Lords of the Fallen: Best Pendants + Locations [Top 7]

Learn all about pendants, their abilities, and locations in Lords of the Fallen, along with my recommendations on which ones to find and use.

Pendants, like rings, are equipable items in Lords of the Fallen that offer a wide range of passive abilities and buffs to your character. However, these pendants are much fewer in number compared to rings, and since you only get a single pendant slot, you need to make a decision on which one to carry and utilize. Fortunately, you can obtain some of the best in-game pendants in the early-game phase, making them much more accessible.

Key Takeaways
  • Pendants are equipable items that players can put on their one and only Pendant Slot to receive additional passive abilities.
  • There are 22 in-game Pendants, and like rings, they have no weight or stat requirements, making them highly accessible to any build.
  • However, most of the pendants are extremely situational, and you can only utilize them in certain areas or with certain playstyles.
  • After trying out almost every pendant in Lords of the Fallen, my personal top 3 include the Pendant of Burden, the Shuja Harmony Hoop, and the Warrior’s Claw.

Best Pendants In Lords Of The Fallen

Here’s a summarization of the best pendants in Lords of the Fallen, along with their item effects:

1Pendant of BurdenDeals additional damage for every status effect inflicted on an enemy
2Shuja Harmony HoopAfter each spell cast, further spells temporarily deal increased damage
3Warrior's ClawIncreases physical damage and physical defense
4Scornful EffigyReduce maximum health but deal additional damage
5Hysteria PendantIncreases spellpower
6Pendant of PartingHas a chance to spawn a mine upon killing an enemy with an attack which deals Wither Damage
7Faceless CarvingIncreases Wither Damage and Wither Defense

1. Pendant Of Burden

pendant lords of the fallen
The Pendant of Burden (Image by eXputer)

The Pendant of Burden works exceptionally well for most melee, ranged, or sorcerer archetypes, as it deals additional damage for every status effect inflicted on an enemy. Furthermore, you can stack up the damage bonus as you inflict more status effects, which is relatively easy to do, especially when it comes to inflicting Burn or Poison. I’d highly recommend using status-inflicting sorceries or using Poison, Fire, Smite, and Bleed Salts on your melee weapon to get the most out of this pendant.

To get the Pendant of Burden in Lords of the Fallen, follow these steps:

  1. After unlocking the shortcut bridge next to the Shuja Hamlet Vestige, cross the bridge and climb the small ladder on your immediate left.
  2. Follow the path to the docs, then take the first right and continue heading east.
  3. At the end of the docs, climb the ladder and sprint to the ladder across the bonfire.
  4. Once you’ve climbed that following ladder, destroy the cart behind the fighting Archmen and Shuja Striders, and you should find a chest that has the Pendant of Burden inside.
  • shuja hamlet shortcut
    Ladder next to Shuja Hamlet's shortcut (Screenshot by me)
  • pier near shuja hamlet
    The docs near the Vestige (Image taken by me)
  • ladder
    Ladder past the bonfire (Screenshot by me)
  • shuja hamlet
    Area atop the second ladder (Screenshot Captured by me)
  • pendant
    Chest with the Pendant of Burden (Screenshot by me)

2. Shuja Harmony Hoop

Shuja Harmony Hoop lords of the fallen
The Shuja Harmony Hoop (Image Source: eXputer)

If you have a healthy amount of mana, the Shuja Harmony Hoop is the premium choice for you. This pendant temporarily boosts your spells’ damage after you cast an initial spell. Furthermore, if you’re using spells from different magic schools (Rhogar spells, Radiance spells, and/or Umbral spells), you’ll receive a larger damage bonus.

  • The Shuja Harmony Hoop encourages variety in spellcasting and rewards casters with a considerable attack boost in their spells.
  • To get the best experience, pair this item with the Vessel Root, which increases your max mana to ensure you can continue casting spells to maintain your damage bonus.

Here’s the optimal route to getting the Shuja Harmony Hoop, one of the best magic-based pendants, in Lords of the Fallen:

  1. From the Forsaken Fen Vestige, head straight into the open area, transition into Umbral, and climb the giant root.
  2. Atop the root, follow the wooden planks, and climb the Umbral ladder on your right towards the end.
  3. Sprint uphill through the narrow trail, avoiding the enemy encounters, and cross the broken bridge to reach a crossroads.
  4. From here, follow the lefthand trail downhill, and you should see a cave entrance on your right.
  5. Once inside, head straight to pick up the Shuja Harmony Hoop at the cave’s backside.
  • giant root pilgrim's perch
    Giant root (Screenshot Captured by me)
  • ladder lords of the fallen
    Umbral Ladder at the end of the root (Image by me)
  • the broken bridge forsaken fen
    Broken bridge atop the hill (Image taken by me)
  • hill forsaken fen
    Left-hand side of the crossroads (Image taken by me)
  • door
    Hidden cave beyond the crossroads (Screenshot Captured by me)
  • Hoop location lords of the fallen
    Pendant at the back of the cave (Image Source: eXputer)

3. Warrior’s Claw

Warrior's Claw lords of the fallen
The Warrior’s Claw (Screenshot taken by eXputer)

The Warrior’s Claw is my top recommendation to any Strength or Agility user in Lords of the Fallen, as it increases Physical Damage and Physical Defense. The buffs to both your offense and defense are highly noticeable, and it’s the ideal choice against most mid-game and late-game areas and bosses, who primarily do Physical Damage.

Here’s how you can obtain the Warrior’s Claw Pendant in Lords of the Fallen:

  1. After unlocking the shortcut next to the Pilgrim’s Perch Bellroom Vestige, descend the elevator and drop down to the lowermost floor, where you find Gerlinde the Blacksmith.
  2. At the far end of the room next to her jail cell, you’ll find a door that you can unlock using the Pilgrim’s Perch Key.
  3. The door leads you to an open area with several enemies, which you must kill and then loot the corpse inside the nearby hanging cage to get the Warrior’s Claw.
  • Gerlinde
    Gerlinde's jail cell at Pilgrim's Perch (Image taken by me)
  • Perch door
    Door next to Gerlinde's cell (Image by eXputer)
  • claw
    Caged corpse with the Warrior's Claw (Screenshot taken by eXputer)
Important: You can buy the Pilgrim’s Perch Key for 18,000 Vigor from Stormund, Captain of the Fidelis, at Skyrest Bridge.

4. Scornful Effigy

Scornful Effigy lords of the fallen
The Scornful Effigy (Image Source: eXputer)

The Scornful Effigy is a great addition to an aggressive playstyle at the cost of health, as it shrinks your maximum HP by 50% but raises damage output by 20%. While this effect does make you more vulnerable to getting one-shotted by enemies, you’ll clearly gain an incentive to kill them as quickly as possible. With my +7 Sword of Skin and Tooth, my damage output skyrocketed from 900 to roughly 1200, thanks to the Effigy.

Follow the steps below to get the Scornful Effigy in Lords of the Fallen:

  1. From the Upper Calrath Mining District Vestige, head through the righthand gate to the road’s end, then go onto the trail on your left.
  2. Use the Umbral Lamp to reveal and traverse the hidden path next to the small metal fence on your right.
  3. Drop down and pick up the Scornful Effigy from the lying corpse, but be aware of an ambush after grabbing the pendant.
  • End of the road near the Vestige (Image taken by me)
  • path
    Hidden path beyond the gate on the road (Screenshot by me)
  • location of pendant
    Corpse with the Scornful Effigy (Image Source: eXputer)

5. Hysteria Pendant

Hysteria Pendant lords of the fallen
The Hysteria Pendant (Screenshot by me)

The Hysteria Pendant is a sorcery-focused item that increases the spell power of all sorceries by 20%. While it wouldn’t be of much use to melee builds, this pendant is top-notch for spellcasters. It’s one of the only pendants applicable on any damage-dealing sorcery you cast, and you can stack up its damage with other items, like the Barrage Root and the Puissance Root rings in Lords of the Fallen.

You can purchase Hysteria’s Pendant for 4,500 Vigor from Winterberry, found near the Revelation Depths Vestige and later at Upper Calrath and Skyrest Bridge.

Important: Meeting Winterberry is part of Byron’s quest, and you will not be able to find her if you visit Upper Calrath before the Revelation Depths. To avoid nullifying Winterberry’s quest, go to the Revelation Depths immediately after killing the Skinstealer in the Sunless Skein Mines.

6. Pendant Of Parting

pendent of parting lords of the fallen
Pendant of Parting (Image by eXputer)

The Pendant of Parting has one of the most unique abilities in Lords of the Fallen, where it can occasionally spawn a mine after killing an enemy with a Wither-based attack. After killing an enemy, the pendant spawns a floating eyeball, which may or may not explode once it touches an enemy. From my experience, the chances of the eyeball exploding are fairly low, but when it does work, it can be lethal in Umbral and against bosses.

  • You can use the Pendant of Parting with any melee weapon or sorcery that does Wither Damage.
  • So, to amplify the effect, I’d suggest using the Ring of Night’s Fire alongside this pendant, as you’ll gain additional Wither and Fire Damage.

You can unlock the Pendant of Parting using the following procedure:

  1. Starting from the Upper Calrath Mining District Vestige, go through the gate on your right and follow the staircase to the road’s end.
  2. Continue following the path from your left until you reach the balcony, then transition into Umbral, and you’ll see a bridge beyond the broken railings.
  3. Carefully jump over the gap onto the other half of the bridge, and then soulflay the stigma in front of you to receive the pendant.
Important: The Pendant of Parting does not work with non-Wither weapons or magic.
  • path upper calrath
  • pendent upper calrath

7. Faceless Carving

Faceless Carving pendant lords of the fallen
The Faceless Carving (Screenshot Captured by me)

The Faceless Carving pendant raises Wither Damage and Wither Defense, making it ideal for casters who use Wither sorceries or melee builds that use Wither-based weapons. I’d highly recommend you equip this pendant alongside a Wither-based shield when you’re in Umbral since it saves you a massive chunk of health when dealing with hordes of Remnants. I’d also encourage using the Faceless Carving against bosses since you’ll do a ton of extra damage when you soulflay them.

You can find the Faceless Carving near the Crimson Rector’s boss arena, which you can visit just before entering Fitzroy’s Gorge. After killing the boss, open the chest at the back of the arena to receive the pendant.

boss arena
Crimson Rector’s boss arena (Image taken by me)
Important: In case you’re struggling against the Crimson Rector, here’s a YouTube video that has some good tips on beating him.

My Thoughts On The Best Pendants

As a Strength-weapon build using primarily Grandswords and other Heavy weapons, I loved the damage bonus from the Pendant of Burden, and I consider it undoubtedly the best pendant in Lords of the Fallen. Most weapons in the title do some form of status infliction, and if they don’t, you can always apply a status-imbuing Salt to them. Thankfully, not only are these salts extremely effective, but they’re also easy to farm, so you can stack your inventory with these add-ons.

save slot
My Lords of the Fallen save slot (Picture Credits: eXputer)

I like to use the Sword of Skin and Tooth, which does Physical and Fire Damage. Whenever I was struggling in certain areas, like the Revelation Depths, I equipped the Pendant of Burden and immediately noticed how efficiently I was clearing hordes of enemies. That said, if you’re a melee user like me, prioritize this pendant, and if you’re a caster, my personal recommendation would be the Shuja Harmony Hoop.

That wraps up my extensive guide on the best pendants, along with their locations in Lords of the Fallen, covering their abilities and the optimal way to use them. As mentioned earlier, you have extremely limited space to wear and utilize these items. Fortunately, though, you can find most of them when you’re around 8-10 hours into your playthrough, so you’ll have ample time to test each one to see which pendant suits your build and playstyle.

If you decide to go for a melee build, check out Irfan Ansari’s detailed guide on the best Remembrance Weapons in Lords of the Fallen since I feel like these boss-related items are severely underrated. If you want something that encourages a versatile passive play style, I have a full-fledged guide on the Best Shields in-game. And be sure to visit Haris Umer’s extensive and in-depth review of Lords of the Fallen to find out about his experience.


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