Bones in the Sunless Skein, and it was immensely helpful against enemies like the Ruiner and the Infernal Enchantress.

Use the following procedure to get the Defiance Ring in Lords of the Fallen:

  1. After unlocking the shortcut elevator near the Pilgrim’s Perch Bellroom Vestige, descend the lift and drop down to the lowermost level of the cave, where you meet Gerlinde the Blacksmith.
  2. Transition into Umbral and soulflay the entity of the wall opposite to Gerlinde’s jail cell.
  3. Inside the room, past the wall, you’ll find a chest that has the Defiance Ring.
  • Gerlinde
  • soulflaying lords of the fallen
  • ring location
  • Increases resistance against all status effects. 
  • Helpful in normal battles and boss fights.
  • No offensive capabilities.

Alternative Rings

Here are some additional Rings in Lords of the Fallen that I didn’t include in my list, yet you can use them to acquire unique abilities.

  • The Lucent Sword Ring: Boosts damage with full health, great for dodging but less effective for tanking.
  • Ring of Duty: Suitable for traditional builds focused on durability and endurance but it’s a boring pick.
  • Ring of Gnawing: Considered a good option as it provides mana with each enemy hit, ideal for versatile builds.
  • Slinger’s Ring: Enhances throwables for additional damage, seemingly niche but surprisingly effective when utilized strategically.

My Take On The Best Rings

As mentioned earlier, I mostly stuck with the Mineowner’s Ring, Defiance Ring, and the Ring of Bones for most of my 50-hour playthrough.

While I do consider these highly reliable items, I must admit that if you’re looking for something truly overpowered, my go-to choice would be the Ring of Nourishment and Exacter Dunmire’s Ring combo. However, if you’re struggling to get the latter item, the Defiance Ring is a strong alternative.

save slot
My Lords of the Fallen save slot (Picture Credits: eXputer)

That wraps up my guide on the best rings in Lords of the Fallen, detailing their item effect, locations, and reasons to use them in various encounters. However, the ideal pair of rings depends on your build, playstyle, and preferred weapon type.

For gathering other essential items like rings for your build, here’s my guide on the best Grandswords in Lords of the Fallen. Of course, you can test each ring you get and use them on some of the best places to farm XP, courtesy of Huzaifa Amjad. Also, if you want to delve into in-game questlines like that of Dunmire and Damarose, check out Irfan Ansari’s guide on How to Heal the Petrified Girl in Lords of the Fallen.


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