Lords of the Fallen: Best Orion Preacher Build [Spells, Armor, Rings]

Unleash the power of the best Orion Preacher Build in Lords of the Fallen, optimizing stats and gear for spellcasting and survival.

The Orion Preacher is one of the best starting classes in Lords of the Fallen mainly because it deals Radiance-based damage and stays at range from the enemies. There are tons of weapons, shields, catalysts, armor sets, pendants, rings, and spells options in the game to make it the best Orion Preacher build class in Lords of the Fallen. After playing Lords of the Fallen for 35+ hours now, I have come up with the best Radiance build, which will be helpful for new and current players.

Key Takeaways
  • Orion Preacher Build in Lords of the Fallen uses Radiant Spells for offense and defense.
  • A level 80+ Orion Preacher build will benefit from taking mobs and bosses effectively. 
  • The merits of curating the Orion Preacher build is to have the diversity of Radiant spells at hand and use them on enemies while exploring or defeating bosses. 

Orion Preacher Build In Lords of the Fallen

Here is a quick look at the Orion Preacher build, along with its weapons, radiant spells, recommended armor sets, pendants, and rings in the game. 

Orion Preacher Build GearAll Items
Weapons And CatalystPieta’s Sword, Hallowed Praise Sword, Crimson Rector Shield and Wilmarc’s Catalyst
Radiance SpellsAura of Tenacity, Healing Radiance, Blessed Reflections, Piercing Light, and Radiant Slash
ArmorJudge Cleric’s Armor Set and Radiant Purifier set
Pendant And RingsCavalry Pendant, Ring of Duty, and Queen Verena II's Ring.

Orion Preacher Build Stats Recommendation

Orion Preacher Build Stats

The primary stat that should be heavily upgraded from the start to the end game are Radiance and Vitality. Increasing the Radiance stat will ensure that your catalyst does an increased amount of damage, and the weapon also scales with Radiance stat. Leveling up the Vitality stat is also important, as, without it, you will die every now and then. 

  • Increasing the Radiance stat at 50+ and Vitality at 30+ should always be the focus of making the Orion Preacher Build in Lords of the Fallen.
  • The secondary stats for leveling up the best Orion Preacher Build are Endurance and Strength/Agility.
  • Also, depending on your weapon priorities, you may want to pivot in either upgrading the Strength stat or the Agility one.
  • This depends on the weapon scaling based on your preference.
  • However, my experience in Lords of the Fallen tells me you should invest in Strength, as spells will be your primary mode of attack instead of weapons. 

Leveling up Endurance stat near 20 and Strength at 15+ should allow you to equip some of the best weapons in Lords of the Fallen.  

Orion Preacher Build Best Gear

Your gear for Orion Preacher Build consists of weapons, shields, and a catalyst to cast Radiance spells in Lords of the Fallen. The perfect combination of these will ensure you defeat the enemy mobs and bosses without too much struggle. That is why, after grinding for hours and experimenting with various gear combinations, I’ve curated the following gear for the best Orion Preacher Build in Lords of the Fallen. 

1. Pieta’s Sword

Pieta’s Sword
Weapon Stats Value
Attack Power 69
Physical 0
Holy 69
Fire 0
Wither 0
Block Protection
Physical 28%
Holy 35%
Fire 10%
Wither 10%
Stability 18%

Pieta’s Sword, hands down, is one of the best Radiance melee weapons in Lords of the Fallen. The best part of this weapon is not the Holy damage it does or the lack of any physical damage at all but the availability. 

Pieta’s Sword can be acquired as early as in the first couple of hours of playing Lords of the Fallen. Defeating Pieta and interacting with the Stigma in the boss’s location will give you the Remembrance of Pieta. Then, you can get this weapon and armor set in exchange for Umbral Scouring from Molhu at the Skyrest Bridge. 

2. Hallowed Praise Sword

Hallowed Praise Sword
Weapon Stats Value
Attack Power 77
Physical 58
Holy 19
Fire 0
Wither 0
Block Protection
Physical 27%
Holy 33%
Fire 11%
Wither 11%
Stability 18%

Hallowed Praise is another short sword that I recommend you equip in either hand while running with the best Orion Preacher Build in LOTF. Even though both weapons do not have any Rune slots, this one makes up for it by having a bleed build up. You can also buff this weapon using various salts, so take it as an extra quality for having this weapon in your arsenal. 

3. Crimson Rector Shield

Block Protection Stats Value
Physical 45%
Holy 57%
Fire 31%
Wither 30%
Stability 40%
Shield Requirements
Strength 11
Radiance 9

Some Heavy shields in Lords of the Fallen offer the best resistance to damage and elemental attacks, but none offer 100% protection. Since the focus of the Orion Preacher build is on leveling up stats and Vitality the most, I had no other option but to equip a medium shield wherever the situation calls for it. 

There are moments where equipping weapons in both hands is not a good strategy in Lords of the Fallen.

Important: I recommend you drop the Hallowed Praise sword and equip the Crimson Rector Shield for two reasons:

  1. Pieta’s sword has fast swing animation while equipped in one hand
  2. Blocking incoming attacks using a shield withers less health compared to doing the same with weapons.

4. Wilmarc’s Catalyst

Wilmarc’s Catalyst
Catalyst Stats Value
Weight 1.3
Spell Power 100
Spell Slots 4
Block Protection
Physical 20%
Holy 25%
Fire 8%
Wither 7%
Stability 8%

Wilmarc’s Catalyst is one of the best Radiance spell-casting catalysts that you will need to obtain by exploring the early parts of Forsaken Fen. This is not an early-game item, and to reach it, you will need to slay a couple of story bosses first. Still, getting this catalyst is worth your time, and you can pretty much use it till the end game.  

Best Radiance Spells

Radiance Spells

The Radiance Spells are the meat of the Orion Preacher build. There are 20 Radiant Spells that players will need to acquire. Since most catalysts come with 4 base spell slots, and you can equip a ring to stretch the spell slot to 5, I have listed here 5 best Radiant Spells for various case usage.   

1. Aura of Tenacity

Aura of Tenacity is a defensive spell in Lords of the Fallen that can be acquired very early in the game. Using the spell constantly drains mana as the spell remains for a very long time, providing consistent defense against incoming attacks and eating the mana bar slowly. 

The Aura of Tenacity spell is best used while fighting bosses, where you rely less on casting ranged spells and more on dealing damage using the melee weapons. 

2. Healing Radiance

Healing Radiance is mainly used to restore lost health for self. This is not a group healing spell and will work only for the spell caster alone. Healing Radiance is by far the most versatile spell you will rely heavily on while exploring the areas that lead to bosses. 

If you have tons of Mana cluster stones, you can basically not use Sanguinarix and keep spamming the Healing Radiacne every time you lose health. 

3. Blessed Reflections

Blessed Reflections is an offensive Radiant spell for the Orion Preacher build in LOTF. This is acquired very early via the boss Remembrance of Pieta. Using the spell summons two duplicates or radiant shadows of Pieta that will either do sword damage or a ranged radiant light beam damage to a target.  

4. Piercing Light

Piercing Light is the upgraded version of Radiant Flare, but this one pierces multiple targets, hitting all enemies caught. I recommend using this Radiant Spell against bosses who are very slow or the boss fights that happen in a larger arena. Spamming the Piercing Light will deal a huge amount of damage, and you can also avoid taking hits in such situations. 

5. Radiant Slash

The Radiant Slash consumes more mana than Piercing Light, but it also deals far more damage as well. Casting the spell allows the user to wield a radiant weapon that sends a wave of radiant magic. This spell is best used for AoE purposes and should be avoided while hitting single targets.

Best Armor Sets For Orion Preacher Build

Upgrading the Endurance to 15+ stat will open you to options for equipping medium to heavy armor sets by doing fat rolls. This is why I have listed here the two best armor sets that you should use based on your Endurance leveling priority. 

1. Judge Cleric’s Armor Set

Judge Cleric’s Armor

Judge’s Cleric armor set is an endgame set obtained after defeating Judge Cleric, The Radiant Sentinel, and getting her Remembrance. Once that is done, visit Molhu at Skyrest Bridge and get her armor set that does not come with the helmet. 

For the sake of extra protection, I have used the Hallowed Knight Helmet as it sits well with the set and offers excellent protection, as seen in the image above.  

2. Radiant Purifier Set

Radiant Purified is a mid-game lightweight armor set that not only looks fantastic but also comes with decent damage mitigation stats. When you cleanse the Tower of Penance beacon, there are stairs leading to a small space below the platform. A chest there will contain the Radiant Purifier set. 

Best Pendants And Rings

A build is incomplete without equipping the best pendant and rings in Lords of the Fallen. These passive buffs are extremely necessary; otherwise, a build’s efficacy is reduced heavily. 

1. Cavalry Pendant

Cavalry Pendant

Cavalry Pendant is a must-have pendant for the best Orion Preacher build in Lords of the Fallen. Since most of the time you will be using buff sorceries such as Aura of Tenacity, this pendant reduces the overall drain cost.

2. Ring of Duty

Ring of Duty

The best part of using Ring of Duty is that I consider it a universal ring, which benefits every build. Ring of Duty increases Vitality and Endurance stats, and since this ring can be acquired very early in Lords of the Fallen, there is no reason not to get and equip it.

3. Queen Verena II’s Ring

Queen Verena II’s Ring

Health is the most crucial aspect in Lords of the Fallen, and frequent usage of Sanguinarix is not always feasible. This is where Queen Verena II’s ring comes in handy as it passively restores the lost health. The ring is best used while exploring the areas, as you will replenish your full health in no time. 

My Take On Orion Preacher Build In Lords of the Fallen

I have played Lords of the Fallen for 40 hours, first with the Hallowed Knight build and then respecced my character to the Radiance one.

Having tried and tested these two builds, I definitely see the merit of using the Orion Preacher in Lords of the Fallen. There is a greater appeal when it comes to survival using Radiant spells or fighting bosses using a variety of defensive and offensive spells compared to melee counterparts. 

This sums up my guide on Lords of the Fallen Orion Preacher Build. Before you go, I recommend you check Lords of the Fallen: Best Daggers, Best Inferno Spells, Best Armor Sets, and Best Inferno Spells In Lords of the Fallen guides. 


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